King Louis XIII Strain

Marijuana bud on top of a gold crown.

With fame worthy of any distinguished aristocrat and a scent as notorious as anyone from the 1600s, King Louis XIII bursts onto the cannabis scene forcefully and floods any palace with his unmistakable aroma. 

But we are not talking about the distinguished French monarch. This time we refer to the popular indica-dominant strain from the famous OG lineage that undoubtedly honors its noble name with the select effects, flavors, and aromas of such a distinguished lineage that it carries.

If you’re looking for a strain from the OG family that will take things to the next level, King Louis XIII might be precisely the strain you’re looking for, and if you’ve already come across this name and want to get to know this monarchist strain better, this is the place for you! 

In this article, we will learn in-depth about the genetic background, the effects, aroma and flavor profile, and everything you need to know about the increasingly popular King Louis XIII. 

Let’s start by getting to know a little about this member of the cannabis nobility.


Key Takeaways

  • The King Louis XIII strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that comes from the same genetics as the famous OG Kush strain.
  • The effects of the King Louis XIII strain are a combination of euphoria and relaxation.
  • Similar strains are OG Kush, Kosher Kush, and Skywalker OG.


What is the King Louis XIII Strain?

To sum it up, King Louis XIII is a mostly indica strain many growers believe comes from a super select and rare cut of the “all times classic” LA-based OG Kush. This indica-dominant strain carries strong OG genetics appearing on many lists of “favorite OG Kush phenotypes” from many OG Kush lovers. 

King Louis XIII can reach percentages of between 24% to more than 28% THC in the best cases, and that is why it bears such an exalted name and is so renowned throughout California, especially in the south, where it originally comes from.


King Louis XIII Strain Appearance

King Louis XIII can produce really dense, bright lime green buds, usually covered in a glistening, crunchy coating of resinous trichomes. The nugs of King Louis XIII are also generously dotted with flame-orange hairs that make the flowers of this variety a visual delight and display of multi-sensory stimulation worthy of nobility.


King Louis XIII Strain Genetics

Most growers agree that this mostly indica strain comes from an extremely rare cut of OG Kush bred with the famous LA Confidential strain in an attempt to produce a phenotype with strong OG qualities but with a higher potency.

On one side of the family, OG Kush, the beloved daughter of Matt Berger and mother of the King Louis XIII strain, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous cannabis strains. 

The characteristics of OG Kush are undoubtedly present in King Louis XIII, especially regarding the potent, long-lasting, and versatilely euphoric effects these OG-related strains tend to generate. Nonetheless, the King Louis XIII phenotype adds a slightly more citrusy twist to the aromatic and taste experience.

In addition, LA Confidential highlights the therapeutic power of King Louis XIII with a genetic contribution that makes this phenotype tend to generate a higher percentage of THC content than OG Kush and even LA Confidential itself. 

Interestingly, LA Confidential also comes from the OG Lineage, resulting from the cross between OG LA Affie and the pure Indica Afghani. This only reaffirms the OG qualities in King Louis XIII but with particular genetic contributions that enhance them in a strain that ends up being distinguishedly unique.

THC/CBD Content

King Louis XIII usually exceeds 20% THC content, reaching an average of 24% in most of its copies. But, in the best cases, King Louis XIII can contain up to an impressive 28% or even more THC content, making it, without a doubt, one of the most potent indica strains on the market. 

King Louis XIII can contain up to 1% CBG, which contributes to the entourage effect between the cannabinoids and the final experience we have from this variety.


King Louis XIII Strain Terpenes

Part of the magnificence of this strain is precisely the fresh and intensely marked smell that emanates from its buds. The aroma of King Louis XIII nugs is reminiscent of mountain forests exuding scents of musky pine, with a rich earthy citrus touch and light hints of mango, skunk, and distinctive diesel accents that complement the experience. 

The dominant terpenes in the profile of King Louis XIII and primarily responsible for this aromatic experience are:

  • Limonene: a terpene that, as the name suggests, provides citrus and lemon tones to the mix, in addition to a wide range of therapeutic properties, among which we find anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, and gastroprotective properties, among others.
  • Myrcene: This terpene brings those slight mango tones and earthy dank that King Louis XIII can exhibit and promotes this strain’s relaxing and sedative qualities. In addition, myrcene can improve the performance of some cannabinoids, even amplifying the sensation of their effects.


King Louis XIII Strain Effects

With the first puffs of King Louis XIII, you will immediately begin to notice the marked OG characteristics of this strain. King Louis XIII’s high starts as a cozy feeling of happiness, deep relaxation, and a versatile euphoria that comes along with a smooth pressure behind the eyes. 

This mental sensation will quickly turn into a full-body high that can turn into sedation that could leave even the most experienced users glued to the couch and ready for a nap.

These unique effects, coupled with King Louis XIII’s rich terpene profile, make it a perfect candidate for making HHC distillates, as both the flavors and effects of this strain are certainly worth preserving and making available to all. 

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King Louis XIII Strain Reported Flavors

The marked and intense aroma of King Louis XIII only anticipates the range of flavors you will experience when tasting this exquisite and aromatic strain. 

Just as the aroma suggests, hits of King Louis XIII carry a tasty mix of OG flavors, intensified by the hints that LA Confidential brings to the mix. King Louis XIII floods the taste buds with intense musky pine flavors, earthy undertones, and sweet hints of mango accented with a spicy herbal and diesel aftertaste characteristic of OG family strains. 

We could say that King Louis XIII’s flavors are pretty similar to those of OG Kush, with the difference that Louis XIII gives it a more citric and refreshing touch and slightly accentuates the skunk notes that are already quite noticeable in the original OG strain. 

One factor that we must highlight is that the smoke from King Louis XIII is so dense and thick that it can be harsh on the throat. This is mainly due to the extremely high content of cannabinoids and terpenes that this strain naturally presents. 

Therefore, King Louis XIII offers a really pleasurable smoking experience if you know how to handle it, and really powerful effects, which is why we recommend smoking it with caution.


King Louis XIII Strain Growing Info

This rare cut of LA-based OG Kush can grow very well both indoors and outdoors. King Louis XIII can become a challenge for enthusiastic growers as it requires a lot of feeding, care, and a moderately dry and warm climate to develop its most optimal levels. 

But, under the proper care, King Louis XIII can produce really bountiful yields of dense, aromatic buds. This peculiar variety tends to generate robust plants with a good consistency that reach their flowering stage in around 60 days both indoors and outdoors, producing resinous, sticky buds, frosty with trichomes.


Strains like King Louis XIII Strain

We know that King Louis XIII can be a bit elusive to find as it is a rare cut of Los Angeles OG Kush that you can usually find at select California area dispensaries and can be even harder to find at other dispensaries around the country. 

If you still haven’t found some King Louis XIII buds near you and want to get a taste of what this aristocratic strain could offer you, you could try a similar one. 

Considering that King Louis XIII honors OG Kush both in flavors, aromas, and effects, you could try some OG Kush buds, and you will have an experience very similar to what King Louis XIII could offer you. OG Kush may be easier to get. 

However, if you can’t find it near you, you could try some other strain that pays tribute to the aromas and effects of OG Kush, such as the famous Kosher Kush, Triangle Kush, Skywalker OG, or even LA Confidential itself. 


On the other hand, if you want to experience similar effects and flavors but smoking is not an option for you, you could try our delicious Blue Razz HHC Gummies or the tasty Fruit Punch HHC Gummies and savor exquisite citrus flavors accompanied by subtle and balanced psychoactive effects that anyone can easily manage under the correct doses.