Grandaddy Purp Strain

Delta Munchies' Grandaddy Purp HHC vape cartridge on a purple background.

Here comes a legendary strain between Father Time and Mother Nature. Known as the OG, the grandfather of all cannabis strains, this bud is one of the most popular and iconic indica-dominant hybrids you’ll find around.

Besides its incredible purple looks and delicious, complex aromatics and flavor profile, this strain is as unique as they come. With high THC content and astonishing mind and body effects, you won’t find other strains like this again. 

So sit back, relax, and let grandaddy tell you a tale of old of all cannabis strains.

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What is Grandaddy Purp Strain?

Let’s start with the basics. Grandaddy Purp, sometimes shortened as GDP, is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid strain. As an offspring of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this bud is full of flavor and is said to be the great ancestor of many weed strains, if not all. Or at least that’s what growers can say, thanks to its effects.

This strain hits strong, first with a cerebral rush or high that slowly turns into a euphoric feeling. Lastly, you’ll feel the indica part kick in with strong numbing and relaxing effects, creating a well-balanced yet strong experience.

With high THC content, delicious berry and grape flavors, and beautiful looks, this legendary strain could be your new favorite, thanks to all of its perks. And come on, everybody knows that weed-smoking grandpas are truly the best kind.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Strain Appearance

Let’s go with the looks of the GDP. Looks-wise, this strain has vivid purple flowers with spattered and bright orange hairs that decorate the buds.

The colors and looks of these nugs are insane, with beautiful contrasts between the greens, purples, and oranges all around. So its heritage is pretty much noticeable, honoring its lineage with its purple spots that give the Purple Urkle family its iconic view.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Genetics

We know history lessons are not that fun at times, but you’ll want to know the genetics of this strain. Grandaddy Purp is a famous cross between Purple Urkle, Skunk, and Big Bud, and some growers even say it dates to the famous Afghanistan strain.

As part of its lineage, we already mentioned it has beautiful looks but also incredible aromatics. Thanks to its heritage, you’ll find its profile much more complex than just some grape or berry notes, with strong skunky undertones and spicey and piney notes that just give this bud an incredible profile. 

THC/CBD content

Let’s go with something you’ll want to know about this strain. While in the lowest yield, this bud can have 17% THC, some varieties can go up to 27% of THC levels. In contrast, this strain barely has any CBD, with some buds going as low as 1% or even non-existent content.

Now, to be fair, you can also try this strain with HHC. Hexahydrocannabinol is a mostly new cannabinoid that is also found in hemp and has about 80% of delta 9 THC’s power. As a hemp-derived cannabinoid, it’s a fully legal compound, and with strain-specific terpenes, it can feel stronger than other cannabinoids like delta 8.

Here at our store, you can check the Grandaddy Purp strain in our HHC cart. It comes with a full gram of our exquisite HHC formula, with strain-specific terpenes to enjoy the delicious grape and berry aromas.

Very much psychoactive with relaxing hits, this cart has a medical-grade glass tank and stainless steel for the smoothest draws. So if delta 8 feels mild and you want to try this legendary strain, you can check it out below:


Grandaddy Purp Strain Terpenes

Now let’s talk about terpenes. The most abundant one and responsible for the delicious berry and herbal flavor is myrcene. This compound also has a strong earthy scent and is known for helping with relaxation.

Other terpenes found in this strain are pinene, which gives wood-like notes. And, of course, caryophyllene, a staple for most indicas with strong anti-inflammatory properties. Caryophyllene also provides this bud from ancient tales some spice. 


Grandaddy Purp Strain Effects

Who says an old bud can’t learn new tricks? 

This iconic bud is a strong indica, meaning it can help you unwind and chill thanks to its strong relaxing properties. While starting with an incredible mental buzz, this strain follows potent body soothing effects.

This strain is mostly sought out because it has an incredible fusion of euphoria and physical buzz, letting your thoughts float while you melt in your chair. So even though it is still a hybrid, expect to get a strong hit from this strain.

Even more, if you try it out in gummy form or newer cannabinoids with strain-specific terpenes, such as hemp-derived legal cannabinoids like delta 8 (a little milder) or HHC, which is pretty similar to how delta 9 THC feels.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Reported Flavors

Let’s get down to flavors and aromatics. The main profile you’ll find is grape and berry, but this strain has plenty of tricks under its sleeve. With a lineage so complex, this strain has an evolving profile, starting with the mentioned berry flavors but scaling with violet, herbal, and mostly floral notes.

Then, and hear us out, it goes even deeper. With slight skunky and fuel-like undertones and spicy aromatics at the back, this strain has a pretty complex profile. So to sum it up, the whole flavor and aromatic journey will take you around sweet, herbal, skunky, and then spicy. 

Overall, this complex strain might be a refreshing break from overly sweet or fuel-like strains. It’s balanced, complex, and spicy, making it great for people experimenting with new strains.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Growing Info 

GDP is best grown indoors but can also be grown under the sun. It is not very difficult in general to grow and harvest, and the flowering will start somewhere between 70 and 77 days.

When grown outdoors, expect it to harvest around the spooky season, so early to mid-October. These buds can be oversized if grown outdoors. Also, if growing indoors, you might want to use some support as the buds can wear down the plant’s structure thanks to its weight.

Yield-wise, expect something around the 4 ounces per medium indoor plant and more than 3 pounds per plant with an outdoor grow. For better results, we always recommend keeping the temperatures balanced through the 70s degrees during the growing cycle and a mid humidity with 50%.


Strains like Grandaddy Purp Strain

While the GDP is unique in most ways, there are a few buds that can also satisfy your relaxing or grape flavors. We would mostly recommend Black Magic or Grape Runtz if you like grape flavors and aromatics in your bud.

If you want something still in the indica side, Critical Kush or another old man like Godfather OG could also be great, as they are strong on the relaxing side. Some people even use Godfather OG for sleep thanks to its potency with 18% of THC, but they are also great choices.