Is THCA Legal in Tennessee?

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You have probably heard about the new cannabinoid creating such a buzz. Okay, THCA is not exactly a “new cannabinoid,” though its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

While the emergence of new cannabinoids is welcome news for cannabis connoisseurs and novices, it comes with some challenges. One of these is knowing which compound is or isn’t legal.

So, if you’re a Tennessean and want to know if THCA is legal in Tennessee, read on.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hemp grown in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws is legal in Tennessee. By dint of this law, hemp-derived THCA is also legal in Tennessee.
  • Hemp products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by weight; otherwise, they are considered marijuana.
  • THCA is not a controlled substance and therefore has no possession limits.


What is THCA?

THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in unprocessed cannabis. It is one of the four precursors alongside CBDA, CBGA, and CBG.

THCA quickly converts into THC when exposed to heat and light. However, in its natural form, it’s inactive. This is why chewing raw cannabis does not make you high.

Due to these attributes, THCA has become increasingly popular among cannabis users. It is unique because it produces two different outcomes depending on how it is taken. For users who don’t want to be high, raw THCA is the way to go.

For seasoned cannabis users who seek fun (read intoxication), smoking, vaping, or dabbing THCA are all avenues for unlocking this property. It also has potential therapeutic benefits. In effect, THCA is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all cannabis enthusiasts.

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THCA and Federal Law

The 2018 Farm Bill makes hemp and all hemp derivatives legal if they contain 0.3% delta 9 THC or less. Essentially, this law makes THCA federally legal.

Despite being the precursor of THC, THCA is a chemically different cannabinoid from delta-9 THC. This is one of the underlying reasons for its legality.

Moreover, THCA is not listed as a Scheduled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. However, the federal Farm Bill allows states to develop laws governing hemp production and processing. So, while THCA is legal, things are not so clear-cut at the state level.


Tennessee THCA Laws

Tennessee’s hemp laws generally comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Moreover, House Bill 1164, enacted in 2017, modified the state’s industrial hemp law, allowing for the production of hemp with 0.3% THC or less.

This law also clarifies that hemp is not marijuana and, as such, is not a controlled substance within the state if it is either:

  1. Viable and possessed by a licensed hemp grower, or
  2. Nonviable and was procured according to the rules of the Department of Agriculture

Further, Senate Bill 279 clarifies the legitimacy of goods made from federally compliant hemp.


Is THCA a Controlled Substance in Tennessee?

THCA is not a controlled substance in Tennessee. Further, it is not listed under any Schedule in the Controlled Substances Act. If anything, THCA doesn’t get you high, and addiction is unheard of, so, unsurprisingly, it has no restrictions.

Furthermore, Tennessee allows the sale of THCA flower from hemp grown under local, state, and federal regulations.

Note: Products created with THCA generated from marijuana are prohibited.


THCA Possession Limits in Tennessee

Tennessee state law does not specify the maximum amount of THCA you can possess. So long as it comes from hemp grown in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and has less than 0.3% THC, it has no possession limits.


Is THCA Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee allows the production of THCA from hemp grown according to local, state, and federal regulations. The conditions for hemp cultivation and sales in Tennessee are laid out in the Tennessee Hemp Program, formed in 2019.


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