Best Voltage for Delta 8 Carts

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While vaping has become one of the most popular ways to jump into the cannabis world, some users might find it hard to understand how voltage on batteries works. 

This important bit that is sometimes skipped can entirely change the taste, potency, and even how quickly you can burn down your favorite cart. Besides these tips on properly vaporizing, there are some critical recommendations on starting your vaping journey on the right foot.

Without further ado, let’s jump into what vaping is, how voltage works depending on whether it is low or high, what is the perfect temperature for vaping, and much more.

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What Is Delta 8 THC Vape 

Let’s start with the basics. Delta 8 THC is an isomer or compound to delta 9 THC, a cannabinoid with many benefits, including psychoactive effects. This compound is known to have milder highs than regular THC, which is excellent if you want to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis.

Now let’s talk about the vape part. Nowadays, you can consume delta 8 THC in several forms, including vaporizing the distillate through a heating element. 

There are plenty of ways to vaporize cannabis, but the most common and safe one is through a cartridge with a dedicated heating device, usually called a battery. These use the 510 thread standards and are easily accessible across all price ranges.

These systems heat the distillate and create smooth vaporizing clouds that you can enjoy. The distillate used in cartridges or vape pens is different from a tincture or cannabis-infused oil, so don’t try using it with a regular vape that uses nicotine salts or e-juice.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s talk about vaping and voltage.


Benefits Of Vaping Delta 8 THC

While there’s a lot to still research about delta 8 THC, vaping has several benefits. 

The first and most important is that you don’t need extra fuel or gas to produce high-quality vapor. Since D8 has a relatively low boiling point, you don’t need methods or a flame that might add other chemicals to the mix.

The second most important benefit is that it’s one of the most efficient ways to get instant cannabinoid delivery. Thanks to entering via your respiratory system, you can feel the effects of D8 within minutes.

Another important thing is that the vapor is much more discreet than smoking regular flowers. Most of the vapor will dissipate in a flash, and it can enter your body much easier than rough smoke from a joint or pipe. This makes vaping delta 8 THC a beginner-friendly experience and much more discreet than other methods.


Full-Spectrum Delta 8 THC Oil

One of the benefits of vaping instead of using flower is that some D8 oils might be labeled as full-spectrum. That means this oil is rich in phytocannabinoids, which are compounds that include wellness benefits and are naturally present in the hemp plant.

Together with D8, they produce an “entourage effect”, which means that they work together to enhance the potential benefits of all the compounds. This can make vaporizing a better experience if you seek cannabis for its medical properties. 

Full-spectrum oils can improve some of the benefits of terpenes, such as their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.



Now that we’ve talked about the entourage effect, we can go full into terpenes. These aromatic compounds are also natural components of the hemp plant and many others and have several wellness benefits.

By vaping delta 8, you can get the entourage effect and work both as an aromatherapy tool and help your body by working with each other. Some terpenes like pinene can stimulate airways and potentially combat short memory impairment, while others like myrcene have relaxation and sedative properties. 


Different Voltages And Their Benefits

We have covered what vaping delta 8 THC is and its benefits, but as we stated before, D8 has a low boiling point that needs to be heated precisely to get the best out of your distillate and terpenes.

There are two ways to vape with a cartridge: with a lower voltage and less heat applied to the distillate or with a higher voltage. This intensifies the psychoactive components and gives you a stronger flavor.

Let’s dive into the benefits and different ways you can vape and how the voltage settings can give you a different experience depending on what you’re looking for.


Lower Voltage

Lower voltage means it uses less heat when vaporizing, and you might find it in your battery close to 2.5V. 

Lower heat is great for live resin or oils that are rich in terpenes but also great if you are starting to venture into the cannabis world. One good basic rule is if your liquid is loose, it’s easier to heat up, and you might want to stay low. If it’s a little more viscous, you’ll want to get higher heat.


Easier To Dose

If you are generally new to vaping, a lower voltage might feel comfier than a higher one. With this kind of low heat, you’ll have milder effects and vapor, which can be useful to get the dosage right at first and get to know how many puffs you need.


Cartridge Will Last Longer

By using lower voltage, your carts will last longer as you will prevent burning the concentrate. With higher heat, the concentrate is prone to burn and finish faster, which is not ideal if you have a looser distillate. This is why we recommend starting low and getting to know your battery and cart and how high you can get.



As you might have guessed now, you will probably cough less with a low voltage. This is because the vapor won’t be as hard on your lungs as higher temp vapor. This might be a good solution for new users, as vapor or smoke in any form tends to be harsh on their lungs for their first tokes.


Less Coughing

Colder vapor means less coughing, which is great if you are not accustomed to smoking or vaping at all. It’s also great if you want to try D8 THC for wellness benefits, as you won’t have to worry about coughing every time you want to have a toke to help you with pain relief or before going to bed.


Subtle Flavors

If sometimes the flavors on your cart are too strong, a lower voltage might be helpful. As the vapor is less intense, you’ll find the terpenes and aromatics are not as strong as with stronger voltages.


Softer Effects

This might be the biggest selling point besides dosage, as lower heat will make the vapor weaker in the psychoactive department. Those are good news if you want to measure how you feel with your cart and get used to the smoke as you enjoy its effects.

You will need more tokes to get you higher though, so we recommend this for beginners or sporadic cannabis users.


Higher Voltage

We can now explore the higher voltage, which generally means stronger puffs, and you’ll find it in the 3.8V category with your battery or disposable.

We recommend using this setting for thicker oils, such as distillates or concentrates. With that said, expect more robust flavors and hits with a toke and even more potent effects in less time. 


Stronger Flavors

If pungent terpenes and aromatics are your thing, as a full-on connaisseur, you might want to get on the higher voltage train. This will get you better aromas and undertones that your distillate or concentrate might have, which is great if you want to enjoy those sweet hoppy notes or some delicious candy-like puffs.


Fewer Puffs To Achieve Desired Effect

Since you’ll have more potent puffs, the delta 8 THC will activate faster at a higher temperature and get right to your system. If you don’t mind the vapor being on the strong side, you might need fewer tokes to achieve the desired effects.


Higher Potency

When using higher heat, the vapor will taste and feel stronger. Each toke might feel more potent and pack more of a punch in the THC department. Just be careful as higher voltage will also blow your cartridge much quicker. 


More Intense

Overall, if you want the full experience of stronger puffs and flavor, using a higher heat will get you there. In the end, while it burns your distillate quicker, you’ll also find it a lot more intense experience, even in the psychoactive part. 

So if you feel like your vaping style is getting dull, you can try an intense session to give your cart a little boost.


What Voltage Is Best for Delta 8?

What we recommend is staying between 2.5V and 3.3V. The usual sweet spot for most cartridges is 3.0V, which is the mid option for most batteries and heating devices. That’s because it will be enough to activate D8 THC distillate while also having tolerable vapor.

This also relies on your personal preference. As we stated before, lower voltages can be great if you are starting with delta 8, and higher voltages will help more experienced users that want an intense vaping session.


What Happens If The Voltage Is Too High

You might be wondering, what would happen if I kept the voltage too high? The worst possible outcome is overheating the oil, which ends up burning it too fast or even reducing the potency.

It is easy to identify burning distillate thanks to the smell or even the taste. You’ll immediately find the vapor is not as tasty or get a burning taste with your puffs, as the burning overpowers any flavor or notes.

The extra heat can also limit the effects of the cannabinoids by literally destroying them in the process. This can also happen if you leave your cart in direct sunlight, as it can degrade the cannabinoids slowly.

To prevent this, we recommend getting a battery that won’t go over the 3.8V, keeping your carts and batteries in a place without direct sunlight, and if it happens, just let your cart cool down.


How To Set The Voltage To Perfect Temp

The best way to set your voltage to the perfect temperature is to ask yourself what kind of vaporizing experience you want to get. If you want smoother vapor at the cost of lower dosage and potency, use a lower voltage closer to 2.5V.

If you want stronger highs and flavors at the cost of running through your cart a little faster, try using a higher voltage set to 3.8V. 

If you just want to try the vaporizing experience with the best of both worlds, stay closer to the 3.3V or the mid-function of your battery for the best results.


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