How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

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If you’re a habitual vape cartridge user, you’ve probably dealt with the frustration of a clog or airflow issues. It happens to the best of us and usually is met with annoyance and hasty decisions that could only worsen the problem.

Perhaps you can feel the actual clog in the cartridge, maybe you’re not getting the usual big vapor clouds from your hits, or there just isn’t any vapor coming out at all. Airflow issues and vape clogging aren’t uncommon and can often be easily fixed. 

Whether you’re vaping delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, HHC, or any other distillate, the same problems can arise.

If you’re experiencing problems with your cartridge, look no further. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide that aims to help you find and solve the problem.

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What to Do When Vape Pen Cartridge Has No Airflow

When your vape pen cartridge has no airflow, the first step is to remain calm. Remember, this is a common issue and happens to the best of us.

You’ll want to stop using your cartridge until you can sort out the problem, which could take time but also be simple.

Once you’ve determined there’s a problem with your vape cartridge, it’s time to determine what exactly the issue is. How? Read on to diagnose your cartridge (poor thing needs medical attention).


How to Identify Vape Airflow Issues

Having a clogged cartridge or bad airflow can happen for a lot of reasons. Knowing the reason will help determine your actions to fix the problem. 

These are some of the most common issues that can lead to airflow troubles or clogging.

Incorrect Airflow Setting

If you’re not getting the clouds of vapor you desire and are able to personalize the temperature of your vape cartridge, this might do the trick. Check that the temperature is on the right heat.

Airflow issues can also arise if the voltage or wattage of your battery isn’t compatible or working with your cartridge. Most cartridges require a 510-thread battery, which are widely available in vape shops, online, and in most dispensaries.

If the wattage is too low, the concentrate won’t be able to vaporize at the rate that the wick requires, which can either leave you with disappointing clouds or no clouds at all.

Double-check the compatibility of your cartridge and if the battery is still working. Sometimes, all you need is a new battery if the cartridge isn’t the issue.

Oil Viscosity

Outside factors can affect the viscosity of the oil or distillate you’re vaping, causing issues and clogs.

Ideally, you want to keep your vape cartridge in a place that’s dry and cool, but we know that’s not always possible. If your vape has been exposed to the cold or heat, this might be why you’re experiencing issues with airflow and clogging.

If the vape cartridge has been in a cold location, the oil can become thicker and more viscous.

We know you’re not putting it in your fridge, but we also don’t expect you to control the weather (unless you can, in which case hit us up because we have many questions). When the oil is exposed to the cold, it’s harder to heat up and can cause clogs.

When your vape cartridge is left in a hot place, say in warm weather or in a hot car, the oil can become runnier and thinner. Guess what? This can also cause clogging.

Since the less viscous oil can move around in the cartridge, it might spill into compartments it’s not supposed to be in and block airflow points. Plus, it’s not ideal for vaporizing since the consistency isn’t compatible with the heating elements and can potentially burn the oil or damage the cartridge.

Vape Cartridge Twisted Too Tight

If you’re experiencing airflow issues, one of the solutions might be the simplest of all.

Perhaps, you have just twisted the cartridge onto the battery too tightly. This can block air holes and prevent you from getting decent (if any) clouds.

If taking the cartridge off and twisting back on with a little less tightness fixes your issue, you’ll be good to go. 

A Flooded Chamber

Repeat after us: don’t take fast and hard drags. 

Cartridges are meant to be slowly inhaled, as opposed to quickly getting a hit by pulling hard. 

If you’ve been incorrectly hitting your cartridge, the chamber might be flooded and clogged up, preventing you from taking hits altogether. When there’s too much concentrate in the chamber for the wick to handle, the airflow holes could be blocked. 

Keep your nose on the lookout for a burning smell, which is a clear indication that your wick is oversaturated. Once you smell that, you’ll want to fix the issue so you don’t further damage the cartridge.


How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

If you suspect that the vape cartridge is blocked or clogged, there are a few things you can do to potentially fix the issue and unclog a vape cart. Follow these steps to save your cartridge from certain death. 

  • Locate the airflow holes
  • Check if the holes are open or blocked
  • If you see residue or oil in the air holes, grab a needle, paper clip, toothpick, or another small, narrow object that fits in the holes and clean up the air holes

If that doesn’t fix the issue, there are other options to unclog your cartridge. 

  • If the clog is located near the top of the mouthpiece, you can try taking dry hits. Without turning on the device, inhale strongly and try to dislodge it
  • If the oil is too thick and viscous, try holding the glass chamber up to a flame for a little bit, twisting along the way 


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