Why is My Cart Cloudy?

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Vape carts are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis today. However, if you’ve been using your vape for a while, you’ve probably noticed that it has become cloudy. Not to worry, you’re not alone in this.

But here’s the million-dollar question — why does your cart become cloudy?

The answer lies in the combination of art and science. Long story short, the culprit is the vapor production process.

In this article, we explore the various reasons your cart may become cloudy and whether it is still safe for consumption when this happens.

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Key Takeaways

  • A cloud cart is not an uncommon issue and usually does not mean there’s a problem with your vape.
  • Inferior quality of vape oil and aging of your vape are the top reasons your cart may become cloudy.
  • It is generally still safe to still vape with a cloud cart.


What’s in a Vape Cart?

A vape cart is a small capsule that contains cannabis oil extracts or cannabis concentrate. It is one of the most preferred ways of consuming cannabis today, and it may come in different forms, such as ceramic, glass, plastic, and metal. Also, vape carts usually come in a variety of flavors and potency.

Some examples of cannabis oil extracts and concentrates that may be contained in vape carts include:

Distillate Concentrate

Distillate concentrates refer to cannabinoid oil that has been extracted from cannabis plants. Any cannabinoid or flavor profile can be distilled into a product you can smoke via vape.

Full-spectrum Concentrates

Full-spectrum oils are the opposite of distillate concentrates because they usually capture the richness and diversity of cannabis plants. Therefore, they contain cannabinoids like CBN, CBD, THC, terpenes, etc.

Live Resin Oil

This concentrate is made from fresh frozen cannabis plants. It is unique because it is not dried and cured, and it retains its terpene profile. Therefore, a live resin oil cart possesses a unique taste and flavor.

CO2 Concentrates

These concentrates are compatible with vape cartridges. They also maintain their terpenes during the extraction process, ensuring they have a plant-based flavor. Lastly, note that you may not need additives for CO2 concentrates to vaporize properly in a vape cart.


Vape carts also contain additives added to vape oil and concentrate to boost them, thin the carts or improve their taste. Examples of such additives include propylene glycol (PG), coconut oil, polyethylene glycol (PEG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).


Vape carts contain cannabinoids like THC, CBD, delta 8, etc. These cannabinoids have different effects on the body. For instance, delta 9 and delta 8 have the ability to get you high; while CBD doesn’t get you high but provides more therapeutic effects.


Why is my Cart Cloudy?

There are several potential reasons your cart may become cloudy. Here are the tops reasons you may experience a cloudy vape cart:

Oil Quality

One of the biggest reasons for cloudy carts is the quality of the concentrate oil present in the cart. As a rule of thumb, the lower the quality of the oil, the more likely it is to cloud up your cart.

With inferior quality oil, the cheap ingredients can usually not handle the heat and pressure from cartridges or may be chemically unstable. Either way, the result is usually a cloudy THC cart.  Also, using a cart with inferior oil may induce coughing when you smoke your vape.


The age of your vape oil may be another reason for your cloudy dab cart. Typically, the older your vape oil, the less homogenized (its ingredients will begin to separate from each other) it will become, which may result in cloudiness. You should note that old vape juice is not necessarily dangerous. But, you should still replace it as soon as you can.


Another reason you may be dealing with a cloudy THC cart is due to extremely cold temperatures. When your vape oil is exposed to cold, its ingredients begin to separate from each other as they react to the colder temperatures differently.

As a result, some parts of the oil remain liquid while others thicken together, which may cause the cart to become cloudy when you heat it up.


Humidity can affect cloudiness in vape carts in the same way that temperature affects it. When vape oil is exposed to certain temperatures, it can affect the inherent ingredients, resulting in cloudiness.


The coil is a part of the vape cartridge itself. Depending on how old your cart coil is, it can result in cloudiness when you activate it. This is because a worn-out coil and cart cannot properly heat the vape oil. So, when finding answers to the question, “Why does my cart look cloudy?” consider examining your vape’s coil.


Is it Safe to Hit a Cloudy Cart?

Generally, it is safe to hit a cloudy cart and you shouldn’t experience any problems if you do. Understandably, a cloudy cart may not look as appealing as a clear one, but it does not pose any risk beyond its lack of aesthetic appeal. Besides, you may be able to fix your cloudy cart issue depending on its cause.


Do Weed Vape Carts Go Bad?

This question typically accompanies the question, “what does it mean if your cart is cloudy?”

While a cloudy cart does not always mean that your vape has gone bad, you should note that a vape cart can in fact go bad or expire.

Like everything else, vape carts have a time when the compounds and oil within may break down and stop being effective or even good. Unfortunately, there’s no specific estimate for when you should expect your vape cart to go bad. Thankfully, certain signs can indicate when your vape has expired.


How to Know if a Cart is Bad

There are a couple of things to check out to know if your cart is bad. They include:

Color and Viscosity

One of the more obvious indications that it may be time to replace your vape cart is if you notice that the color has turned slightly darker to something like a dark brown or even black. Furthermore, the oil should be free-flowing. Therefore, if you notice some sludge and lumps, it can be another sign that it is expiring or has expired.

However, you should note that a color change may not always be a case of expiration. But if you notice a change into dark colors alongside increased viscosity, it is a strong sign of expiration.


If you notice a strong change in the taste of your vape cartridges, it may be a sign that you need to change it. For instance, a sudden bitter, acidic, or harsh taste is a good sign of an expired vape cart.

Another thing that can give away an expiring vape cart is the reduced potency of the vape cart. Furthermore, note that it is typically not so dangerous to vape on an expiring vape cart, but of course, it is not ideal.


Where to Find Quality Vape Carts Online

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Final Thoughts

A cloudy vape is not uncommon and happens to the best of us. Thankfully, a cloudy vape cart is not necessarily a bad vape cart, and you can still safely use it. So, if you find that your vape cart is cloudy, there’s no need to panic.

While it may sometimes be impossible to prevent your cart from getting cloudy, you should note that buying high-quality vapes is an excellent way to stay ahead of cloudy carts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix a Foggy Cart?

There are several ways to fix a cloudy cart, depending on how it got cloudy. For instance, if it is a temperature issue, you can simply place your cart at a better temperature to deal with fogginess. Also, getting high-quality vape oil or fixing the coil on your vape cart may remedy a cloudy or foggy cart.

How Long Can a Cart Sit Before it Goes Bad?

There’s no specific answer here, as several factors, including the quality of the vape oil, storage conditions, and frequency of use, can influence how long your cart lasts. Nevertheless, you should expect to change your cart after one to two years.

Why Do Old Carts Get Dark?

Vape oil gets darker with time due to oxidation. Oxidation is a function of the activities of heat and oxygen on vape oil when exposed to them. Therefore, the longer you use your vape, the darker the oil will become as it is exposed to more oxidation.