How To Make THC Drinks: 10 Fun Recipes

Delta 8 mango tincture resting on a table with a cocktail

We know that edibles are the reigning champs of the cannabis-infused food world, but cannabis drinks have begun to make quite a name for themselves within the culinary cannabis industry as well. (‘Drinkables’ doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it, so we’ll have to collectively come up with something better at some point.)

There are a ton of different cannabis drinks on the market. You can typically buy various THC-infused drinks at your local dispensary, where you can find cannabis-infused juices, sodas, sports drinks, sparkling waters, tonics, energy drinks, iced teas, and more.

But we know that not all people have access to dispensaries that carry these options. So if that’s not an option for you, or maybe if you want to try and stretch your creative culinary wings by learning how to make some unique cannabis drinks, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite THC-infused drinks.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make cannabis drinks, read on!

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Weed Drink Recipes

When you’re learning how to make infused drinks, you’re really learning how to infuse drinks with distillate. Most weed drinks can be made by simply infusing them with an oil-based tincture, but there are other ways such as steeping or juicing the marijuana leaves that will work, too.

We wanted to get creative, so we’ve come up with some yummy marijuana drink recipes that are both delicious and, depending on how strong you decide to make them, pretty potent. 

Since infused juice is the OG of THC drinks, we’ll first teach you how to make weed juice and then we’ll teach you how to make weed drinks.

You make weed juice in two ways: you can go the extra mile and literally juice your marijuana leaves in a juicer, or you can simply infuse a premade juice. We understand that not everyone has access to a juicer, so we’re going to give you a simple recipe for the latter.

Take your favorite juice––whether it’s orange, apple, cranberry, or any kind you like best––and combine it with a THC tincture of your choice. There are many different flavored tinctures, so you can combine different flavors until your heart’s content.

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  • Canna-milk.

Cannabis-infused milk is a wonderful way to use THC in a variety of culinary ways. Anywhere you use regular milk you can use canna-milk, leaving the gates of creativity wide open for you to experiment with a myriad of recipes. (It is important to remember that cannabis is a fat-soluble substance, so higher content milk like coconut milk may work best here!)

This process is actually going to be pretty similar to making cannabutter. The process is essentially taking cannabis leaves and steeping them (or cooking them down) in hot milk until the THC from the buds becomes infused into the milk.

Once your milk is fully infused, using either a super fine mesh strainer or a cheesecloth, you’ll strain the leaves from the milk which will leave you with a silky and creamy canna-milk that you can use anywhere you’d normally use regular milk.

  • Hot Turp Toddy.

There’s nothing like a hot toddy to warm you up on a freezing winter day, so we thought a THC-infused spin on the classic drink would be dank.

If you’re not familiar with a hot toddy, it’s a drink made up of hot tea and, traditionally, whiskey or bourbon. (Some people may prefer to add different types of alcohol, but to each their own.) For this, we’ll be replacing the alcohol with THC. Cannabis tinctures tend to have a deep, earthy flavor, which will pair beautifully with any hot tea of your choice.

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  • Kush Lemonade.

A delicious spin on the classic Lemonade Kush, this cannabis drink is a super refreshing way to enjoy THC.

If you’re into making lemonade from scratch, you can totally do that! But if that’s not an option for you, you can use any store-bought lemonade of your choice. Are you ready for this groundbreaking recipe? Just add the tincture of your choice to the lemonade of your choice and, voila! You’ve made Kush Lemonade.

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  • Cucumber Cannabis Water.

Cucumber water is a super calming drink, commonly found in relaxing places like spas or salons. You can make this mellow drink at home with the added benefits of cannabis to calm you down even more.

Cut up some cucumbers and add them to a large glass or jug. Take your tincture of choice and drop your desired amount overtop of the cut-up cucumbers. Then, muddle the cucumbers and tincture oil until they’re mashed up into a pulp that releases water content from the cucumbers.

Next, you’ll add cold, filtered water to your muddled mixture and let it sit in the fridge for at least a couple of hours so the water can fully infuse with the taste of the cucumbers. When you’re ready to drink it, we recommend straining the cucumbers from the water so you’re left with a delicious and refreshing cucumber-flavored, THC-infused water.

For extra flavor, we recommend adding: Delta Munchies 1000mg Sour Apple Delta 8 Tincture.

  • Green Grass Smoothie.

Don’t worry, you can easily incorporate THC into your healthy routines, too!

If you decided to go the juicing route when making infused juice, this would be a wonderful opportunity to use it. Just combine it with your regular smoothie ingredients for an incredibly healthy, nutrient-dense, powerhouse smoothie. If not, you can just add the tincture of your choice to your normal smoothie recipe for an added kick.

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  • Canna-coffee.

The classic stoner breakfast is a coffee and some weed, so it’s only natural that we combined the two. This is another drink you can be super creative with and make hot, iced, or any fancy barista-style way you want.

Canna-coffee can be made with canna-milk, but it can also be infused with tinctures as well. If you aren’t a huge fan of the way tinctures taste, coffee can be a great vehicle to hide the taste since its flavor is naturally so strong.

  • G-8th-orade.

Though we’ve obviously done a play on Gatorade, this will work with any kind of sports drink of your choice. You can even do this with water enhancers like Mio which can give you an opportunity to get creative, as well.

We recommend taking your favorite sparkling or still water, adding your water enhancer of choice, and adding your desired amount of tincture concentrate.

For extra flavor, we recommend adding: Delta Munchies 1000mg Mango Delta 8 Tincture.

  • Rootbeer Float in the Clouds.

This may be the stoner combination dreams are made of. If you thought you couldn’t make a rootbeer float any better, we’re here to offer you our Rootbeer Float in the Clouds.

Take a scoop of the ice cream of your choice and put it in a large glass. Drop a tincture full of the THC of your choice over top of the ice cream. Top it with a cold glass of root beer to create an infused rootbeer float that will both create and cure the munchies!

For extra flavor, we recommend adding: Delta Munchies 1000mg Strawberry Delta 8 Tincture.

  • Iced Tea-HC.

Another refreshing way to enjoy THC, making an infused-iced tea is simple, delicious, and easily customizable.

You can brew your own hot tea and then ice it yourself, but this also works with any type of store-bought iced tea, as well. Pro tip: add some lemonade (or, duh, Kush Lemonade) to make this a Stoner’s Arnold Palmer. 

For extra flavor, we recommend adding: Delta Munchies 1000mg Mango Delta 8 Tincture.

Weather you’re going for something as soothing as tea or as inhebreating as a hot toddy, there’s always an option for you!

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