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 In the vast world of rare and unique cannabinoids, one front runner has stepped out and taken the crown, delta 8 THC. But, just like with alcohol, recreational marijuana, or any ingestible product — when starting out, a common question is always “How much should I take?”. And those same curiosities also apply to delta 8 THC. So we’ve created some basic guidelines to help you find your perfect tolerance level or sweet spot. 

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Dosing varies per product type, so we’ve made some charts ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced dosages. If you’re new to delta 8 or THC, we recommend starting light (beginner) and then working your way up. *Dosages will vary depending on the type of product.*


Delta 8 Dosage Chart For Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 Dosage Chart For Delta 8 tinctures and vapes


As with most things, there are multiple variables. If you find yourself asking, “how much delta 8 should I take?” or “how much delta 8 to get high?” remember to keep in mind the following factors can vary from person to person:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Tolerance level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Metabolism
  • Another medication is taken consecutively with delta 8
  • Product type
  • And the amount of delta 8

Some of these factors may be difficult to determine, especially if you’ve never taken delta 8 before or are unsure how it will affect your body and correlate with your metabolism. For this reason, we always recommend starting with a low amount and if you don’t feel any effects after an hour, then take more.


Now that you know the different types of factors that may affect how your body reacts to delta 8 — You need to ask yourself these questions: “Why do you want to take delta 8?” and “How do you want to take it?”. 

Beginner Dose

A beginner dose is a good starting point, with an extremely low dose for those just getting into the cannabis space or beginning to explore the effects of delta 8 THC. Starting low and working your way up is always the best case here. Remember always to start low and go slow.

5-15mg is low enough to work your way into a nice comfort zone. However, especially if you’ve never taken THC before, your body may be especially sensitive at this point. So starting with a low dose will help you feel the desired effects with little to no risk of adverse effects.

Intermediate Dose

An intermediate dose can range from 15-30mg of delta 8 THC and is ideal for consumers who consistently use delta 8 THC 5-8 times a week. 

Consuming delta 8 on a consistent basis will inevitably raise your tolerance level. If you’re consuming 30mg plus in a single serving, then it’s time to move up to an advanced dosage.

Advance Dose

For advanced consumers, the dose can vary depending on tolerance level and other factors like weight, age, gender, etc. Therefore, this level is only recommended for consumers who are highly familiar with THC and are consistently dosing every day, one or more times per day. 

The range for an advance dose can start at 30mg and go as high as 100mg or more. Remember always slowly and gradually increase your dosing, even at this level.

Dose Frequency

Depending on your tolerance consumption, the amount and frequency of delta 8 will vary. If you take a recommended dose and don’t feel anything but decide to take more, that means you’ve upped your dosage level. This could take you past your tolerance threshold, and by the time the delta 8 takes effect, you may feel it more intensely. Sometimes passing your threshold can lead to feelings of being “too high” this is why we recommend waiting, especially if you’re taking slower methods like edibles or gummies.

The frequency also changes based on the type of consumption. Here is a list of average time scales that delta 8 takes to come into effect and average time scales of how long it lasts per method. 

InhaledTakes effect in 30 – 90 seconds and may last 2-4 hours.

Oral IngestionTakes effect in 45 minutes – 1.5 hours and may last as long as 4-8 hours

Sublingual (Under the tongue with a dropper): Takes effect in 15-20 minutes and may last as long as 4-6 hours. 

Always check if the effects have worn off before taking another dose. To be sure, start with a single dose and wait 24 hours to see how long the single does last for you.


You may think that simply taking delta 8 through one method will equate to taking delta 8 through a different method. However, what if I told you that each method could potentially affect you differently? 

Things like potency, time for effect, and the amount consumed will vary depending on the type of method you decided to enjoy delta 8. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most of your delta 8 experience. 


Inhaling delta 8 is the quickest method to feel the effect. Through methods like vaping or smoking a joint, you’re essentially breathing in particles of delta 8 THC along with the air that mixes as they enter your lungs. Once in your lungs, they’re then transported into your bloodstream and delivered throughout your body. 

You will feel the effects of delta 8 working almost instantly when smoking or vaping. However, although the effects take place quickly, they are equally fleeting. The reason for this is that when we breathe more and more clean air, the same process happens, and your body is slowly diluting the delta 8 out of your system.

A trick most experienced smokers use to increase the effectiveness of their vape or joint is to inhale and hold the smoke or vapor in their lungs for a set amount of time (5-10 seconds.) Effectively, the lungs are only inhaling the delta 8 for however long you’re holding it in your lungs, increasing the amount of delta 8 traveling into the bloodstream. However, beware that this method will increase the effects 2-3 times and is only recommended for advanced consumers.


This method is utilized by absorbing the product through the skin. Things like delta 8 topical creams and lotions are the most common form of this method. 

Topical delta 8 products will take effect to the applied area within minutes. It may cause a soothing sensation on the skin but will not create any psychoactive effects since it’s not absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects will only last as long as it stays on the skin. Once your skin expels the product, you’ll need to apply more for continued effect.


Products like delta 8 gummies, capsules, and edibles are the most common form of ingestible delta 8 products. Just like how food is digested, broken down, and inevitably absorbed as nutrients in the body, so is delta 8 THC. And just like the digestive process of our bodies, this process is always the slowest to take effect. 

Delta 8 edibles are first broken down in the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and more. Once they metabolize in the liver, you’ll start to feel the effects of delta 8. At this point, the delta 8 is converted into a compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC, which is easier absorbed into the bloodstream. 

11-Hydroxy-THC is a compound more potent than delta 8, which is why when you ingest delta 8, this converted compound delivers a more potent effect that also lasts longer.


The beauty of the sublingual method is how quick the effects take place and how easy it is to measure your dose. The most popular sublingual form of ingestion is tinctures, and they come with a dropper for a more accurate delivery method.

For the most effect, drop the desired amount under your tongue, hold it for 30-60 seconds, and then swallow. When ingesting sublingually, the tissues under the tongue absorb substances into the bloodstream a lot faster than traditional ingestion. 


It is common to overdo the amount of delta 8 you take but never overdose. This is because overdose typically leads to a lethal result, while overdoing does not. However, going over your recommended amount of delta 8 can lead to undesirable effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, nausea, paranoia, grogginess, laziness, dizziness, and poor concentration. 

Everyone’s tolerance level is unique, and the way they react to delta 8, also unique. Following this guide will help reduce the chances of achieving the adverse effects of overdoing a recommended dose amount. Understanding your tolerance level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), taking small doses at first, and paying attention to how your body reacts to the effects of delta 8 will help you combat the chance of taking too much.

But we do know accidents do happen! And if you do find yourself in that situation, remember that THC is not lethal. Most deaths caused by THC are from irresponsible activities, or misbehaviors performed while on THC and not the actual substance itself. The best way to wait for the unpleasant effects to pass is to drink plenty of water and take a long nap as the effects subside.


In the end, most delta 8 products will have a similar effect, and it comes down to what you’re using the product for. So we hope you follow this guide and make sure to answer these simple questions before purchasing to know what products are right for you:

  • How fast do you want to feel the effects?
  • How long do you want effects to last?
  • Are you trying to be discreet?
  • Do you mind the taste of Delta 8 Oil?
  • Do you prefer inhaling or ingesting?

All these questions can help you find the correct product for you. Delta 8 can have an unpleasant taste, so ingesting delta 8 oil could be less preferable but may hit quicker. While at the same time, consuming gummies or edibles can be a very delicious alternative, however, it may take longer to hit. There’s a product out there for everyone. We recommend trying them all!

(Disclaimer reminder: This article is not medical advice. It is based on anecdotal user experience alone. If you are thinking about incorporating cannabis (delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, or CBD) into your medicinal routine, please consult a healthcare professional. Do not stop taking any prescribed medications without first consulting your doctor.)

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