What is CDT Vape?

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Have you ever seen the CDT label on a vape and wondered what it means? CDT is an abbreviation for cannabis-derived terpenes. When you see the label on a vape, it means that it has a CDT pod within it. 

According to Science Direct, more than a hundred terpene types are found in cannabis. For many reasons, CDT vapes are fast becoming the standard type in the industry. This guide is a wholesome view of CDT vapes, highlighting their meaning, effects, and the ones you should purchase. 

Looking for CDT products? Here are some of out best-selling vapes made with cannabis-derived terpenes:

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Key Takeaways

  • CDT is an acronym for cannabis-derived terpenes. 
  • CDT vapes may not get you high but have a physiological effect. 
  • Terpenes occur naturally, but they can be made from synthetic processes. 


What Is CDT?

CDT refers to terpenes derived from cannabis plants. Terpenes are chemical compounds found in animals and plants. These terpenes have four main functions, which include; 

  • Aroma
  • Taste 
  • Protection from insects
  • Color

Cannabis terpenes may not precisely be responsible for the plant’s color, but they produce that aroma and taste that we love. 

The trichomes in the cannabis plant are responsible for the production and storage of the terpenes in the plant. The trichomes shine naturally, so the terpenes inside bring the aroma to accompany the shining property. 

At first glance it seems you do not need to bother asking what is CDT weed because all cannabis plants have terpenes. However, the terpenes inside each cannabis plant may differ based on their respective terpene profile. 

Naturally, more than one terpene compound is present in any cannabis plant, but the dominant one is assumed to be the profile. You will learn more about the terpene profile and how it affects you later in this guide. Before that, some of the common cannabis terpenes include; 

  • Limonene
  • Mycerene
  • Ocimene
  • Pinene
  • Terpinolene
  • Humulene


CDT Vape Meaning

Vapes are e-cigarettes that work by heating a special e-liquid to deliver vapor. A CDT vape means there are some cannabis terpenes within it.

On the other hand, CDT vapes add cannabis taste and flavor to your vaping. This vape type usually has a CDT cartridge installed in the system. 

What is CDT Cartridge?

A CDT cartridge combines the effects of the e-liquid inside it alongside the terpenes in the vape. Most vapes have compounds like THC, HHC, and delta 8, among others, but adding cannabis terpenes makes them stand out in their smell. 

For a cartridge to be a CDT type, the terpenes must be from a cannabis plant and have a dominant terpene profile. Remember that terpenes can come from animals and other plants with similar aroma, taste, and protection functions. 

These other terpenes are usually cheaper, which may tempt the manufacturer to use them. However, they will not deliver the required taste and aroma that you desire. 


Does CDT Get You High?

What is the purpose of buying a CDT cart if it’s not going to get you high? The question of whether CDT vapes get you high doesn’t have a concrete answer yet, since it is still in the preliminary research stage. 

Usually, terpenes from any plant, including cannabis, shouldn’t get you high. However, according to research, when terpenes combine with other cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant, it adds to the overall effect. 

Researchers refer to this as the entourage effect of cannabis plants. The basic idea of this effect is if terpenes can significantly affect the aroma of cannabis, it may as well contain some highness effects. 

This theory was further explored in a study of animals exposed to terpenes. In some mice exposed to terpenes for an hour, there was some significant effect on their activities after inhaling them. 

While this research on terpenes is still in the preliminary stages, it can affect you since it controls the smell of the cannabis plant. 

Research suggests that smell has physiological effects, controlling mood and stress levels. Therefore, while terpenes may not get you high, your brain may process the highness because of the aroma.


Best CDT Vapes

A CDT cart vape is a great choice, but you must be sure of your buying type. Remember, not all terpenes are from cannabis, so you may not get desired effects if it is synthetic terpenes

You can trust Delta Munchies to give you the best vapes containing CDT. Let’s take a look at three CDT vapes you can purchase: 

2G Delta 8 Dart XL Vapes

The first thing you can rest assured of with these vape pens is there are no cutting agents like MCT oil or vitamin E, among others. These vape pens come with CDT in variants of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains of cannabis. 

These have an impressive two grams capacity, and they don’t stop until 1000 draws have gone in. What’s more? You can recharge your vape pen and get more draws for the road! 

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1G HHC Vape Cartridges

This vape may not contain the regular THC, but the HHC gives a similar reaction. It has a medically tested glass tank delivering HHC through its steel post. 

The terpenes within these vape cartridges are both native and natural, delivering an exciting aroma to work with. They have a 1000mg capacity and can withstand up to 400 draws. 

1G Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

It’s normal to be skeptical about changing your taste from THC to HHC. In this case, we have this vape cartridge containing THC and only natural terpenes. 

This vape cartridge has different flavors, including hybrid, sativa, and indica. 

Like the HHC vape cartridge, it has a 1000mg capacity and will last between 350 and 400 draws.