Edibles vs. Smoking Cost

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If you’ve been on the cannabis scene for a while, you’ve probably tried both smoking and edibles at one point and the other. You’ve probably also arrived at your conclusion regarding both consumption methods. However, there’s one more comparison point — cost.

One big question among cannabis users is, “Which is cheaper and better: smoking or edibles?”

In this article, we make a thorough comparison between both methods of consuming cannabis, with emphasis on their cost. We also answer the question of which is healthier between both of them. So, let’s dive into it!

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Key Takeaways

  • Edibles and smoking are two of the more popular consumption methods among cannabis enthusiasts.
  • Edibles are generally more expensive than smoking.
  • Smoking generally does not require any specialized tools or ingredients, while creating cannabis-infused products requires additional ingredients and equipment.


Edibles vs. Smoking

When it comes to cannabis consumption, consumers have a wide variety of options. However, the two most popular ones today are taking edibles and smoking. Both methods offer unique experiences.

But what are the pros and cons of the edibles vs. smoking conversation? We’ll get to that in a bit.

How Does Smoking Work?

Smoking involves inhaling cannabis into your lungs, allowing the active compounds like THC to be absorbed into your bloodstream and, subsequently, your brain.

When the THC reaches your brain, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and causes the feeling of euphoria or “high.”

Due to the immediate absorption that happens with smoking, you’ll typically feel the effects of the cannabinoids in your body fast.

How Do Edibles Work?

Edibles refer to food items that have been infused with cannabinoids. Some of the most popular examples of cannabis edibles are gummies, cookies, and cakes, although virtually any drink or food can be infused with cannabinoids.

Although they both produce similar effects, the process of consuming THC in edibles is quite different from smoking.

When you eat an edible, it passes through your digestive tract and is absorbed by your stomach. From there, your liver works on it, converts THC to a compound more potent and long-lasting than THC, then transfers it to your bloodstream and brain, where it causes the high.

However, this process can take up to an hour, sometimes more, which causes a delay between the time you ingest the edible and when you feel its effects. You should also note that edibles usually hit harder.


Edibles vs. Smoking: What are the Differences?

Action Time and High Duration

Smoking typically gets you high much faster than consuming edibles. However, you should note that the high you feel from edibles is typically more intense and lasts longer compared to smoking.

Health Impact

Generally, edibles are considered healthier for the body than smoking. This is particularly because of the respiratory problems that smoking can cause. After all, breathing in anything aside from oxygen is a risk on its own.

However, edibles are not without their drawbacks, as you’re more likely to overdose and get “too high.” Thankfully, overdosage of cannabis is not life-threatening in itself, and symptoms should subside with time.

Other Benefits and Disadvantages of Edibles


  • Edibles are easy and simple to consume.
  • It may be quite simple to make edibles by yourself since all you need to do is infuse food with cannabinoids.
  • Edibles are discrete, and they don’t produce obvious smells like smoke or cannabis flower.


  • It may be difficult to gauge the proper dosage for edibles, and this typically leads to excessive consumption.

Other Benefits and Disadvantages of Smoking


  • It may be easier to measure the dosage for smoking, depending on the product.


  • Smoking may have other health effects, such as weakening the immune system.
  • Some terpenes and cannabinoids are burnt during smoking.
  • It produces a strong and obvious smell.


Cost of Smoking

The first thing you should note is that several factors come into play when discussing the cost of smoking. As a result, the cost may vary from state to state and dispensary to dispensary. Some of these factors include the flower’s location, quality, shipping, taxes, etc.

However, on average, you should get cannabis flowers at $25 per gram, though premium products will cost more. Note that one of the markers of premium products is that they have been lab-tested for quality.

Furthermore, when discussing smoking costs, you must also calculate the cost of the tools such as lighters, grinders, rolling papers, pipes, etc. The prices for these also vary based on quality and other factors, but you should get them from anywhere between $25 and $250.

We advise that you go for quality products, not necessarily the cheapest options, as these can seriously impact the quality and smoothness of your cannabis experience.

Cost of Vaping vs. Smoking

Generally, smoking is a more cost-effective method of consuming cannabis as it requires less specialized tools, unlike vaping.

With smoking, all you typically need is your cannabis flower, grinder, rolling paper, and lighter. On the other hand, with vaping, you’ll first need a vape, which can easily cost $100 or more.

Other factors that may affect the cost difference will be smoking frequency, the quality of products you buy, and the quantity of smoking you do.

For instance, if you smoke frequently, smoking may become more expensive than vaping because you will have to buy several grams of flowers as opposed to one vape pen. However, you’ll also need to eventually replace your vape pen with time. So, it may as well balance out.


Edibles Cost

Just like with smoking, the cost of edibles may vary based on several factors, including quality, shipping, and THC concentration. However, on average, a bottle of gummies containing 600 mg of THC may cost between $20 and $50.

Generally, edibles cost between $5 and $60 depending on the THC concentration and the brand that makes the product.

Interestingly, edibles are also generally more expensive than vape pens. However, you’ll also get more intense highs that stay with you for longer.


Homemade Edibles Cost

The cost of homemade edibles may vary depending on the cost of the cannabis and other ingredients. However, you should expect to spend around $60 on average when making homemade edibles.

Here are some quick tips for making homemade edibles:

  • Decide what cannabis strain you want to use. For instance, if you are looking for a burst of energy and fun, then a sativa strain may be better, while indica is ideal if you’re trying to relax.
  • The next thing is to decarb your cannabis flower. Decarbing is important to get the best from your cannabis flower and improve its potency. One way to decarb your cannabis flower is to bake it in an oven, while another method may be to use boiling water in a cooker. Note that decarboxylation may take a good stretch of time, sometimes as much as 45 minutes, if you use an oven preheated at 240ºF.
  • Next, make your “cannabutter.” This simply means infusing your active cannabis into baking or cooking food like butter or yogurt. The way to do this is to cook your decarbed flower with butter in a slow cooker for hours to allow the cannabis to infuse thoroughly into the butter. You can then store it to be used later.
  • After this, all that is left is to cook or bake with your cannabis infusion and enjoy its effects.


How to Save Money on Weed

Everyone likes to get a good deal, even when they’re buying weed. Here are some tips on saving money on the weed you buy:

  • Buy in bulk and then store properly. Note that buying in bulk typically costs less than purchasing small quantities.
  • Make your own edibles with your cannabutter.
  • Grow your cannabis flower at home. Ensure that you confirm if homegrown cannabis flower is legal in your state.
  • Use smaller pipes and bowls, as against rolling weed. This saves you more money and weed.
  • Sign up for loyalty and reward bonuses from your brands and dispensary.
  • Space out your smoking. This may be quite the task. But smoking less will ultimately mean you’re spending less on buying weed.


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Final Thoughts

Smoking and edibles are both popular ways to take cannabis and cannabinoids. While each option has unique pros and cons, your decision of which to explore will ultimately depend on your preference and several other factors.

If cost plays a part in determining which you want to buy — edibles vs. smoking — then you should know that smoking is the more cost-effective alternative. Either way, you’re in for a delightful cannabis experience.


Edibles vs. Smoking: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smoking Healthier than Edibles?

The answer to this is no. Smoking may even pose more health risks than edibles because of the chances of developing respiratory issues from engaging in it.

Does Making Edibles Save Money?

Yes, making edibles saves you less money than buying them at dispensaries. This is because all you have to do is make your cannabutter and store it. However, you’ll need some technical know-how, and there may be some learning curve.

How Much Does it Cost to Take Edibles?

While this differs based on ingredients and strength, on average, you can expect to spend between $10 and $60 on edibles.