Best Delta 8 for Sleep

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While cannabis has been used as a sleep aid for many years, the recent use of delta 8 THC has also raised the question if products with these cannabinoids could be helpful to ease your mind into dreamland. Whether you just want to microdose to enhance your sleeping quality or want a functional high that will also bring you wellness benefits, delta 8 could potentially be a natural way of helping you sleep.

Now, most sleeping aids can be tricky, and if you want an effective sleeping aid but are confused about how delta 8 works and overall how to build a better sleeping routine, we’ve got you covered.

In this following article, we have gathered the best information to let you decide if delta 8 could work for you while battling insomnia and which method could be the best to make dozing off a better experience.

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Does Delta 8 Help With Sleep?

Delta 8 THC or D8 is a cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant that has plenty of possible wellness and therapeutic benefits. Some of these include muscle relaxation, sedative properties, analgesic or pain-relief effects, and even an appetite stimulant.

While sleep-based problems could have many factors, D8 could be helpful to aid in relaxing your mind and body and help you towards getting a better night’s rest. This is due to delta 8 THC’s sedative properties; its milder psychoactive components combined with relaxation can help you have better sleep quality.


Is Delta 8 Good For Sleep?

Yes, delta 8 could be helpful to aid certain symptoms that might impede you go to sleep faster. While some sleeping habits could also help you, delta 8 can reduce pain, increase the production of melatonin and dopamine, and even promote deeper sleep.


Delta 8 Sleep Benefits

Some of the sleep benefits that D8 could potentially bring into your life is the increase in the production of melatonin. This is done thanks to how D8 THC interacts with our nervous system, activating the CB1 receptor and sending signals to produce more of this compound that induces sleep.

Another benefit is reducing anxiety and overall pain. This happens as it interacts with our nervous system, and thanks to its analgesic, sedative, and anti-inflammatory properties, you might feel the pain diminish as you take D8 before sleep.

Now, one of the biggest benefits is how this cannabinoid can help regulate your sleep. Even though much research is still needed, some users have reported that D8 THC can regulate when they wake up at night. 

This might be partly thanks to how D8 interacts with our REM sleep cycle, shortening and regulating the time you spend during each cycle by binding to our nervous system.


Delta 8 For Insomnia

While insomnia can have several factors, some can be alleviated by delta 8. 

This is thanks to its sedative effects and helping you ease your mind before going to sleep. Some users have even reported falling asleep faster because of how it relaxes their bodies and mind.

For a better experience, we recommend using strains with specific terpenes that could help you relax or even using products that include full-spectrum D8. By combining several cannabinoids, the entourage effect can help you potentiate the relaxing properties of D8 THC.


How To Take Delta 8 Before Bed

Even though there are not enough studies to give out the perfect dosage, there are general guidelines as to how much should be helpful. 

This might also depend on your age, if you are a recurring cannabis consumer, and how many of the psychoactive effects you want in your experience. 

Let’s dive into the D8 dosage that could be used for sleep.


Delta 8 Dose For Sleep

The standard dose that users have reported to help with sleep, is starting with 25mg of D8 THC. This could be equivalent to 1 piece of most gummies or 3-5 puffs of your favorite vape pen or cartridge. 

If you are new to experimenting with cannabinoids, our recommendation would be to start with a smaller dose and start building up as you see fit. This method is called microdosing, and it uses a smaller unit in increments to use the therapeutic benefits over the psychoactive effects.

However, if your body mass is bigger or you are an experienced user, you might need a heavier dose to help you doze off. With this said, anything between the 30 to 50mg threshold will cause a moderate high. 

We don’t recommend taking more than this dose, as overdoing D8 THC could backfire and make it more difficult to fall asleep due to the psychoactive components.


Creating A Sleep Routine

Even though D8 could potentially help you fall asleep faster, you might also want to create a sleep routine that will mitigate other factors that affect your overall sleep quality. 

While everybody has different needs, our overall recommendations would be:

  1. Keep screens away before bedtime. While it can be tempting to fall asleep with some documentary or just scroll through social media, this light can stimulate our brain and slow down the production of melatonin.
  2. Have a light dinner. We know that having a taco night might sound delicious, but food that is heavy in fats and carbs might also be the reason for your sleepless nights.
  3. Avoid stimulating chemicals like tobacco or caffeine. This might also be a little obvious, but caffeine might affect your sleeping cycle and routine.


Best Routine Before Bed

Overall, the best routine to help you sleep better should include several healthy habits. These might include frequently exercising, drinking water, and trying to have lighter foods during the day. 

The best way to get ready to bed without any hassle might also include finding mental health habits that work for you. Sometimes all you need is to write down your tasks so they don’t pester you while you lay down, or even have a journal around to help you brain dump your thoughts.

Other people might find meditating to be helpful right before bed. And of course, having some D8 30 minutes before going to bed can also help you set up a successful, healthy routine that can improve your night’s rest.


Best Delta 8 Vape For Sleep

For all the vape lovers out there, our pens at Delta Munchies are a great way to have a few tokes before heading off to bed. For these we recommend two of our favorite disposable varieties, the delicious indica Melonado and the relaxing yet functional hybrid Grape Runtz.

The Melonado flavor has strain-specific terpenes that give a delicious melon taste with just a soft hint of fuel-like undertones. On the other hand, the Grape Runtz is more about the juicy, candy profile that’s full of exotic vibes right before bed. 

They both are part of our Dart XL line, which has a hefty 2g of premium delta 8 extracts to enjoy. With over 1,000 draws, third-party lab testing, and fully rechargeable disposable pens, these are for sure the new way to enjoy a toke before bed.


Best Delta 8 Tincture For Sleep

Drop into the sleeping realm with just a few of our favorite tinctures. Besides being fully vegan, paraben, and gluten-free, they have a fast-acting water-soluble formula that’s perfect to add in some water or nighttime tea.

While these are available in 4 flavors, our two favorites are the sweet and citrusy Cherry Lime and the tropical and dreamy Mango. These are both delicious, yet not sweet enough to overpower any drink or food you add them to your favorite beverage or just enjoy on their own.

These have 1,000mg of premium delta 8 THC extract, making it perfect for both small and large dosages.


Best Delta 8 Gummies For Sleep

If smoking is not your thing and you want more of a treat before you go to bed, we fully recommend our delta 8 gummies. With our potent yet full of flavor gummies, you’ll completely forget about your sleeping issues.

For a full-on summer ride that you can have all year long, we have the delicious Watermelon Runtz. You can choose to get them in either a 25-piece or 40-piece pack, with each of the bites containing super potent and relaxing 25mg of premium delta 8 THC extract.

If you want something a little more nostalgic, our Peach Rings are perfect to help you treat yourself before heading off to bed. You can choose the D8 THC content per gummy with either 10, 20, or up to 30mg of our sweet D8 THC extract. These mouthwatering gummies come in a 15-pack.


Are Delta 8 Gummies Good For Sleep?

While there is still much to understand about D8 THC, gummies are one of the best ways to enjoy its wellness benefits. They are lightweight, easy to digest, and are a completely smoke-free experience to enjoy this cannabinoid.

Whether you are microdosing or using it creatively, D8 THC gummies are an easy way to access the analgesic, sedative, and calming effects that this cannabinoid may provide.

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