Best Dab Cart Flavors

Assortment of Delta Munchies' delta 8 THC and HHC vape cartridges.

Getting your fix from vaping has never been more accessible, legal, effective, safe, and overall fun.

With the usage of dab carts on a rise that seems to be going up by the day, companies have been playing their A game.

At Delta Munchies, we’re doing so too. We never compromise on quality, safety, and effectiveness, and we love seeing people like you use our products and tell us about your experiences.

Looking for some lip-smacking dab carts? Check out what we’ve got!


Key Takeaways

  • Dab carts are a great alternative to smoking because of their discreetness and portability.
  • More people than ever are turning to dab carts.
  • Delta Munchies has some of the best-flavored dab carts on the market.


What is a Dab Cart?

A dab cart is essentially a cartridge filled with wax, which is a concentrate of cannabis. 

Whether you’re vaping delta 8, delta 9, HHC, or another cannabinoid, dab carts have become popular because of how discreet, portable, and useful they are without sacrificing potency or effectiveness. 

Cart vs. Dab Pen

The difference between a dab cart and a dab pen is pretty big: while a dab cart already has the distillate inside of it and requires nothing more than for you to push a button and inhale it, dab pens require some more time and effort.

Dab pens are essentially little rig kits that you manually have to put your concentrate, distillate, or shatter into before enjoying it. Although it’s a great way for dab-lovers to easily dab away, it might be a turn-off for those who are looking for a hands-free experience.


How to Hit a Dab Cart

Most dab carts call for a 510-thread battery, which you can easily get at any vape shop, online, or at a dispensary. 

Once you’ve got your dab cart, all you need to do is screw the coil end onto the battery, turn it on, and press a button. 

Once the button is pressed, inhale slowly for a few seconds. If you inhale too fast, you won’t let the distillate properly heat up and vaporize which can cause you to damage the cart and give you a burnt taste


How Much do Dab Carts Cost?

The price of a dab cart varies greatly, depending on the amount of distillate (usually either 0.5g or 1g), the brand, the quality, or the strain.

While you can get carts for as low as $15 at some places, you’ll find others that go up to $100. We recommend you spend a little more than the minimum, though, because although no carts are FDA-approved, you want to make sure you’re paying enough to get a high-quality product without any harmful additives or cutting agents.

Most quality carts fall within the $30 to $50 price, about what you’d spend on other kinds of weed like flower or edibles. 


How Long do Dab Carts Last?

A dab cart that contains 1g of distillate can last you around 350-400 hits. Depending on how often you use it, it can last from a few days up to a few weeks.

We do recommend you take really good care of your cart so it can last you a long time. While they don’t technically “go bad” after a while, they can become less effective with time, especially if you don’t care for them.

Make sure to keep them in a dry, warm spot. Humidity, extreme heat, and cold can affect the distillate inside and create issues with the cart, from airflow troubles to clogs.


Best Flavored THC Cartridges 

Delta Munchies Dutch Treat Delta 8 cartridge on a red background.

At Delta Munchies, we’ve got some of the best-flavored dab carts out there (at least we like to think so, and so do our clients).

We also pride ourselves on creating high-quality products, making sure we keep them natural and allowing you to enjoy the full effects and flavors of the cannabis plant. 

All of our carts contain 1g of pure, unadulterated oil. We don’t add any cutting agents, Vitamin E, VG, PG, or other substances to our wax. It’s just distillate and terpenes, so vape away without any worries.

Here are some of our favorite Delta Munchies cart flavors.

Berry Gelato

When it comes to delta 8 THC, we play that game too. For berry lovers, we’ve got the Berry Gelato Delta 8 Cartridge, which tastes as good as it sounds. Creamy yet acidic, fruity yet warm, this flavor is beyond your wildest gelato dreams.

Alien OG

Our Alien OG HHC Cartridge delivers a powerful kick of HHC, the cannabinoid that’s known to be 70-80% as strong as regular delta 9 THC. Alien OG is a cross of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, a blend that will certainly have you seeing stars but with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Banana OG

Banana: you either love it or hate it. If you love it, look no further than our Banana OG Delta 8 Cartridge. In case the name doesn’t state the obvious, the flavor is packed with banana flavor, with a hint of skunky thanks to the OG. You’ll definitely be left perplexed yet amazed at the strong flavor and awesome effects of this strain.

Maui Wowie

Another one of our HHC faves is the Maui Wowie Cartridge. Drift away to the volcanic lands with this Hawaiian-born strain that’s packed with pineapple, coconut, and fruity flavors. The complexity of the piney, lavender, and citrus aroma contrasts beautifully with the tropical flavors that’ll have you feeling like you’re on the beach.

Dutch Treat

Who needs a flight to Amsterdam when you can be instantly transported to the city of cannabis wherever you are? With our Dutch Treat Delta 8 Cartridge, the Netherlands is just a puff away. The flavor is tricky, starting off with a punch of woodsy pine but slowly drifting into a fruity aftertaste that’ll leave you wanting more.


Best Delta 8 Cart Flavors

The best delta 8 carts flavors are usually the ones that adjust to your taste profile better. While there are tons of lip-smacking strains out there, it comes down to what kind of flavors you like and which ones are executed best in a flavored cart.

One of the factors that could make you like a cart flavor from one dispensary to the other is the quality of the extraction. Live resin dab carts usually have a higher quality, which means you can appreciate the flavors better than regular ones.

But in general, the community tends to prefer complex-tasting cart flavors. Others prefer dessert-tasting ones, like having banana, vanilla, berries, or tropical fruit in the mix. We usually go for balanced-out flavors, but it all comes down to preference.


Delta 8 Cartridge Flavors

Cart flavors are very similar to their users, diverse, and come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find that dab carts usually have their name based on either their taste or the strain they are trying to emulate.

This happens as dispensaries and producers add terpenes that are similar to the strains, making each puff taste similar, if not the same as the strain. And you see, flower strains usually get their aromas and notes from the terpenes in them rather than the cannabinoids themselves.

Thanks to that, producers can add flavorings to dab carts and pens without having to rely on additives or other products that could not have a very good matchup with the oil-based extract. This is also why certain strain-flavored carts will also work to potentially aid you to sleep, thanks to the myrcene or pinene terpenes added to their formulas.


Dab Cart: FAQ

Now, having checked out some of the best flavors out there, you might still have a question or two about cart flavors or even how they differ from HHC vape cartridges. Let’s go with some of the most common ones.

Are Dab Pens and Carts the Same?

Dab pens and flavored carts are essential for the same extract, vaped through different methods. Most dab pens are disposable, while dab carts use an external heating element called a battery. Batteries tend to have more functions like temp control, which helps in heating the juice, so it doesn’t make you cough.

Do Dab Carts Expire?

Dab carts do not expire as other products do, but they might get clogged or lose their potency with time. You might also run through them quickly and might make them last longer if you smoke too harshly or take big puffs.

Do Carts Have Flavors?

Yes, most of the time, dab carts have flavors. Dab carts flavors can have all kinds of notes and profiles and even have strain-like properties thanks to terpenes that give each puff a unique taste. This sometimes even helps to open up your appetite.

What Flavor Carts are There?

There are many cart flavors out there, as diverse and tasty as their users. You can try from fruity and tropical notes to pungent and diesel-tasting ones. There are also herbal, earth-like, and spice profiles that all give carts flavors a strain-like taste.

How are Carts Flavored?

Carts are usually flavored with terpenes. These compounds are also extracted from hemp and are added to HHC vape carts and cannabinoid carts, in general, to add that weed-like tokes with each puff.

What is the Difference Between Delta 8 Carts and HHC Carts?

The difference between HHC vape cartridges and delta 8 ones is the cannabinoid used in each of them. In general, HHC vape carts are slightly more potent and will last longer than a delta 8 cart due to HHC’s resistance to light and temperature degradation.