Blueberry Jack Strain: Information & Review

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The Blueberry Jack cannabis strain is relatively new as far as all strains are concerned, a cross between two other very popular strains that we will look at today, thus resulting in a fairly well-balanced hybrid that’s going to leave you feeling happy, euphoric, energetic, relaxed, and more.

It features one of the brightest and most colorful appearances out there. It has a fairly high THC level and a very strong and sweet berry-like flavor. Let’s take a closer look at the Blueberry Jack strain to see what’s in store for you.

It’s a fan favorite for a reason, it looks, smells, smokes, and tastes fantastic!

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Key Takeaways

  • Blueberry Jack is a 50/50 balanced hybrid.
  • This strain is a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Jack Herer. 
  • Blueberry Jack contains roughly 20% THC.
  • It features a sweet, berry-like, slightly citrusy, earthy, and piney flavor. 


What is the Blueberry Jack Strain?

Blueberry Jack is a fairly well-balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that features effects from both the indica and sativa side.

This is a cross between two other very popular strains, DJ Short Blueberry and Jack Herer, thus resulting in a strain that produces both a cerebral head high and a relaxing body high at the same time.

It has quite the pungent odor reminiscent of blueberries and other sweet fruits, combined with a moderate to high THC level that you’re definitely going to feel.

Thanks to the level of THC, as well as its effects on the mind and body, Blueberry Jack is one of these strains that will have you flying sky high after just the first few hits.


Blueberry Jack Strain Appearance

Blueberry Jack does have an extremely unique appearance. In terms of density, these buds are extremely hard, dense, and almost like little pebbles. They’re not the kind of buds you can compress at all, but rather rock solid.

The buds are also a bit lumpy, and not perfectly round. The Blueberry Jack strain has a fairly dark green appearance, combined with just a few of those orange hairs, as well as a very thick coating of purple sugar hairs along the outside.

In fact, when you look at this bud, you will see more orange than green. This gives it a very unique appearance that many people love. Many people associate that purple color with a strong bud and an intense high, which is definitely true with Blueberry Jack.


Blueberry Jack Strain Genetics       

Blueberry Jack is a mix of two other popular and well-known strains, including Jack Herer and DJ Short Blueberry.

First, we have Jack Herer, which is a sativa strain made by crossing Northern Lights #5, a Haze hybrid, and a Shiva Skunk Cross. It has between 17% and 21% THC with strong head-high effects. In fact, as far as heavy-hitting sativa strains go, Jack Here is one of the all-time greats.

We then have DJ Short Blueberry, which is an indica strain, one of the most popular Blueberry strains from the west coast. With 20% THC or more, a strong berry-like flavor, and heavy-hitting indica effects, this is a sought-after indica.

The result here is that Blueberry Jack is a well-balanced indica-sativa hybrid that will produce effects on both the mind and the body reminiscent of both parent strains.

THC/CBD Content

Blueberry Jack contains roughly 20% THC, which is pretty moderate. 20% is strong enough so that if a seasoned smoker consumes 0.5 to 1 gram, it will hit pretty hard, but not so hard that if a beginner smoker has a few hits that it will cause a mental meltdown.

We’d say that a 20% THC level is ideal for beginners and pros alike. That said, after a few good puffs, Blueberry Jack will have your head up in the clouds while your backside remains firmly planted on the couch, and all the while, your mouth is going to be chewing on some tasty treats because you will get the munchies. 


Blueberry Jack Strain Terpenes

Seeing as Blueberry Jack is a mix between two very different strains, a sativa and an indica, it also contains many different terpenes and therefore has a very complex flavor profile. 

Some of the most dominant terpenes contained in this strain include myrcene, caryophyllene, valencene, pinene, linalool, ocimene, humulene, and limonene. As you can tell, with so many terpenes, the variety of flavors you’ll taste when smoking or vaping is fantastic.


Blueberry Jack Strain Effects

What really stands out about the Blueberry Jack strain is that it affects both your mind and body. From the sativa side of things, you’re immediately going to feel happy, euphoric, talkative, creative, giggly, social, a bit energetic, and maybe even slightly aroused.

However, thanks to the indica side of things, you’re also going to start feeling relaxed and, about an hour after consumption, even sedated and downright tired, along with a good dose of the munchies as you slowly sink into your couch. 

The mental euphoria combined with the full body relaxation you get here is something that many people love about Blueberry Jack.


Blueberry Jack Strain Reported Flavors

Blueberry Jack has a variety of interesting flavors, and it all starts with a very sweet blueberry-like flavor when you inhale, with some people reporting a slight hint of sweet citrus, which comes from the DJ Short Blueberry. 

When you exhale, you’ll notice the flavor from the Jack Herer coming through, a really piney and earthy taste.


Blueberry Jack Strain Growing Info

This strain features a bushy appearance with very thick stems, and it grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. This is a prime candidate for specialized growing techniques like the sea of green or screen of green. 

If grown outdoors, it’s going to finish flowering near the end of October, and when grown indoors, it has an average flowering time of just over 60 days. If grown properly, you can expect this plant to produce up to 32 ounces.


Strains Like Blueberry Jack Strain

If you are looking for similar strains, you might want to try either of the parent strains here, DJ Short Blueberry and Jack Herer. If you are looking for similar hybrid strains, check out Orange Cookies, Orange Sherbet, Bubble Gum, Space Candy, and Blueberry Kush.