How to Make a Cart Last Longer

Assorted boxes of Delta Munchies' cartridges on a black surface.

Not many things are as sad as realizing your cart has come to the end of its life. Good thing you can always get more, right? Yes, but you can also grieve the one you’ve been attached to for a while.

You want to make the most out of your dab cart, so we’ve compiled a handy little guide to make your cart last as long as it possibly can.

If you’re looking for quality carts that’ll last, check out what we’ve got. These 1-gram carts will give you up to 400 hits:


Key Takeaways

  • Most carts will give you between 200 to 400 hits.
  • It’s important to always check the expiration date of a cart before buying or using it.
  • Under the right conditions, a vape cart should last around one year.
  • Proper storage and use will help you get the most out of your cart.


How Long Do Carts Last?

There’s not a solid, fit-all-sizes answer when it comes to how long a cart lasts. Many factors play a part.

First, the dosage. Most carts come in 0.5g or 1g presentations, with the latter giving you around 400 hits. 

Still, it also has to do with how often you use it and how you use it. If you vape often, a.k.a. a few times a day, it’ll obviously run out faster than if you take a hit every few days or once in a while.

If you take long drags, you’ll also be shortening the life of your cart (but sometimes the intensity is so worth it). 

How Long Do THC Carts Last in Storage?

It’s very important to make sure you keep your cart in a cool (not cold) and dry environment. 

Extreme heat or cold can alter the oil, making it too runny or too hard and making it harder for the coil to properly heat it up.

Under safe conditions, your cart can last you up to a year. 

How Long Does a Cart Battery Last?

Most carts require a 510-thread battery, which are easy to get a hold of at any dispensary, vape shop, or online. 

A fully charged 510-thread battery can give you around 5 hours of consistent usage without needing to be recharged, but it also depends on the voltage and temperature it’s heating the oil up at.

Obviously, the more you vape, the less the battery will last. If you use it frequently, you’ll probably have to charge it every few days.


Do Vape Carts Expire?

Carts will usually have an expiration date on them and can last around a year under the right conditions.


How To Make a Dab Cart Last Long

There are quite a few tips and tricks you can use to make sure you’re making the most out of every drop of wax in your cart. 

Here are our suggestions:

  • Make sure you inhale into your lungs and not your mouth since cannabinoids are processed in your endocannabinoid system through the lungs.
  • Switch it up to maintain your tolerance. Vaping is a great way to get tons of cannabis into your system, but switching between flower, carts, edibles, or other ways of consuming weed can help your tolerance and make your cart last longer.
  • Make sure the temperature and the voltage are right so you don’t waste any distillate.
  • Ensure you’re storing your cart in a cool and dry environment.
  • Make sure you inhale slowly and deliberately, as vaping fast might waste away some of the concentrate.


Where To Get Delta 8 and HHC Carts

At Delta Munchies, we’re proud of producing some of the best carts money can buy. We make sure that quality and effectiveness are at the helm of our operation, so you only need to worry about having a ton of fun.

You’ll get up to 400 hits with every one of our 1g cartridges, whether they’re delta 8 or HHC.

For our fellow universe lovers, you’ll be flying high into space with our Alien OG HHC Cartridge. This indica-dominant strain is a blend of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, born and bred in San Francisco. The citrusy and piney scent and flavor are out of this world, and so are the heavily relaxing body effects and the cerebral buzz.

For those who dream of sand in between their toes, an ice-cold piña colada, and a soothing high that’s energizing but smooth, our Maui Wowie HHC Cartridge is the way to go. This Hawaiian-bred strain is fruity and tropical, transporting you to a beach even if it’s anything but equatorial outside. 

Between Father Time, Mother Nature, and Granddaddy Purp, you’ll be protected on all sides with our Granddaddy Purp HHC Cartridge. This one is known as the precursor of many of the strains of the modern world, so you’ll be flying high with the stuff our cannabic ancestors were into. The indica-dominant strain is filled with grape and berry aromas and flavors.

We’ve got you covered on the delta 8 side of things too. For those who like sativas, our Dutch Treat Delta 8 Cartridge is a dream come true. Amsterdam has given us a lot in terms of cannabic goodness, and this strain is one of many contributions. A breed between OG Haze and Northern Lights, the woodsy and fruity flavors perfectly accentuate the uplifting high that’ll hit your body and mind.

Our hard-hitting indica Hindu Kush Delta 8 Cartridge will have you feeling like you’ve just scaled the highest mountain in the Himalayas and finally getting a break. This is one of those classic strains that doesn’t grow old, even if you do. The sweet and earthy aromas and relaxing effects make this cartridge a must-have for indica fans.

It’s not that we’ve saved the best for last, but there’s a reason why so many people love our indica-dominant hybrid Berry Gelato Delta 8 Cartridge. This cart is bursting with acidic berry flavors and aromatic, fruity aromas. The perfect lovechild of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry strains, you’ll want to kick back and relax after a few hits of Berry Gelato.


For more information on how to make a cart last longer, watch the following video: