What Is THCA Diamonds

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Diamonds have been the epitome of bougie for years, placing themselves at the center of all jewelry as a high-end product everybody loves. And surprisingly, they have also permeated the cannabis scene through THCA diamonds.

This concentrated form is actually sediment when producers create juice. Or, in other words, these small crystals are the concentrated version of the precursor of delta 9 THC, THCA. If you are interested in understanding how these can provide a high-end experience with just a few tokes, you can keep reading this small guide down below.

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Key Takeaways

  • THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid present in both cannabis in hemp. It is somewhat of a precursor of delta 9 THC but practically has no psychoactive properties on its own.
  • When heated, THCA turns into delta 9 THC. This cannabinoid is usually found in a concentrate named diamonds, which look like crystal-like semi-transparent solids.
  • Unlike other concentrates, THCA diamonds are a sub-product of another cannabis product: juice. Because of this, diamonds tend to be valued as high-end products with high potency.
  • THCA diamonds can be smoked through dabbing, vaporizing, or by adding them to a flower-packed bowl or joint.


What is THCA?

First, let’s have a quick recap about cannabinoids. Hemp and cannabis plants have different molecules in their composition; the bigger group of compounds is called cannabinoids. These provide several functions to the plant. Some have psychoactive properties when interacting with our bodies, and others act as repellents.

Now, one of the biggest, if not the most known cannabinoid is THC, known as Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is known for being psychoactive, and one of the major compounds found in cannabis. THC is basically the reason why weed can get you high in the first place.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into THCA. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is also a cannabinoid that’s natually found in hemp. Its mostly present in buds, stems, and flowers. However, it is somewhat like a precursor to THC.

When heat is applied to THCA, it turns into delta 9 THC. This is precisely why, when you smoke flower, you need to decarboxylate it, meaning you need to apply heat to get you high or feel any effect at all.


What are THCA Diamonds?

It is believed that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and THCA diamonds could also be a stoner’s best smoke pal. All jokes aside, THCA diamonds are basically the concentrated version of this cannabinoid.

This form of concentrate can be smoked or vaped and practically look like semi-transparent crystal structures. Unlike wax or resin, this type of concentrate is rather flavorless, so they are mostly added for potency.


How are THCA Diamonds Made?

First, a little disclaimer. Much like real diamonds, this THCA concentrate requires specific lab equipment. Usually, experts extract them by taking the sediment from frozen flowers. The concentrate quality is usually best when the buds are curated and frozen right after being harvested.

Now, unlike resin or other products, diamonds are a subproduct of another extract: sauce. This concentrate has a runny and glossy look and is created through a closed-loop process in which solvents are added to cannabis. Some call it terpene juice, sauce, or THC sauce, but it all means the same.

This concentrate is then put through another process, where heat and pressure sediments THCA from other compounds. In other words, heat separates the THCA crystals from the sauce, which results in tiny crystals pieces that sink into the bottom.


How to Smoke THCA Diamonds

Much like any other concentrate, THCA needs heat to convert to delicious delta 9 THC. So, this concentrate needs lots of heat to get you high. There are three main ways consumers like to try concentrates: dabbing, vaporizing, or smoking.

Some of these methods require extra equipment, while others can add it to an existing product like a joint. Let’s go further into how to smoke these delicious crystals.


Due to the consistency of crystals, they actually need heat to melt. So, the most common way to consume them on their own is to dab them. For this, you’ll need an actual dabbing device called an e-rig.

Some devices nowadays can also heat up; just make sure your electric pipe can handle high temperatures and evaporate things like shatter or crumble. In a pinch, you can also heat up a spoon and take a whiff, but this can actually waste a lot of product. So if you don’t have a dedicated e-rig or dabbing device, we’d add them to a joint instead.

Wax Vaporizer

Now, this is where things get interesting. Wax vaporizers can heat THCA diamonds enough to make them smokable. Since this THCA concentrate requires heat but not as much shatter, any electric wax vaporizer can be helpful. 

Just make sure you use a refillable cart or dedicated electronic pipe, not a disposable pen, since it can mess it up.

Add to Bowl, Joint, or Blunt

Lastly, you can add THCA diamonds to a flower-filled bowl, joint, or blunt. Unlike shatter that needs lots of heat, the heat from your flower heating up will be enough to add that special touch to your tokes. And unlike juice or resin, these are easier to fit inside your bowl without making a sticky mess.

Make sure to break up the diamonds into smaller pieces and use ground-up high-quality flower so you can have the best experience possible.


THCA Diamonds vs. Live Resin

Both of these concentrates are incredibly potent and high-quality products. The main differences between the two are the consistency and how they are produced. 

Diamonds are usually low on flavor and high on potency and need to either be added to flower or smoked like shatter or crumble in a dabber device.

Live resin is a high-end product made from extracting frozen buds right after harvesting. Until now, everything is the same as THCA diamonds process. However, resin uses solvents and creates a full-on juice that skips the sedimentation that’s characteristic of diamonds.

This results in a sticky-like substance that can be consumed. You can add it to dabbing devices, joints, or even smoke it from a bong with a nail add-on. Unlike diamonds, live resin is much clearer in color and can be found in vaping pens and carts.


Are THCA Diamonds Legal?

Yes! And that’s probably the most attractive part of these diamonds. THCA is not psychoactive on its own, and since it needs heat applied to produce any sort of effect, it is not considered to be delta 9 THC.

Because of this, THCA is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. This federal legislation allows for hemp products to be produced and consumed as long as they contain less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC.

THCA crystals do not contain delta 9 THC at all, meaning they are legal at a federal level for now. THCA is soundly legal but might be restricted depending on your state’s current position on hemp cannabinoids.


Final Thoughts: What is THCA Diamonds?

THCA diamonds are a solid-like, crystal concentrate that can be consumed through dabbing, smoking, or vaping. This concentrate is made from sedimenting THCA crystals from another extract, called juice.

Unlike other concentrates, these diamonds do not need that much heat and can be added to joints, flowers, or even dabbed on their own. This extract needs to be heated as THCA is not psychoactive, specifically requiring heat to transform into delta 9 THC.


Where to Buy THCA Diamonds

Having read the basics about this “high” value crystals, you might want to try a few on your own. The best way to try this out is through pre rolls, as you get the best of both worlds: the smell and flavor of flower, while getting all the potency from these cannabinoid-based crystals.

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