How to Make Cannabis Diamonds

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You probably already know that they don’t mine cannabis diamonds. But how exactly are cannabis diamonds made?

As you’d expect from the diamonds of the hemp products family, cannabis diamonds go through a relatively complex production process. However, you’ll agree that the results are well worth the production stress.

But let’s walk you through what cannabis diamond production looks like. So, don’t stop reading.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis diamonds are highly concentrated forms of cannabis, typically containing THC levels above 99%.
  • The production process begins with extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant material and ends with removing residual solvents to create a clean and refined product.
  • Cannabis diamonds closely resemble actual diamond grains and are very potent in terms of their psychoactive properties.


What are Cannabis Diamonds?

Cannabis diamonds (or THC diamonds) are a form of cannabis concentrate that have the shape of solid crystalline structures and are also semi-transparent. Of course, they look like real-life diamonds, too.

Like other cannabis concentrates, you can smoke or vape cannabis diamonds. So, if you prefer to smoke your hemp-derived products, cannabis diamonds are a great option for you!

It is important to note that cannabis diamonds come in different shapes and sizes based on a couple of factors, such as temperature, solvents used in the extraction process, moisture, and chemical impurities. These factors come into play when we discuss how to make weed diamonds.


How are Cannabis Diamonds Made?

First off, you should note the cannabis diamond production process is very complex and potentially dangerous. So, you shouldn’t try it on your own. Instead, leave it to the experts and focus on enjoying the premium THC diamonds they come up with.

Now that we have that out of the way, the making of cannabis diamonds can be divided mainly into two major parts — the extraction stage and the diamond formation stage.

During the extraction stage, THCA oil is extracted from the cannabis plants via a cold extraction method, and then the extract specialist uses a chromatography machine to add pressure to the oil until crystals form. After the extraction, there are two major systems that may be deployed to create the diamonds, namely, the closed-loop system or the crystalline method.

How to Make Weed Diamonds with the Close-Loop System

The close loop system involves using a liquid solvent to separate active compounds like THC and terpenes from plant materials to produce a solution — a mix of the solvent used in extraction and terpenes and THC.

With other consumable cannabis concentrates, the solvent is quickly removed from the solution. But, when making THC diamonds in a closed-loop system, the opposite is the case. Instead, technicians slowly purge the solution from the solvent to create the diamonds.

Interestingly, this purging process may take anywhere from two days to a couple of weeks, depending on several factors.

How to Make THC Diamonds with the Crystalline Method

This method involves mixing the solvent with a well-refined cannabis concentrate to form a supersaturated solution. After this, heat and pressure are applied to the solution, and the solvent will slowly evaporate, even as the diamonds form.

After the diamonds form, the extractors or producers may reintroduce the cannabis strains terpenes or other terpenes to create THC diamonds in the sauce.


Is Diamond Smoking Bad for You?

Honestly, smoking or breathing in anything other than oxygen may come with side effects, and the cannabis diamonds are no different. So, you should note that while cannabis diamonds are generally safe to consume, smoking comes with some risks.

There’s also the possibility of side effects when smoking THC diamonds, especially in instances of overly large doses. However, the good news is that these side effects are typically temporary and are non-life-threatening.

Here are some potential side effects of smoking cannabis diamonds:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Altered perception and memory


What’s the Difference Between Shatter and Diamonds?

Shatter is another cannabis concentrate, just like cannabis diamonds. However, while they share some similarities, they are distinctively different.

The primary difference between both cannabis concentrates is how they look. So, while cannabis diamonds are semi-transparent crystalline structures, shatter is typically sheet-like with a honey-like amber appearance.

Another difference between shatter and diamonds involves examining how to make THC diamonds. The extraction process for diamonds largely consists of using heat and pressure to create a separation between terpenes and cannabinoids. This is not the case with shatter.

In addition, diamonds are typically more potent than shatter.


What is the Difference Between Sauce and Diamonds?

The major difference between diamonds and sauce is their content. On the one hand, diamonds are typically made up of purely THCA (about 95% THCA), while the sauce generally is a rich blend of terpene and THCA, with its THCA levels hovering around 30-35%.


What is Diamond Mining in Cannabis?

Diamond mining refers to the process of creating diamonds from concentrates, especially THCA diamonds. This process is also referred to as recrystallization because crystals are formed from cannabinoids.


How to Make THC Diamonds Step by Step via Diamond Mining

To start the process, you may need to use live resin extracts, although you can also use other extracts. Once you have extracted the live resin with a solvent, the next thing is to purge the solvent’s solution, which can be done at about 90°F – 100°F.

After this, you can place the resin into bowls and containers where it will separate for two to three weeks. During that time, the cannabinoid crystals will begin to form at the bottom of the container as they separate from the terpenes. Note that the crystals will be solid, while the terpenes will be semi-viscous liquid. Then, you’ll need to separate the crystals from the solution.


THC vs. THCA vs. CBD Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

THC diamonds are highly concentrated cannabis products with THC levels above 99%. They deliver potent psychoactive effects and are known for their solid crystalline structures resembling real diamonds.

On the other hand, THCA diamonds contain high levels of THCA, the non-intoxicating precursor to THC. These diamonds offer potential therapeutic benefits without the intense psychoactive effects.

CBD diamonds, made from high-CBD strains, do not induce psychoactive effects. They are sought after for their potential medicinal properties, such as pain relief and relaxation.


How to Make THCA Diamonds in a Mason Jar

This is perhaps the most cost-effective way to make THCA diamonds. Here is a quick guide on making THCA diamonds in a mason jar.

After the solvent recovery is complete, you should pour your solution carefully into mason jars that are appropriately sized. It is essential at this point to ensure that your jars are not overfilled because the pressure will still build with time. Also, ensure that you screw the lids on the jars firmly but not too tightly to ensure no accidents occur as pressure builds.

Lastly, make sure that the concentrated solution in your jar is not too fluid because that means that there is still too much solvent left in the solution, and this will tamper with the process as well as increase the risk of the jar breaking.

The next thing may be to seed the jar with crystals, although this step is optional since the process still works without it. However, some producers use seeding to improve diamond formation and structure, and you can also decide to do the same. If you engage in this step, choose a seed diamond similar to the ones you seek to grow.

After this, place your mason jars in a vacuum oven, then set the temperature to something between 28-30°C. Ensure that you regularly monitor the jar, and if the lid shows signs of bulging, make sure you unscrew it slowly to release the pressure.

After a few days to several weeks, THCA diamonds will start to form. After a while, you will be left with crystalline THCA and a high-terpene sauce.

You should note that while this process is inexpensive and cheap, it can also be quite dangerous. Therefore, we advise that you are always wearing protective gear such as gloves and eye protection glasses.


Final Thoughts

Cannabis diamonds, also known as THC diamonds or cannabinoid crystals, are a mesmerizing and highly potent form of cannabis concentrate that has captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, crafting cannabis diamonds involves a meticulous process, typically starting with the extraction of the cannabinoids from the plant material.

Either way, we recommend leaving the production of cannabis diamonds to the professional. Just shop your preferred hemp-derived products, including THC diamonds, from us. We promise you premium quality only!


Cannabis Diamonds: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Diamonds Better than Live Resin?

No, diamonds are not better than live resin. Instead, it boils down to personal preferences. For instance, if you seek something very potent, then diamonds are your go-to over live resin. However, if you are more into flavor, then live resin is better.

What is the Difference Between Live Rosin and Diamonds?

The primary difference between live rosin and diamonds lies in their potency. Diamonds are more potent and stronger than live rosin, while live rosin is richer with terpene content.