Why Does My Delta 8 Cart Taste Burnt?

Delta Munchies Hindu Kush delta 8 THC vape cartridge on a green background.

There is nothing worse than preparing your cart and getting a toke just to feel that nasty burnt taste rolling down your tongue. Do not worry. It happens to the best of us, newbies and cannaseurs alike, as it’s part of vaping D8 THC.

Sometimes this burnt taste can come from different factors, including chamber flooding or using the wrong voltage for your cartridge. It might happen to an old or new cart, and most frequently when your cart runs out of juice.

To help you ease that terrible experience, we’ve written down some of the most common reasons why your D8 cart might taste burnt. We also included some neat tricks, ways to prevent this from happening, and our favorite D8 THC cart recommendations.

Without further ado, let’s deep dive into this nasty yet common problem.


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Why Does My Cart Taste Burnt When it’s Full?

Whether you want some sweet, functional high puffs to stay focused at work or just want some old D8 to keep your mind off, it sucks to have burnt-tasting tokes whenever you try D8 through vaping. 

Is your cart funny tasting even when it’s full? While faulty parts can be a factor, here are some of the most common reasons: chamber flooding, having old or scorched coils, or, sadly,  that your vape juice is low even if it looks full. 

There are some specifics for this to happen, so before you throw your cart or battery away, let’s explore some of the options that lead to this. Let’s explore these reasons a little further and understand how they affect the vaping mechanism.

Chamber Flooding

So, what is chamber flooding? This happens when vape carts sit around for way too long. With this, D8 THC thickens at room temperature, making it very hard to heat and take strong pulls. 

Distillate sinks to the bottom and eventually saturates the wick, making it hard for the coil to heat up.

This makes the heating element pretty hard to evaporate the cannabinoids. You can probably notice this issue if your vape or cart produces lighter vapor, and it doesn’t hit as it usually does. 

You might even notice a slightly burnt taste or even smell a little burning coming from your cart every time you take a pull. If this happens, we recommend you stop pulling since heating a saturated wick can make your cart and distillate useless.

For this, we recommend that you try to use your carts at least once or twice a week and start with small dry small tokes. Try not to prime your cart unless you use it often, and be sure your battery uses the correct heating for the desired cannabinoid.

Old or Scorched Coils

Sometimes a burnt taste might come from old or scorched coils. This is a common issue with refilled carts, or it could be a faulty coil moment. However, we do have something to share with you.

The good news is that in the best case, all you have to do is get your coil replaced. The bad news is that most cases need the entire tank replaced. This can easily be done if you use refillable tanks, but with most commercial carts, it means your disposable cart is done.

Vape Juice that is Running Low

Not all vape cartridges are made the same. Some disposable carts can burn through your vape juice way too quickly thanks to either their heating element or because you are taking larger drags back-to-back.

There is no real solution for this since it means your cart is about to die. So we recommend just giving your cart a last farewell and looking for a new one. 

We know finding your new cart empty can be an issue. Our friendly recommendation is to only try carts from brands with a recognizable reputation (like media outlets) and third lab party testing for a better experience.


Why Does My Brand New Cart Taste Burnt?

So, is your brand new cart tasting funny too? We have a few recommendations to help you fix this, depending if you have a disposable cartridge or a refillable one. 

The easiest one that can be used for both is checking your cart for leaks.

The second option goes a little further and mostly happens with reusable carts, which we will go further in detail down above. So without further ado, let’s get into these recommendations for those odd-tasting cartridges.

Check for Leaks

This can happen if your cart comes loose and lets air inside. This is known as air leakage. 

For a cart to work to its fullest potential, it must be fully airtight to vaporize the cannabinoid content properly. Even a tiny leak can lead to a flooding chamber, so be sure it’s tight, and there are no icky substances around.

If you think your cart was refilled by the producer or you are using a refillable tank, make sure it doesn’t spill any vape juice when you take a hit. And if you suspect a disposable vape has leaks, it’s better to throw it away and stop vaping that cart altogether.

Other actions like oversaturating your wick with longer pulls can lead to chamber flooding and leakage. So try to take balanced pulls that are neither too long nor too short for a healthy heating ecosystem.

Wrong Kind of E-liquid

Not all vape tanks work with all cannabinoids. Some are thicker and need a stronger heating element, like CBD. 

Other distillates like live resin are easier to heat and don’t require strong resistance. And, of course, e-juices or glycerin-based juices use a different system altogether compared to distillates.

If you use a refillable tank because you use other kinds of distillates, just be sure to use proper dabbing or distillate devices. And please don’t use your e-vaping device to vaporize distillates, as the viscosity and heating point difference can render your device useless. 


How to Avoid Overheating Delta 8 Cartridges

Now let’s get into some tips and tricks to avoid overheating and that nasty burnt taste when taking tokes. While some things are unavoidable, like a faulty coil, there are some things you can do at home to take care of your carts.

Let us explain these tips and tricks and how some can work depending on whether they are disposable or refillable carts. 

Take Shorter Tokes

This can help if condensation is a constant issue when pulling from your cartridge. As condensation builds up, how you pull is important to reduce chamber flooding. So try to avoid longer pulls so you don’t overload and stress your wick and coil.

If you pull too hard or for a longer period, the coil may have difficulties heating the liquid inside. This can lead to either flavorless smoke, burnt taste, or even the D8 THC not activating. 

For better efficiency, try short, balanced tokes.

Use Low Voltage Settings (3V or Less)

Some batteries or devices have a recommended voltage setting. While the right temperature depends on what kind of cannabinoid you are using, if you want to prevent flooding in general, using the lowest voltage setting can always help you keep things working efficiently. 

At the very least, using a lower voltage can help you try the terpenes and aromatics better and alleviate the burning taste. So try to keep your toking sessions in the lower settings for most of the time, keeping the stronger tokes and temperatures for now and then.

So for dense clouds that are also tasteful, try 10 through 30-second pulls at the lowest settings. This can keep the coil going without overflooding the chamber or getting odd-tasting notes here and there.

Prime Your Coils

If you are using a refillable tank and have extra D8 distillate, you might want to replace your wick every once in a while. And by doing this, you can also prime your coils. Don’t worry; this is not as complicated as it seems.

You can prime your coils by soaking your wick before turning your vape on. This can also be done in disposable carts, just a quick tip: unless you are a casual user, priming your cart and coil can end up flooding if you don’t vape often.

So unless you are using refillable devices, stick to quick priming if you are a frequent user; don’t prime if you don’t vape that frequently.

Keep Your Vape Tank Filled

For refillable device users, it is important not to let your tank dry out. This can make your wick burn out or your coil go bad quickly. So try to always keep your tank at least at a third of its capacity just to avoid that.

If you are a disposable user, we have bad news for you. To avoid battery damage or having your cart overheat, we recommend for you start looking for a new cart once it gets lower to 1/5th of its capacity. 

Do not fret though, this is a good opportunity to try new flavors or cannabinoids. And now that you know a few tips and tricks to avoid burnt taste and overflooding, we know you’ll be more than okay.


What is the Best Delta 8 Cart 

Finding the perfect cart is not an easy task. It needs to have high-quality materials, a good pull and airway, and great flavors and potency. 

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Where to Buy Delta 8 Carts 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy delta 8 THC. Now, if you want to explore the prime-kind of carts, that give incredible tokes with aromatics you can taste, we got you. Here at Delta Munchies, we want to create experiences that are fun but will not compromise flavor for quality or potency.

Our two recommendations are the iconic OG Kush and the super zen and relaxing Hindu Kush. Both are available in our super safe medical-grade glass tank and the stainless steel post and coil for better heating. Each has 1 full gram of top-shelf delta 8 THC extract with strain-specific terpenes.

Now let’s talk flavor and aromatics. The OG Kush is perfect if you want that nostalgic skunky and spicy undertones of the smoking flower experience. This full-on indica is perfect to melt stress away and enjoy your favorite movie with some munchies.

The Hindu Kush is just as it sounds: zen, balanced, and perfect to share mindfully. This indica-dominant strain is super calming with soft earthy and hoppy notes mixed with the vibrating spice notes. Chill down, relax, and have soft safe tokes with this strain.


Want to learn more about delta 8 and why some people find it harsh on their lungs? Watch the following video: