Is Delta 9 Legal in Virginia?

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Delta 9 THC is all the rage now because of its light psychoactive effects and better therapeutic benefits without getting too high. Many people enjoy the subtle euphoric effects of delta 9– allowing them to get high, but not too high. 

What is delta 9 THC? If you are someone who enjoys micro-dosing weed and other edibles, delta 9 might be an excellent alternative to HHC vapes, smoking buds, and other methods of getting high. 

Not all people enjoy the feeling of being too high because it stops them from completing daily tasks and stops them from functioning normally throughout the day. 

If you live in Virginia and wondering if it is legal to purchase and consume delta 9 THC in your area, you might want to know your limits to avoid doing anything illegal.

If you are familiar with delta 8, delta 9 is more potent. Between delta 8 vs. delta 9, people who want to feel just a little high but be able to function around people and work would definitely want to experience delta 9. 

So, is delta 9 legal in Virginia? Before we talk about the legality of delta 9 within the state, let’s take a look at the federal laws toward delta 9 THC. 


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Key Takeaways

  • Hemp-derived delta 9 products are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill as long as they have under 0.3% delta 9 THC content.
  • Hemp-derived delta 9 is legal in Virginia under the HB 532.
  • Anyone over the age of 21 can buy legal delta 9 products in Virginia and hold up to one ounce of delta 9.


Delta 9 THC and Federal Law

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived delta 9 products are now legal on a federal level as long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 content. 

However, delta 9 THC laws differ in each state in terms of product availability, how much you can carry, and other laws that regulate the consumption and purchasing of delta 9 THC.

The same farm bill has broad terms which aren’t defined in the bill, which led to many loopholes such as selling delta 8. Also, you might want to note that delta 9 might be legal on a federal level, but it’s sad to say that it is not yet accepted in some states. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on delta 9 THC. 

You can still get them from trusted retailers no matter which state you live in, thanks to its federal legality– although with restrictions depending on the state.


Virginia Delta 9 THC Laws

Delta 9 and delta 8 products are legal in Virginia, but some of the laws surrounding them regulate the substance to ensure it is not abused and all delta 9 products are safe to use. 

However, counterfeit products are still going around the state and most states– so make sure you only get your delta 9 products from trusted sources.

With the legalization of hemp on a federal level, Virginia also passed such bills that eliminate criminal records for any type of marijuana possession– which is good news for people who have been charged with simple possession crimes. 

Some of the laws you might want to know if you live in Virginia is that you can carry up to an ounce of cannabis products, including delta 8 and delta 9 if you are above the age of 21.

However, if you are caught carrying more than one ounce of weed, you can get a year of jail time and pay up to $2500 in fines. Carrying over an ounce is classified as a misdemeanor, which makes it less harsh than getting a felony. 

But even before the state regulated and passed some marijuana laws, delta 9 was already legal when the governor signed SB 99 and turned it into a law that allows people to purchase hemp-derived THC like delta 9 as long as it does not exceed 0.3% of THC in dry weight– which is just like in most states. 


Is Delta 9 a Controlled Substance in Virginia?

Although hemp and hemp-derived THC under 0.3% is no longer considered a schedule I controlled substance, the terms on the house bill are still quite vague. 

Basically, what the bill is trying to state is that whether delta 9 THC is considered psychoactive, the potency is what determines its legality and it cannot go past the threshold. 

In Virginia, delta 9 is no longer a controlled substance, but the FDA has laws of its own, which forbids manufacturers from branding their delta 9 products as medicine, dietary supplements, and food. 


Delta 9 THC Possession Limits in Virginia

The legal possession limit of delta 9 THC in Virginia is the same as their legal possession limit of marijuana, which is one ounce. Going over the limit and getting caught can result in a misdemeanor and can be punishable by law. 

As long as you don’t break any laws and display public intoxication, you will be fine to purchase and consume delta 9 products in the state of Virginia. 


Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Virginia?

The short answer is yes, delta 9 is legal in the state of Virginia thanks to HB 532. This house bill authorized people to research delta 9 and other hemp products, which helped them decide to legalize it in a certain capacity that makes it safe for adults. 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized THC derived from hemp. However, the state of Virginia created a house bill of its own to regulate its use and limit the age of people allowed to purchase and consume delta 9 THC and other hemp-derived THC products. 


Is Delta 9 Legal in West Virginia?

If you live in West Virginia, you might be happy to know that delta 8 and delta 9 products are legal in the state, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill of 2018 and HB 2694, which legalizes industrial hemp in West Virginia. 


Where Can I Buy Delta 9 in Virginia?

Now that you know that you can enjoy delta 9 THC products in Virginia, your next question is probably where to buy them. Well, as we mentioned before, you should only consider buying delta 9 THC from trusted retailers and manufacturers to ensure its safety and accuracy in terms of potency. 

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