Can You Microdose Delta 8?

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It is not exactly known how many compounds the cannabis plant has, but researchers think they number in several hundreds. So you may have heard of a few, like the psychoactive delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN). It turns out delta 9 THC has a sibling called delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8). 

This compound occurs in minute quantities in cannabis extracts. So, for the most part, it requires a few processes to be able to extract it from the hemp plant and into your favorite cannabis products. 

Read on to understand more about delta 8 and the potential benefits of microdosing the compound.

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Microdosing Delta 8

Microdosing involves consuming small amounts of a drug largely for recreational purposes. It is a common practice among people who use psychedelics and typically involves taking tiny doses of magic mushrooms or LSD to improve their wellbeing.

Scientifically, a microdose is 5-10 percent of a full dose of a drug or substance. The clinical benefits of microdosing have not been empirically established. However, it’s believed that it allows the use of hallucinogenic substances without the associated ‘high.’ 

Delta 8 is psychoactive and, taken in large quantities, induces a characteristic ‘high.’ So, for cannabis lovers who want to enjoy the plant’s health benefits without experiencing a high, microdosing seems practical. 


Can You Microdose Delta 8?

Sure, why not. Delta 8 and delta 9 THC are chemically similar cannabis compounds with more or less identical health benefits. Most people who use delta 9 THC are attracted by its pain-relieving properties and ability to improve focus, productivity, and energy. Others love the euphoric “high” and the relaxed feeling that accompanies its use.

But for those who feel delta 9 is a bit intense, delta 8 may be a preferred option. Often referred to as delta 9’s nicer sibling, delta 8 THC has the same health benefits as delta 9 but is milder.

However, if taken in large quantities, delta 8 can induce a strong “high” just like delta 9 THC. But because it’s comparatively milder than delta 9, it does not imply a carte blanche for overindulgence. Keep in mind that taking too much cannabis compounds is linked to side effects such as paranoia and anxiety, as is the case with THC.  

This is why microdosing makes sense. When taken in smaller doses consistently over time, you can enjoy the health benefits of delta 8 while avoiding any known side effects.


What Are The Benefits of Microdosing?

Microdosing is a fairly recent practice of taking small doses—usually 5 to 10 percent—of a drug’s full dose. The idea behind it is to allow a user to test the drug’s effect while minimizing the undesirable side effects.

Few studies exist on the direct health benefits of microdosing. Furthermore, experts are uncertain about its long-term effects, and most wonder whether there’s a correlation between the purported health benefits and the placebo effect.

That said, there are a few reported health benefits, especially by microdosers. These mainly relate to mental health and overall wellbeing. A study published in the Harm Reduction Journal enumerated several potential benefits based on anecdotal evidence. These are:

Boosts Creativity

As a concept, creativity is hard to validate and even quantify. However, microdosers frequently claim that they feel more creative after microdosing. Whether this is down to other factors such as better focus and reduced stress is still unclear. However, a large portion of the evidence supporting this claim is anecdotal.

For instance, a study published in PLOS ONE established that microdosing is associated with better brain function on microdosing days. However, the effects were not noted to carry over to the non-dosing days.

Improves Efficacy of CBD

Drug tolerance is a typical problem that most drug users face, especially long-term. Once they build tolerance, they are forced to increase the potency in order to continue getting the same effects. So if you’ve been using a cannabinoid like CBD consistently and have been planning to increase the serving size of potency, you may need to include delta 8.

Microdosing delta 8 into your wellness routine has been shown to increase the efficacy of CBD. The likely explanation for this phenomenon is the entourage effect. This is when cannabinoids synergize to enhance each other’s effectiveness.

Supports Workouts 

When that exhilarating focus kicks in after taking delta 8, you can channel it into doing many things. For instance, some users report being more intense in their workouts after taking delta 8. So, slip delta 8 into your regular routine and notice the positive change soon after.

You can also blend it into your everyday routine to advance your fitness and wellbeing. This means taking small amounts of the product daily and consistently as part of your pre-and post-workout program.

Improved Productivity

Many delta 8 users profess to be more productive after dosing on the compound. Even in microdoses, delta 8 gives you a burst of energy that increases your overall productivity. Further, as a cannabinoid, delta-8 can interact with CB1 receptors in your brain and help with cognitive functioning. 

Production of Acetylcholine

Most people report feeling the benefits of delta 8 after using the product consistently for some time. This is because routine use is associated with increased acetylcholine neurotransmitter activity in the brain. This, in turn, influences cognition, brain resilience, and memory.

Better Mental Health

A major reason why people microdose delta 8 relates to mental health. This mostly revolves around alleviating stress and anxiety. 

For example, a study published in Psychopharmacology indicated that 21% of the study’s participants cited therapy for depression as their main reason. Another 7% microdosed delta 8 to reduce anxiety, while 9% cited other mental disorders.

Overall, 44% of the study participants felt their mental health had improved due to microdosing. This pattern was similar to another study published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry Journal, which indicated that people “found microdosing more effective” than other forms of treatment apart from psychedelics taken in higher doses.

Even in animal studies, researchers noted that microdosing DMT helped the test animals overcome fear and anxiety. Even though more human studies are needed to support these findings, the link between microdosing delta 8 and improved mental health is getting stronger. 

Quitting Bad Habits

This is another largely anecdotal claim, but microdosers claim microdosing can help people quit harmful habits like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Others even claim that their need for stimulants such as coffee reduces when microdosing. 

Though formal research has explored the potential of using psychedelics like psilocybin to help individuals quit abusing hard drugs, theirs is minimal scientific proof for its effectiveness. 


How To Microdose Delta 8 

Before illustrating how to microdose delta 8, you should know that microdosing is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some people may be overly sensitive to hallucinogenic compounds, others have reported the exact opposite of the desired effects. 

These include experiencing:

  • Reduced energy
  • Reduced focus
  • Worsened mood
  • Increased anxiety
  • Weird feelings or sensations

It is worth pointing out that it’s probably for the best if certain profiles of people avoid microdosing altogether as the practice may be overstimulating. 

These include people with:

  • Certain mental health disorders, e.g., neuroticism
  • Psychotic conditions, e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

That said, if you feel comfortable enough to try out microdosing, then the first things to consider are your cannabis tolerance levels, size, mood, and age. We all have different physiological makeups, so don’t be surprised if the numbers are starkly different.

The rule of thumb is “start slow and low.” Some people start with 5mg of delta 8, while others go with 10mg. Generally, women are advised to start with much lower doses than men (topic for another day). 

The standard delta 8 dose ranges between 20 and 50mg. Since a microdose is 5-10% of a standard dose, a microdose of delta 8 is 2-5 milligrams.

For a safer introduction, you can start with 2.5mg of delta 8. Give it time – a few days or weeks —to take effect. If you don’t notice any difference, you can slightly increase the dose. Remember that the essence of microdosing is to avoid taking the compound in large quantities that induce undesired side effects. 

For better results, microdose delta 8 once or twice daily, taking a day or two off alternately throughout the week. The purpose of this is to avoid building tolerance. If the effects begin to diminish, it is advisable to take a tolerance break to allow your body to reset in order to enjoy the full benefits of delta 8.


Microdosing Delta 8 For Anxiety

Generally, if you’re taking delta 8 for medicinal purposes, you will most likely take higher doses than when you’re microdosing for recreational purposes. The standard dose of delta 8 is 20-50mg, so if you’re microdosing delta 8 for anxiety, your dosage may likely fall between 2mg to 5mg. 

If you have anxiety and are considering microdosing delta 8 to alleviate it, here is valuable information you may need.

Best Delta 8 Carts For Anxiety 

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Microdosing Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies are an excellent way to ingest small doses of delta 8 mainly because they can be formulated to contain different amounts of the compound. So, if you’re considering microdosing delta 8 gummies, here is how to go about it.


How To Microdose Delta 8 Gummies

We like to emphasize that everyone’s cannabinoid tolerance is different. Therefore, experiences are likely to from one person to another. Be that as it may, we recommend starting with a single dose of 10mg and watching how your body responds to delta 8. Wait for at least four hours before taking another serving.

Best Delta 8 Gummies For Anxiety

If you prefer something chewy and delicious, then we have exactly what you’re looking for. 

For example, the Tropical Punch gummies come in different flavors and strengths to help you weather away any storm that may come your way. From the light strength gummies containing 10mg of delta 8 per gummy to the heavy gummies that contain 30mg of delta 8 per gummy, these gummies are formulated to give the best experience for any tolerance level.

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Final  Thoughts

While most people respond positively to delta 8 THC, this is not always the case. Some research suggests that delta 8 THC products may adversely affect people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, or intraocular pressure. So if you suspect having any of these conditions, please consult your doctor before using delta 8-infused products.

It is recommended that you avoid driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery while using products infused with delta 8 THC. This is because you may not be fully in charge of your mental faculties as delta 8 THC is psychoactive. 

Overall, microdosing delta 8 THC has revealed valuable insights about the compound on which further research is building. Nevertheless, existing anecdotal and limited empirical findings suggest microdosing may be a more effective method to access the health benefits of psychoactive compounds without the associated “high” and other undesired side effects.


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