MUNCHIES! Stoner Valentine’s Day Idea & Gift Guide

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Things To Do This Valentine’s Day While High

Are you stuck trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner? Studies have shown that more and more people are opting for cannabis-centered gifts and activities when February rolls around. 

Why buy flowers when you can buy our top-shelf flower products instead? 

We’ve taken the liberty of pairing your classic Valentine’s Day dates with the perfect MUNCHIES! accoutrement so you and your partner can partake in the perfect date.

Dinner & A Double Doink

Do you ever go out to eat and wish you could make your fine dining experience even finer? Our THCA diamond-infused prerolls are the perfect way to amuse your bouche before a night out. THCA, when lit, converts to smooth THC, which is known for effects such as heightened mood, feelings of relaxation, and appetite stimulation. 

Sharing a preroll pre-dinner means you’ll not only be nice and hungry, but you’re bound to enjoy the meal even more as well. Plus, our Double Doinks come in a pack of two, perfect for sharing. 


Lights, Camera, MUNCHIES!

Everyone loves going out to see a movie, romantic or otherwise, for the holiday. Pop (or split) a gummy before your outing to ensure brighter colors, intense music, and a more dramatic cinematic experience altogether. 

With 15 tasty flavors to choose from, there is surely something both you and your sweetheart will love.


Cozy Up With A Holy Rope

Staying in this V-Day? We’ve got a treat for that too. Our THCA Holy Rope has 1,250mg of pure, potent THC and will be sure to knock your socks off, however you decide to relax. 

While it may be tempting to share our Holy Rope Lady and the Tramp style, please keep in mind that this is the strongest edible we sell, so tread lightly. Slow and steady wins the race.


Concentrates for a Concert

It’s no secret that cannabis makes great music sound even better. While some opt to smoke before a show, or even while they’re at the venue, better cannabis etiquette would state that it’s best to enjoy your bud in the most inconspicuous way possible.

That’s why MUNCHIES! Slushy Juice Vapes are perfect for this occasion. With discreet, compact packaging and quickly-dispersing vapor, no one will be bothered by you enjoying our five tasty flavors.


Wake & Bake & Bacon

Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like breakfast in bed. Imagine how thrilled your valentine will be when you greet them with their favorite breakfast and a MUNCHIES! preroll on the side

With 3 types of prerolls & many different flavors to choose from, MUNCHIES! prerolls make for a great wake-up call. Pre-rolled high-quality flower infused with THCA diamonds take all the work out of your toke.


Why Choose MUNCHIES!

So, why go the route of cannabis this cuffing season? MUNCHIES! offers high-quality, lab-tested products that are not only safe, but fun to enjoy. Sativa, Indica, and hybrid options in great flavors mean there’s something for everyone.


We know it can be fun to go a little wild with the drinks every now and then, but might we also suggest a hangover-free option? When you enjoy MUNCHIES! products this Valentine’s Day, there will be no morning-after effects to worry about – other than a possible sugar crash from all the V-Day chocolate. No headache, no nausea, no hangxiety to be seen with our cannabis goods. 

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