Introducing the Original Hole-y Grail Preroll

Munchies THCA preroll jelly hole

If you’re getting tired of your smoking routine and have been searching for something to spice up your sesh, look no further. MUNCHIES! is excited to bring you a brand-new product that will change the way you smoke. 

Introducing our new Jelly Hole Prerolls: high-quality diamond-infused flower coupled with a sweet liquid-diamond center to bring you the flavor and smoothness you’ve been missing from other prerolls. With indica, sativa, and hybrid options in three great flavors you’ll definitely want to keep these in rotation.


  • Think of Jelly Holes as a new and improved hash hole.

  • Jelly Holes use a flavorful terpene-rich THCA liquid-diamond center instead of a hash rosin one.

  • This distillate is encased in potent THCA diamond-infused fresh flower.

  • Everything is wrapped in our custom 12mm glass tip for the smoothest experience out there.

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What is a Jelly Hole?

Our Jelly Holes are a brand-new way to enjoy prerolls boasting an exciting combination of:

  • 1.5 Grams of Top-Shelf Flower Infused with THCA Diamonds for Extreme Potency

  • 0.5 Grams of Fine Liquid-Diamond Filling for Maximum Flavor

  • Wrapped with a 12mm Glass Tip for an Extremely Smooth Experience


What is the Difference Between MUNCHIES! Jelly Holes and Hash Holes?

With the constant evolution of cannabis, it can get overwhelming to find a new product you’ll love. While MUNCHIES! Jelly Holes can be compared to hash holes that you’ll see on the market, some key differences set us apart from other similar products:


Most hash holes on the market go for upwards of fifty dollars for a single preroll. However, at MUNCHIES! we want to make cannabis enjoyable and accessible to everyone – which is why you’ll find ours for sale at a fraction of the cost of our competition.


While most hash hole brands use hash rosin centers in their products, we use liquid diamonds. Hash rosin is made when fresh frozen flower is pressed using high heat and pressure to extract a condensed hash paste. 

Alternatively, our Jelly Holes are made with a terpene-rich THCA liquid-diamond center, which is when THCA crystals are separated from other cannabis plant matter to create a pure THCA concentrate. This results in a far superior flavor as well as a less harsh smoking experience.

Lastly, our liquid center is surrounded by extremely potent THCA diamonds and wrapped in an elegant preroll using our one of a kind 12mm glass tip. Potent, flavorful, & smooth, MUNCHIES! Jelly Holes are here to change the game.


Because our liquid diamond center maintains terpenes from the cannabis plant, our Jelly Holes not only boast dual activation from the flower and liquid diamonds, but offer a smooth and tasty flavor that other products lack. If you’re in the mood for Red Cherry Punch, Grape Cream Cake, or Frosted Tart, we have flavors to match your taste. 


How to Use a MUNCHIES! Jelly Hole Preroll

If it’s your first time using a MUNCHIES! Jelly Hole don’t be intimidated by a new product! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your MUNCHIES! experience.

How To Smoke A Jelly Hole

  • Step 1: Make sure the cherry is fully and evenly lit.

  • Step 2: Take light and short draws for maximum flavor.

  • Step 3: Rotate the preroll to ensure a slow and even burn.

  • Step 4: Enjoy!


Getting High with MUNCHIES! THCA Jelly Hole Prerolls

When heated, THCA transforms into THC, delivering a high that is both familiar and loved by cannabis users all over the world. In its raw form, THCA doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, but when THCA is lit, as with our Jelly Hole products, it induces the same effects traditionally associated with popular cannabis products.

Users often report experiencing:

  • A noticeable uplift in mood and an overall sense of happiness,

  • Waves of euphoria that wash over the mind and body,

  • A profound state of relaxation that permeates through every fiber.


Does the THCA in Jelly Holes Show Up On A Drug Test?

It’s essential to be aware that using products infused with cannabinoids could lead to a positive result on a drug test. Cannabinoids, including Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, THCA, and THCP, interact with the body in different ways depending on the individual. These substances can be detected by drug screenings, which are designed to identify traces of these compounds.

Given the diverse reactions individuals may have to these cannabinoids, and the serious impact of failing a drug test, it’s important to exercise caution. If you’re expecting a drug test, it might be wise to postpone your consumption of cannabinoid-containing products until after the test.


Understanding THCA

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw and live cannabis. In its raw form, THCA has been studied for its potential therapeutic effects, including anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. People often consume raw cannabis in juices or salads to access these benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Understanding the unique contrasts of THCA with other cannabinoids like THC is important, especially in highlighting the different ways it can be produced and enjoyed. MUNCHIES! Jelly Holes really deliver on this promise of a balanced and enjoyable experience, attracting those who seek the traditional sensations of cannabis consumption in new and exciting ways.


Understanding THCA Diamonds

THCA diamonds are at the top of cannabis concentrates, distinguished by unmatched clarity and potency. These crystalline structures are the result of an intricate extraction technique known as chromatography, a method that isolates and condenses cannabinoids into their most pure and potent form. 

The process meticulously separates THCA from the cannabis plant, resulting in dazzling, crystal-clear diamonds that embody the essence of the plant’s power. Our Jelly Hole prerolls expertly blend these pristine THCA diamonds with high-quality flower and liquid diamonds, creating a combination of effects that create the ultimate smoking experience.


Understanding THCA Liquid Diamonds

Liquid diamonds represent a cutting-edge form of hemp extraction, characterized by exceptionally purified THCA content. Resulting in a versatile liquid form that seamlessly complements our fusion of ultra-purified THCA with aromatic terpenes produces a product that not only enhances the flavor profile of our top-shelf flower but also elevates the overall smoking experience. 

The meticulous creation of liquid diamonds ensures a potent and flavorful addition to our lineup, designed for those who seek the pinnacle of cannabis enjoyment. Whether you’re seasoned or a newcomer, the combination of liquid diamonds and our carefully selected flower promises an unmatched journey into the essence of cannabis.


Understanding Liquid Diamond Terpenes

Liquid diamond terpenes are nothing short of enchanting, crafted through a meticulous process by removing all but the most powerful components, ensuring that the heart of the cannabis—the terpenes—is preserved. 

Terpenes, the aromatic compounds found in the cannabis plant, are the key to unlocking the unique bouquet of flavors and scents that define each strain’s character. Something not found in hash holes.

By harmonizing these ultra-purified terpenes with the crystalline structure of THCA, we forge a product that not only amplifies the potency of any blend but also maintains the original flavor and aromatic profiles. This delicate balance creates an enriched cannabis experience, layering an additional complexity of taste and fragrance that enhances your experience.