Why Does My Delta 8 Cart Clog?

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Have you ever found your delta 8 cart clogged and unable to produce a much-needed hit? This problem isn’t as uncommon as you may think, and it generally occurs as a result of improper use or storage.

Such situations can totally kill the vaping mood! After all, clogging is one of the main reasons marijuana lovers sometimes try to avoid delta 8 carts and replace them with other devices. 

However, we’re here to show you that clogging can be avoided. There are many ways to prevent frequent clogging before it deters you from enjoying our top-shelf vape delta 8 vape carts!


Key Takeaways

  • There are many reasons delta 8 carts clog. Some of the most common ones are extreme temperatures, flooded chambers, possible leakages, and intensive usage.
  • There are also many ways to prevent delta 8 carts from clogging. Some of the easiest ways are taking softer hits, decreasing the usage, and making sure that the vape isn’t primed.
  • Unclogging the delta 8 cart is something you should learn before buying one. 


Why Do Delta 8 Carts Clog?

So, why do delta 8 carts clog? The most probable reasons you’ve found your delta 8 vape clogged are extreme heating and everyday usage. Condensation build-up, chamber floodings, and leakages can also clog your device.

So, let’s dive in and see how we can avoid cart clogging:

Extreme Temperatures 

Extreme temperatures are the main problem standing between you and your favorite weed strain! This usually happens because the liquid adjusts itself to temperature changes. 

For example, the liquid can get thinner or thicker depending on the air temperature. It becomes thicker as it cools and thinner as it warms, causing clogging in some cases.

That’s why leaving your cart in the sun on a hot day, for example, or keeping it in the fridge isn’t highly recommended. Try not to warm or cool off your delta 8 cart excessively and, thus, avoid clogging in the future.

Everyday Use

Don’t be surprised if you find your delta 8 cartridge clogged because of intensive and frequent use. Temperature fluctuations are directly linked to everyday usage. 

More hits equal higher temperatures. It’s simple math!

That’s why you should keep dragging smaller hits and avoid using your delta 8 cartridge daily. You can also try to tackle this problem using some of the higher-quality dab cart flavors.


Why Does My Delta 8 Cart Clog?

There are numerous reasons your delta 8 cart clogs. Aside from the extreme temperatures and intensive usage, your cart may clog because of condensation build-ups, chamber floodings, or possible leaks:

Condensation Build-up

Condensation build-up is one of the most frequent and annoying reasons behind the delta 8 cart clogging. When you vape, you don’t always inhale all the vapor produced, which can quickly lead to condensation.

The vapor will condense in the center of the vape. Once you notice droplets of liquid on your tongue or a bitter juice instead of a tasty hit, it’s time to take some action!

Chamber Flooding

Chamber flooding is another reason your delta 8 cart may be clogged. Chamber flooding usually happens when you put down your cart and proceed to not use it for more extended periods of time. By doing so, the room temperature does its job–making the THC distillate thicker.

Lack of usage makes way for the thickened distillate to find its way down to the bottom of the cartridge and block the coil. Luckily for you, you can easily spot this type of oversoaked wick. Once you notice a burnt smell and an unpleasant taste, you should immediately stop vaping. 

However, this may not be the main reason your delta 8 cart has a burnt taste. Other causes include a low amount of vape juice, old coils, or the wrong kind of e-juice.

Possible Leaks

A tiny leak can flood the chamber in a few seconds! The main reasons leading to possible leaks are improper storage and loosened cart parts.

Make sure to store your delta 8 cartridge in an upright position and always keep it airtight. Otherwise, by keeping it upside down, you’ll make way for the contents to slowly spill downwards and clog the device. 


How to Prevent Delta 8 Carts From Clogging?

There are different prevention methods for different types of delta 8 cart clogging. Each of them will help you reduce the chances of possible leaks, chamber floodings, or condensation build-ups.

The prevention methods are simple and easy. You can apply them daily without having to spare more than a few minutes.

Draw Extra Air When Inhaling

One of the many things you can do to prevent your delta 8 cart from clogging is to draw extra air. Simply put, “drawing extra air” means that you should continue to draw in even after you’ve finished firing your cart.

This method will squeeze out all the extra air that leads to building up and condensation along the inner walls. Drawing extra air is equally important for unclogging the delta 8 cart if it’s already clogged. The only trick here is to hit the vape without coughing

Take Softer Hits

Ardent weed lovers tend to draw enormous hits, which can be one of the many causes of delta 8 cloggings. Pulling too much or too hard can draw the oil up into the airways of the cartridge, causing it to clog. 

Store It Vertically When Not Using

Caution during storage should be your top priority when trying to prevent the cart from clogging. The oil remains warm and sticky for a short time after you put the device down. If you leave it on the side or upside down, the oil will flow to the smaller parts of the device and start cooling.

If you keep your delta 8 cart vertically, you won’t allow the extra oil to cool down at the bottom of your device. This storage method can also help you with an already-clogged delta 8 vape.

Hit the Vape Every Few Days

Moderate usage is another trick to prevent your delta 8 cart from clogging. And while, as a devoted weed lover, it’s sometimes hard to resist the urge, this is the most effective way to avoid clogs. 

The delta 8 cannabis vapes are sensitive to chamber flooding. That’s why you should try taking a hit every other day. 

Remember that the longer you leave your cartridge unused, the higher the chances of wick and coil oversaturation. So, try not to go a week or more without taking a hit.

Make Sure the Vape Isn’t Primed

This tip is extra useful if you don’t plan on hitting the vape for a few days or need to put it away for a longer period. Make sure you don’t store your primed cartridge for more than a week.

The main trick is disconnecting the delta 8 cart from the pen and storing it in a dry and cold place. This way, you’ll avoid all chances of deterioration and further clogging.


Still Clogged? How to Unclog a Delta 8 THC Cart

Did you already try doing any of the above but to no avail? In that case, we’ve got some extra tips to help you unclog your delta 8 cart! You can try cleaning it thoroughly, warming it beforehand, and taking a hit with no fire.

Below we expand on the top ways to unclog your delta 8 cart:

Clean Out Your Cart

To “deep-clean” your delta 8 cart, you can try getting all the wax out first. 

Begin by finding a long and thin object. For example, you can use a paperclip, a toothpick, or any other similar object. Then, slowly put it into the mouthpiece and start scraping off the excess oil by moving it around the inner sides.

Cleaning your delta 8 cart will make your device last longer and help you eliminate foreign and excessive particles and drags. 

Warm Your Cart Before Using It

If your delta 8 cart has a preheating function, you can use it to dissolve the clog. Nonetheless, some of the devices don’t provide this feature, in which case, you can use a hairdryer. 

Funny as it seems, only a few seconds of hairdryer blast will allow the excess oils to flow out of the airways. The trick is to position your device vertically and blow over the tube. The clog will dissolve and flow toward the mouthpiece within a few seconds.

Clean the Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the place where most of the clogging problems appear. The vaping liquid usually gets trapped in the mouthpiece. 

Cleaning the delta 8 cart mouthpiece works the same as cleaning the whole cart. You can take a small cotton swab or a paperclip and gently put it into the mouthpiece. Repeat the process we already mentioned by rubbing the object gently around the inner sides. 

Try Taking a Hit With No Fire

If you find your delta 8 pen clogged, try taking hits without lighting your device. These “dry hits” will cleanse all the moisture before the vapor comes out. Sometimes, you can even hear the clog travel through the airways of the device, rinsing off all the residue.

Do this trick by gently drawing a hit and stopping as soon as you hear the unclogging sound. Do this gently to avoid oversaturating the wick and flooding the chambers. 


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Final Words

Even though clogging is a frequent and irritating problem, you can tackle it easily with some of our top unclogging methods above! Most of them are easy and can be done in a few simple steps.  

Before buying a delta 8 cart, learn how to clean, store, and use it properly. Clogging can also be prevented by drawing extra air, taking softer hits, or just making sure that the vape isn’t primed. 

Don’t fret–learning takes time. Once you’ve mastered the prevention and unclogging methods, you can draw your favorite hit and enjoy the ride once again!