Are Delta 8 Gummies Safe?

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The health potential benefits of cannabis products are becoming widely known across the world, thanks to increased research on the effects of THC and the legalization of marijuana in several US states. However, few people know that there are multiple types of THC. The one you likely think of when you hear the word marijuana is the delta-9 isomer, but this is actually just one of ten THC analogs. While delta-9 has gotten all the attention for the past many years, there’s a new player in town.

Delta-8 is the latest craze in the cannabis industry, with an increasing number of vapes, oils, edibles, and other products hitting the market. Delta-8 gummies have become extremely popular as consumers are realizing the milder side effects of delta-8 compared to the effects of traditional delta-9 THC edibles. As a milder variant of delta-9 THC, it has a reduced psychoactive impact and offers a more relaxed and comfortable high. 

But with so many vendors and so much data out there, how do you know where to turn? You’re looking for a calmer and more therapeutic product, but you want to make sure that you’re in good hands. It all comes down to one burning question: are delta-8 gummies safe? 

To help you cut through the noise, let’s discuss the safety of delta-8, the potential benefits of delta-8 edibles, and what to expect when ingesting them. 

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Delta-8 vs. Delta-9: What’s the Difference?

While delta-8 is also a THC compound found within the cannabis plant, it differs significantly from its delta-9 cousin. There are many conditions – like nausea, chronic pain, loss of appetite, etc. – that can be helped by marijuana. However, symptoms like anxiety and paranoia are often exacerbated by delta-9’s psychoactive effects. Delta-8 THC gummies provide a much calmer, clear-headed and euphoric high. 

In addition to the effects it has on the human brain, there are physical differences between delta-8 and delta-9. Cannabis plants include a larger amount of the main cannabinoid delta-9 THC, while delta-8 THC is found in much smaller amounts. While its composition is similar to delta-9, it’s significantly less potent due to a different chemical structure. Even though delta-8 may look and seemingly act like delta-9, its intoxicating effects are less pronounced and it provides a much milder high. 

But no matter how much less potent than delta-9 it is, delta-8 gummies safe consumption is still top of mind for first-time users. Because delta-8 THC is relatively new, many people want to know: are delta-8 gummies safe?


Are Delta-8 Gummies Safe? 

The short answer is yes, delta-8 gummies are safe when consumed responsibly. Delta-8 THC can alleviate pain, inflammation, anxiety and much more without the adverse psychological effects – making the potential benefits of delta-8 gummies numerous (more on specific delta-8 THC gummies benefits later). With its ability to reduce nausea, relieve stress and manage pain, delta-8 THC has quickly topped the charts as one of the most popular cannabis products on the market today. 

While everyone will react differently, some of the most common side effects from delta-8 include:

  • Euphoria or an elevated state of mind

  • Relaxed mind and body high

  • Dry mouth

  • Red/bloodshot eyes

  • Sluggish response time

  • Diminished coordination 

Some people may only experience moderate side effects, while others may experience more severe effects. A psychoactive molecule like delta-8 THC can induce a multitude of sensations that will vary from person to person.  

While there aren’t any reported overdoses of delta-8, it’s still important to be mindful of dosage. There’s a reason we have the saying “too much of a good thing” as too much of this cannabinoid can make you drowsy or fatigued as it attaches to CB1 receptors in your brain. Delta-8 THC is generally regarded as harmless at lower doses since it does not affect your immune system. Note that the side effects are typically mild, but that you should monitor your reaction and adjust your dosage accordingly. 


What Are the Benefits of Delta-8 Gummies?

Thanks to the health potential benefits of delta-8 combined with its milder psychoactive effects, delta-8 is a rising star in the cannabis industry. Various companies are already offering delta-8 THC products, both online and offline, thanks to the product’s promising potential. Delta-8 gummies, vaporizers, and pre-rolls are among the most popular offerings. 

We’ve already briefly mentioned some advantages of this cannabinoid, but let’s delve deeper into some of the many potential benefits of delta-8 THC.

Calmer Psychoactive Experience

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s so important we wanted to bring it up again. The mellower high is one of the main potential delta-8 THC gummies benefits because it offers consumers something they haven’t had access to before – a pleasant middle ground between the chaotic delta-9 THC high and the calming effects of CBD. For instance, many recreational marijuana users don’t use CBD because it does not provide a psychoactive effect. On the other hand, many people are sensitive to delta-9 THC and experience anxiety, paranoia and discomfort. Delta-8 provides a clear and mellow high that combines the best of both worlds. 

If you like the psychoactivity of THC but don’t like the powerful high of traditional delta-9 products, delta-8 THC is a better choice for you. 

Boost Your Appetite

People struggling with reduced appetite may benefit from delta-8 THC. One of the most surprising potential delta-8 benefits is that it appears to be more effective at boosting hunger than delta-9 THC. While the munchies are a common side effect of both delta-8 and delta-9, a single dose of delta-8 THC may significantly enhance your appetite. This makes it the perfect choice if you want to use hemp-derived solutions to improve your cravings – without the rollercoaster of delta-9 emotions. 

Neural Protection

Studies into how delta-8 THC affects the brain have only recently begun, but they’re already showing some surprising results. One effect that’s been discovered is that delta-8’s neuroprotective effects are pretty astounding. Delta-8 can provide neural protection by inhibiting adenyl cyclase and regulating calcium and potassium in the central nervous system, leading to improved brain health and neuron generation. Additionally, delta-8 may be helpful in alleviating symptoms of neurological illnesses and treating degenerative conditions. 


The CB1 receptors in the brain are essential in controlling the euphoric effects of cannabis, and delta-8 THC binds to these receptors. Delta-8’s ability to reduce anxiety and tension may be due to its lower affinity for CB1 receptors. The potential benefits of THC gummies with delta-8 compounds can reduce muscular tension and help you relax, both physically and mentally. 

Getting Better Sleep

Another one of the biggest potential delta-8 benefits is its ability to help the mind and body unwind, leading to more restful sleep. Delta-8 THC has a mellower effect than delta-9, meaning no more nights staring up at the ceiling with a whirlwind of “high” thoughts. Delta-8 also offers a body high similar to the relaxation offered by CBD, which helps users fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

Alleviate Chronic Pain

For pain treatment, many patients prefer delta-8 THC to other cannabinoids. According to a study, delta-8 THC is more effective for alleviating chronic pain. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and the ability to control the neurons and hormones involved in pain transmission. Many people who suffer from arthritis, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer’s use delta-8 to relieve their pain.

No Smoke or Vapor Inhalation

A big benefit specific to delta-8 gummies is that they’re, well, gummies. The most common ways of ingesting THC is either by inhaling it, ingesting it, or applying it to the skin in with topical creams or ointments. Naturally, there will always be risks associated with inhaling anything. While delta-8 vapes are widely believed to be less harmful than smoking flower, some people don’t want to take the risk or have underlying conditions that prevent them from inhaling. Delta-8 edibles like gummies or tinctures remove all risk of damage to the lungs, allowing those who suffer from certain medical conditions to access the euphoric potential benefits offered by delta-8.  


How Long Does It Take for Delta-8 Gummies to Work?

You just received your first order of delta-8 gummies and you’re about to try one, but what should you expect? How long will it take before you feel it? Generally speaking, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes to four hours after ingestion. While it takes approximately 30 minutes for the compound to kick in, the build up can be slow and most people report feeling the effects approximately one hour after ingestion. 

Ultimately, everyone is different and several variables come into play. These factors include someone’s age, weight, underlying conditions, diet, tolerance, and more. Tolerance to THC substances and general health are all common aspects, as are the purity of delta-8 THC and the quality of the product. Keep in mind that if you’re not a regular THC consumer, you’re much more likely to feel the effects of delta-8 faster and stronger than someone who regularly uses THC products.  

All of the mentioned time estimates are only estimates, not guarantees. Because delta-8 THC is a relatively new product, there are no established standards for determining how long it takes for its effects to begin or wear off. The best thing you can do is start with a small dose and monitor your reaction. 


Experience Euphoria with Delta Munchies

Many people have found delta-8 a viable and more pleasant alternative to delta-9 thanks to its gentler psychotropic profile and various potential health  benefits. Whether you need help to improve concentration, get better sleep, ease pain, reduce anxiety, increase appetite, or alleviate nausea, delta-8 products are an excellent option. 

With any THC-based product, you need to carefully research who’s providing your supply. It’s important that you find a reputable retailer who employs transparent and pure extraction techniques. The experts at Delta Munchies are passionate about delta-8. The hemp used to produce our delta-8 is grown and harvested right here in the United States. We guarantee the cleanest and most potent delta-8 on the market by using third-party full panel DEA-certified lab tests. 

We’ve made delta-8 products our sole focus, making ordering high-quality products easy and delivering them straight to your door. Browse our collection of delta-8 gummies or contact us today to learn more about how delta-8 THC can help you live your best life.

(Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. It is based on anecdotal user experience alone. If you are thinking about incorporating cannabis (delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, or CBD) into your medicinal routine, please consult a healthcare professional. Do not stop taking any prescribed medications without first consulting your doctor.)

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