What is Hemp Derived Delta 8? Everything You Need to Know

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Delta 8 is one of the biggest cannabinoids in the hemp market right now. And newcomers to the scene might feel startled at the new vocabulary and difference with actual weed or cannabis. 

This article gathers key information to understand how delta 8 is extracted and processed from hemp. We will also cover its legal status, its potential benefits and risks, and some of our favorite products to delve into the world of legal psychoactive products. 

So without further ado, let’s figure out together what hemp-derived delta 8 is.

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Key Takeaways

  • Delta 8 THC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that produces mild psychoactive effects.
  • While it is present in minor quantities naturally, delta 8 has to be produced by dissolving CBD and extracting the delta 8 THC afterward.
  • Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill Act, delta 8 is legal federally. Some states have specific restrictions as time has passed, but most states follow through with the federal guidelines.
  • Delta 8 THC has plenty of potential benefits, like aiding with inflammation and pain relief, while the high can be pretty relaxing, according to different users.


What is Hemp Derived Delta 8?

First, let’s break down what delta 8 is. This cannabinoid is a psychoactive compound that is part of the hundreds of other chemicals that are part of hemp. Its full name is Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is considered an isomer of delta 9 THC.

Without going into scientific jargon, that means it is a similar compound with potential effects that are very close to delta 9. The most important thing is that it affects our body in the endocannabinoid system similarly to “regular THC” but with a milder affinity.

Consumers and the scientific community refer to delta 8’s potency to be half of what delta 9 THC has, making the side effects less present than its sibling while aiding with its pharmacological properties like being analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and mildly sedating.


Does Delta 8 Come from Hemp?

Yes! Delta 8 is found in hemp naturally in minor quantities. Extracting it directly from the plant and organic matter would take a lot of resources and chemical procedures, so producers use a process in which hemp-extracted CBD turns into delta 8 THC.

So technically speaking, delta 8 is a semi-synthetic compound when applied to products like edibles or distillates. The process that turns CBD dissolves the cannabinoid and then extracts delta 8 THC through a lab process.

While this might sound dangerous at first, the extraction is usually done with scientific equipment to ensure no other compounds go through the process with potential residues. 

And to always produce the best quality of distillate, producers are required to have a third-party lab report to support their claims (and make sure no delta 9 THC over the law’s framework is added as well).

So, is delta 8 hemp derived? Yes, it uses byproducts from hemp-derived matter (CBD), which is then used and processed into different products like edibles, vape carts, and more.


Potential Benefits of Hemp Derived Delta-8

Okay, now that you know what delta 8 is, let’s dive into some of the potential benefits of delta 8 THC. While most users will talk about the mild euphoric high that’s relaxing and calm, there are a few wellness effects that could be useful.

Some of the potential benefits that users have reported are:

  • Aiding with the appetite to stimulate your dietary consumption.
  • Boosting your energy levels and aiding with focus.
  • Giving an uplift to your mood and a general calm feeling.
  • Supporting your rest and aiding to restore your sleep cycle.
  • Aiding with inflammation and general pain relief thanks to its analgesic and sedative effects.

While all bodies react differently, these are some of the general effects users have found when trying this cannabinoid. If you plan on using delta 8 with wellness goals in mind, reach out to a healthcare professional and try small doses before consuming it.


Potential Risks of Hemp Derived Delta-8

Well, the first risk is that delta 8 THC can show up on a drug test. Since this compound is chemically close to delta 9, it can result in a positive test result even if you don’t use anything related to delta 9.

Other potential side effects include getting a rise in your heartbeat, causing nausea and dizziness, and even anxiety-like symptoms for specific cases. Most of these side effects happen due to large doses or sensitivity to this cannabinoid.

In general, this happens less frequently than with delta 9 due to its mild affinity to the receptors in our endocannabinoid system. Just make sure to start with low doses and start building up your experience depending on the desired high and overall feeling you get.


Is Hemp Derived Delta 8 Legal?

This is a little complicated, but generally, delta 8 gummies and flower  fully legal at a federal level. Delta 8 is legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill Act, which legalized hemp-derived products that have under 0.3% delta 9 THC per dry weight. 

That said, as delta 8 has been more popular, some states have different regulations due to different regulations around this cannabinoid. Some states claim that delta 8 THC is too close to delta 9’s effects and have an effective ban on this cannabinoid. 

Most of these states already have a bad reputation with drugs and other substances and are pretty strict in their legislation around Alaska, Arkansas, and Mississippi. 

Other states like Virginia have started to push anti-hemp legislation. Still, the federal ruling prevails, and some hemp-friendly states like Minnesota have even legalized over-the-counter edibles while adding age requirements for their purchase.

But to sum it up, while delta 8 THC is legal at a federal level, a double check on your local legislation can make things a little easier when looking for delta 8 products.


Where to Buy Hemp Derived Delta 8 Online

Since the hype for delta 8 THC is still big, we recommend going with products from brands you can trust. Third-party lab reports, a streamlined shopping process, and creative-yet-safe products are all key to getting the best experience out of delta 8, and we could think of someplace better than the Delta Munchies store.

You can delve into the world of delta 8 through disposable vapes first. These are easy to use, need no cleaning, and can be easily accessible for some toking on the go. We recommend these in our Dart XL line with two total grams of our delicious extract.

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Now, delta 8 THC is pretty big with consumers in edible form. These are much easier to microdose and try out, and at the Delta Munchies, we like coming with gummies that have a fun twist on old-time favorites.

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Veterans might be looking for something with greater strength, and the Blue Berry Sour Belt is the perfect edible to try the true potential of delta 8 THC. These pack a punch with 300mg per piece and over 3,000mg of our sweet extract per package. So if you want to try an even stronger experience with hemp-derived delta 8, these are an incredible go-to.

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