Sunset Sherbet Strain Review

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If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy flavors of fruitiness, honey, and general sweetness, then you’ll probably find the Sunset Sherbert strain quite delectable. As far as indica-dominant strains with moderate potency go, Sunset Sherbert is one of the most popular.

It’s more than strong enough for you to feel it, but not so strong that it will put you down for the count. It’s not too strong and not too weak, just right!

As the name implies, it’s a pretty light and easygoing type of strain that is suitable for most people and most occasions.

Today, we want to take a closer look at the Sunset Sherbert weed strain to see what you can expect from it. We’ll find out where it comes from, how strong it is, what flavors and effects it has, and much more.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sunset Sherbert is an indica-dominant strain that produces all of the classic indica effects.
  • This strain is not so potent that it will knock you out right away but produces a fairly mild and relaxing high.
  • With flavors like sweet ice cream and yogurt, fruits, berries, earthiness, pine, and more, you really can’t go wrong!


What is the Sunset Sherbert Strain?

The Sunset Sherbert strain is indica-dominant, a hybrid to be precise, although it is roughly 85% indica, so it has only minimal sativa genetics. This means that you can expect it to have all of the classic indica effects, such as general relaxation and sedation. It should definitely put you in a state of mental bliss.

However, it doesn’t have all that much THC, so it shouldn’t take you too hard, which is something that many people appreciate.

Many people also appreciate its delicious sweet and fruity flavor that resembles some sort of sherbert ice cream. Many people say that it’s one of the tastiest strains around!


Sunset Sherbert Strain Appearance

The Sunset Sherbert strain has a very unique appearance. Most of the buds produced by this plant are massive, with most weighing at least several grams. They also tend to be shaped like a Christmas tree or a triangle.

The nugs themselves are usually a light minty green, along with some dark green accents and a whole lot of long and winding fiery red or orange hairs.

You should also see an extremely thick layer of white trichomes that make these mugs look like they’ve been rolled in sugar. They’re also so rich in resin and trichomes that the nugs are sticky to the touch.

Furthermore, these buds are also very dense and can’t really be compacted together.


Sunset Sherbert Strain Genetics

The Sunset Sherbert strain is an 85% indica-dominant hybrid resulting from crossing two other very popular strains: Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies.

Pink Panties is an indica strain that is made by crossing Florida Kush and Burmese Kush. It contains roughly 16% THC and has a very citrus-forward and flowery bouquet. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a fairly low-potency strain that should help relax you.

We then have the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, which is also an indica-dominant hybrid strain with roughly 19% THC. It is also moderately potent, although slightly more so than Pink Panties.

Girl Scout Cookies is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, and it has a very sweet, pungent, and dessert-like flavor profile with hints of sweet cherries.

THC/CBD Content

What many people enjoy about the Sunset Sherbert weed strain, besides its amazing flavor, is that it doesn’t contain super high levels of THC. On average, this strain can contain anywhere between 14% and 20% THC, with somewhere around 16% being pretty normal.

When compared to other strains out there, especially ones that can contain up to 30% THC or more, Sunset Sherbert is not overly potent. Thanks to its low to moderate THC level, it’s a good strain for beginners to check out without having to worry too much about getting too stoned or paranoid.

With just a few puffs, beginners should get a light buzz going to gauge how it feels. That said, 16% THC is still enough to get seasoned cannabis veterans pretty stoned as long as they consume a good bit of it. It’s also ideal for people who just want to get a little bit of a buzz going without being floored for the rest of the day.


Sunset Sherbert Strain Terpenes

The sweet, earthy, piney, and fruity flavors that Sunset Sherbert features are considered to be a direct result of the various terpenes contained in the strain, mainly caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, along with a bit of pinene.


Sunset Sherbert Strain Effects

What people really enjoy about the Sunset Sherbert strain are its effects. It contains a bit of sativa genetics, so you can expect it to start off fairly light and airy. You should feel a slight jolt of cerebral energy that will uplift you and make you feel a bit more creative, talkative, and giggly. At the very least, you should feel a good bit of euphoria and happiness.

However, this is really only at first, especially as far as energy and creativity are concerned. Remember that this is primarily an indica strain, so it has decently strong relaxing and sedating effects.

Shortly after your first few puffs, you should start feeling extremely relaxed, calm, and sedated, which applies to your physical and mental state.

It’s not so strong that it will put you to sleep or knock you out, but certainly strong enough to make you want to relax on your couch and watch your favorite movie. It might also give you a case of the munchies.


Sunset Sherbert Strain Reported Flavors

Sunset Sherbert has a fairly complex flavor profile. Here, you should taste fruitiness and sweetness, with some people reporting that it tastes like ice cream or frozen yogurt combined with some honey and a hint of berries.

However, you should also taste some hints of citrus, skunk, pine, and earthiness in general. It’s quite an interesting tasting strain, and most people say that it’s very enjoyable, both on the inhale and exhale.


Sunset Sherbert Strain Growing Info

As for growing this strain, it is quite beginner friendly because, as long as you keep the conditions fairly constant, the plant should do just fine. It’s pretty resilient to most elements, so the results should be pretty good as long as you perform general maintenance.

Furthermore, when grown indoors, expect it to take around nine weeks to flower, and if grown outdoors, harvest time should be at the end of September or the beginning of October.

When grown outdoors, expect the plant to reach well over 6 feet in height and at least 4 feet tall when grown indoors. When grown outdoors, expect the plant to yield roughly 11 oz, and when grown indoors, you can expect roughly 8 oz per square meter.


Strains Like Sunset Sherbert Strain

There are plenty of strains that are similar to Sunset Sherbert, including many popular choices such as Lemon Cherry Soap, Lemon Cherry Sherbert, Lemon Cherry Pie, Pink Panties, and Girl Scout Cookies.


Where to Find the Sunset Sherbert Strain

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These THCA dabs offer a highly concentrated, flavorful, and potent way to experience this sweet indica. It’s powerful, tasty, and can be consumed in various ways.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a moderately potent strain that should help relax and calm you down, and provide you with some physical relief, then Sunset Sherbert is definitely something to consider.


Sunset Sherbert Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sunset Sherbert Indica or Sativa?

Sunset Sherbert is roughly 85% indica and 15% sativa.

Does Sunset Sherbert Make You Sleepy?

Sunset Sherbert is an indica and will therefore make you a little bit sleepy, especially a few hours after consumption, although it is not so potent that it will knock you out right away.