Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts: Key Differences & Similarities

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Nowadays, we have numerous ways to use cannabis. If you’ve ever wanted to get a rush or a “high,” maybe at a friend’s wedding, a family function, or on a road trip with workmates, you’ll probably agree that a vape cartridge or pen is your safest bet. 

Due to their discreetness, ease of use, and effectiveness, vaporizers have essentially eclipsed blunts and joints in recent years. You can be anywhere, smugly inhaling your cannabis thanks to this low-key delivery method, and while at it, no one will be any wiser. 

But even with their profound popularity, there is still so much to learn. What differentiates one vape cart from another? Which one gives more value for money? Which one contains the best cannabis oil?

Vape carts come pre-filled with cannabis oil and are produced in different varieties, so picking one over the other can be challenging. There are distillate carts, rosin carts, live resin carts, and many more. So, how do you know exactly what you need?

In this article, we look at two types of vape carts – live resin and regular carts.

Let’s get started!

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Key Takeaways

  • Vape cartridges are the modern way to consume cannabis due to their inherent advantages.
  • A typical hemp vape cartridge contains hemp-derived oil in its glass container. It has a heating mechanism to heat the vape juice before vaporization.
  • Live resin vape carts are made with live resin – cannabis concentrate obtained from fresh, flash-frozen material.
  • Live resin carts differ from regular carts in potency and flavor. They have more flavor and higher potency.


What is a Hemp Vape Cartridge

Starting with the basics, a vape cart is the chamber that holds the hemp oil. It’s usually made of glass so you can easily see what’s inside. In most cases, companies use cannabidiol (CBD) extracts and terpenes as the main ingredients in vape juice.

Given the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis companies use hemp-derived oil. That’s because hemp is legal in the country. According to the Farm Bill, any hemp-derived product is legal as long as its THC content is less than 0.3% on a dry-weight basis. 

Also, hemp is rich in cannabinoids like CBD and CBN, which are known to potentially have health-benefiting properties. 

Generally, vape cartridges are classified by the type of oil they contain in the glass chamber. So, live resin carts typically have, well, live resin. Similarly, distillate carts are made with cannabinoid distillates (e.g., delta 8 or delta 9 THC). Others, like rosin carts, are made with full spectrum extracts. 

Usually, these are the names used to distinguish between the different vape carts on the market. So pay proper attention to them.

In sum, a hemp vape cartridge is a regular glass container (pyrex) containing hemp-derived cannabis oil. It has an internal heating mechanism that heats the cannabis oil before vaporization. Most of these are 510-threaded so that you can attach any compatible/standard pen vaporizer.

This oil typically has CBD as the major cannabinoid ingredient, but it can also have delta 9 THC (up to 0.3%) and terpenes. Since hemp is federally legal in the US, hemp vape carts are also above board.


Benefits of THC Carts

Using THC carts comes with more advantages over conventional joints or blunts. These include: 


One of the reasons carts are so popular is that they deliver a potent but balanced experience. However, this depends on the type of cannabis extract in the chamber. 

Live resin carts offer a richer experience in terms of flavor and smell due to the abundance of other cannabis compounds like flavonoids and terpenes. You are unlikely to get the same experience with distillate carts due to the loss of terpenes during extraction and processing. Distillates are yellowish, runny oils composed mostly of cannabinoids. 

Remember that terpenes are responsible for cannabis’s characteristic flavor and taste. When these are removed from the extract, it’s stripped of its taste and smell.

Effective Delivery System

There’s no doubt that carts are more effective. For starters, they make it easy to control the amount of cannabis you consume. This is particularly evident with preloaded cartridges, allowing for a more controlled vaping experience. Newbies certainly find this aspect quite advantageous. 


Perhaps the biggest advantage of THC carts is portability and convenience. These tools are quite discreet and can easily be stored in a pocket or small bag. Moreover, the carts do not produce odor or smoke, meaning you can take cannabis oil without blowing your cover.  

Vapes vaporize the cannabis oil and isolate the cannabinoids slowly but effectively. It essentially allows you to get more from a single pack. 

Unlike smoking, vaping does not destroy the terpene profile, so you can feel subtle nuances between different vape juices.

Easier on Coughing Fits

If vaping makes you cough, here are a few measures that might help you cough less when hitting a vape cart.

  • Improve your technique – take slow considerate hits to avoid burning the distillate.
  • Check the temperature – higher temperatures might burn the distillate, aggravating your throat and lungs.
  • Check that the device is working correctly.
  • Take a break – sometimes vaping might not be your thing. So take long breaks between hits.

You can also try THC carts. These tend to contain pure, clean, and potent cannabis oil. Unlike blunts and joints that produce toxic smoke, THC carts heat the vape juice to produce smoke-like vapor that you inhale as you would cigarette smoke.

The main difference with carts is that you avoid the tar, carbon monoxide, and nearly 4,000 chemical irritants in smoke. Even though you might get an itch in your throat when vaping, you are exposed to far fewer toxins. 

Obviously, the biggest gainer from THC carts is your health. Though opinions are divided, researchers think vaping is less harmful to your health than smoking. So, if you love cannabis and want to watch out for your health, going with carts is a no-brainer.


Well, this is debatable. A well-designed vaporizer cartridge is not exactly cheap. You can get a decent, inexpensive vape cart out there, but a solid device will likely set you back north of $100

However, vapes give you more value for money in the long run because vaporization is more efficient than smoking.

In any case, you’re also paying for convenience, discretion, and portability. That’s got to cost a few extra bucks, right? Also, keep in mind that most hemp cartridges are closed, and once the cannabis oil is spent, you dispose of it.


What is a Live Resin Vape Cart

The main ingredient in live resin carts is live resin. So, what is it? Live resin is a concentrate derived from hemp. The raw, fresh hemp material is flash-frozen to preserve the terpenes and other compounds. 

As a result, the concentrate often contains higher amounts of trichomes and has a richer terpene profile. For this reason, live resin is usually darker and thicker.

Now that you know what live resin is, it’s simple to figure out what live resin vape carts are. They are simply vape carts with live resin. However, remember that not all live resin carts are equal, and little caution is advisable when purchasing. 

Particularly, pay attention to its terpene profile and viscosity. The terpene profile typically depends on the strain and the extraction process. CO2 extraction is considered the best method because it produces much cleaner and richer concentrates. 


Benefits of Live Resin Cartridge

Why should you consider live resin carts over the other types? Because:

High in Flavor

The fundamental difference between live resin carts and other vape products is the higher terpene content of live resin. Indeed, live resin has a richer terpene profile than normally cured butane hash oil (BHO) extracts.

What does this mean? It means you experience more taste and flavor. However, a high concentration of terpenes may lead to intense psychoactive effects since terpenes enhance the effects of other cannabinoids (entourage effect). This is why live resin is more in demand than other concentrates. 

Strong Terpene Concentration

What makes each cannabis strain different from another? Terpenes! Besides other functional roles like protecting the plant from predators, terpenes give cannabis plants their unique flavor and aroma. But in recent years, scientists seem convinced that terpenes may also play a role in determining a particular strain’s “high” and therapeutic effect.

Live resin is more valuable due to its higher terpene content. That’s principally because the process used to extract live resin effectively preserves more of the hemp flower’s goodness. 

Enjoyable Entourage Effect

A gentler extraction process results in a mouthwatering, more flavorful hit. But more importantly, a robust terpene profile means intense psychoactive effects. Don’t mistake “psychoactive effects” for being “stoned” or “high.”

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are believed to possess wide-ranging effects such as pain relief, a sense of euphoria, and anxiety reduction, among other effects. Some of these happen in the brain. So, in a sense, they are psychoactive effects.

More importantly, some terpenes are thought to be able to mimic cannabinoid activity. Consequently, they contribute to the entourage effect.

Thicker Vape Clouds

Live resin cartridges produce thicker vape clouds because the oil is packed with terpenes from the trichomes of the flower buds. As a result, the cannabis oil is thick and dark, which means thicker vape smoke!


Difference Between Live Resin and Regular

Broadly speaking, live resin has more flavor and tastes better than other cannabis concentrates. They are also more potent. And that’s simply because they have more terpenes and other cannabis compounds. 

Are live resin carts better than regular carts? Well, it depends on whether you’re interested in the subtle effects of terpenes and other cannabinoids or the stronger effects of delta 9 THC. Live resin tends to have more terpenes than vape oil. However, good-quality vape oil contains more THC.

Nonetheless, the potency of live resin is not always standard. It depends on the hemp strain it is extracted from. Generally, high-quality live resin vape carts contain 80 – 90% THC. In any case, a 95% THC cart wouldn’t have enough space for those tasty terps and healthy cannabinoids, would it? 


How to Choose Which Cart is Best for You

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Weed Carts: FAQ

How Do Weed Carts Work?

When you press the button on the vape pen battery, it engages the coil, providing power to the heating coil in the atomizer. This heats the oil inside the chamber, turning it into a vapor that moves through the mouthpiece. 

Depending on your device, some atomizers may be heated by conduction or convection. Conduction involves direct contact between the heating element and your material, while convection uses hot air to heat your material without touching it.

The vapor produced is then inhaled by the user for its desired effects. It is important to note that when using weed carts, you should always follow instructions carefully, as improper use can lead to serious health risks such as lung irritation or damage. 

Additionally, make sure you purchase from a reputable source, as there have been reports of counterfeit cartridges containing harmful chemicals or additives.

Weed carts are an easy and efficient way to consume cannabis products without worrying about grinding and packing bowls or rolling joints. 

How Long Do Weed Carts Last?

A typical 0.5g weed cart will last 80-160 puffs if you adhere to puffs in under three seconds. The average 1g cart contains about 500mg of oil, enough for around 160-320 puffs. However, if you are using a larger cartridge with more oil, it may last longer than 320 puffs. 

The quality and type of vape pen used can also affect how long a weed cart lasts. For example, some pens may heat up faster and burn through the oil quicker than others. Remember, if your vape pen isn’t working after a charge, that could result from a clog. Unclog it and try taking a puff.

It’s important to remember that while weed carts may last up to 320 puffs, they will eventually need to be replaced or refilled when their contents run out. To ensure your weed carts last as long as possible, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. 

Additionally, avoid overusing your vape pen, as this can cause it to overheat and burn through your cartridge faster than expected.

Do Weed Carts Expire?

As with most consumable products, weed carts or cannabis cartridges have an expiration date. The shelf life of these carts varies depending on a few factors, such as the ingredients used, the storage conditions, and the level of use these carts receive.

Generally speaking, an unopened cannabis cartridge, stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity, can last up to a year. However, once the cartridge has been opened, exposed to air, and used, its oil breaks down and starts to lose potency, meaning its flavor, aroma, and effects will deteriorate over time.

The degradation process is slow, and some users may still find value in carts that have passed their best-before date. However, it’s important to note that after a certain point, these carts could become unsafe to use, mainly if the oil inside is full of additives or has become contaminated.

It’s always best to err on the side of caution and buy new cartridges regularly, particularly if you’re unsure about the age or quality of the one you have. To increase the lifespan of your carts, store them appropriately, use a quality vape pen, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Do Live Resin Carts Smell Like Weed?

Live resin carts do have a smell, but it is much less intense than that of burning marijuana. The vapor produced by live resin cartridges dissipates quickly and does not leave behind a strong aroma. Live resin carts are known for their strong taste and smell due to the abundance of other cannabis compounds like flavonoids and terpenes.

The scent of live resin is pungent and reminiscent of a dab upon exhale, with the scent dissipating in minutes. However, the vapor these cartridges produce will not linger as long as that from burning marijuana. 

Ultimately, while live resin carts do have a smell, it stands out as one of the most discreet ways to consume cannabis.

Remember, learning how to make a cart last longer can take you through many days of an unmatched experience. The period your delta 8 cart lasts may not necessarily be determined by the expiry date but by how well you get wax from your cart and where you store it. 

Proper care can ensure your weed carts take you through seasons of fun!

Are Weed Carts Illegal?

The answer to this question depends on the location and the type of weed cart. Generally, cannabis products such as vape cartridges are legal under federal law. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, weed carts aren’t federally illegal.

The legality of weed carts varies by state. While some states have legalized recreational marijuana use and allow for the sale of cannabis products, others have only legalized medical marijuana, passed laws to make marijuana and all its derivatives illegal, or have scanty laws regarding marijuana use.

In states where cannabis is legal for medical or recreational purposes, purchasing and using weed carts is generally legal.

It is important to note that even in states where cannabis is legal, there may be restrictions on certain types of products, how much you can possess, and how you can use them. Therefore, checking local laws before purchasing or using weed carts is important.