Champagne Slushie Strain Review

Delta Munchies Double Doinks infused prerolls in Champagne Slushie flavor, along with Champagne in a glass and a bottle on dark background

If you’re like most people, the thought of champagne probably makes you smile and think back to one happy memory or the other. And who doesn’t like a good ol’ slushie on a hot summer day?

Now, imagine both combined with a dash of cannabis goodness. Talk about the best of the three worlds!

The Champagne Slushie strain is easily one of the more popular choices on the Delta Munchies website, and for a good reason. In the following paragraphs, we explore everything you need to know about this customer favorite — the Champagne Slushie strain.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Champagne Slushie strain offers intense flavors of frozen grape, pear, and a hint of pine, providing a distinct and captivating experience. It combines sweet, fruity, and earthy flavors with hints of berry and floral notes.
  • As an indica-dominant strain, Champagne Slushie produces a wide range of relaxing and sedating effects. It is known for inducing a body high and increasing appetite, making it ideal for unwinding and chilling after a long day.
  • If you enjoy the Champagne Slushie strain, you may also appreciate other strains with similarities, such as Pink Champagne and Champagne Diesel, which offer comparable characteristics and experiences.


What is the Champagne Slushie Strain?

The Champagne Slushie is an intensely calming indica strain that promises cannabis goodness with intense flavors of frozen grape, pear, and a dash of pine. If you’re looking to just kick back and chill after a long day, then this strain is ideal for you.


Champagne Slushie Strain Appearance

The buds of the Champagne Slushie Strain are usually very dense and show off a variety of colors. You’ll typically find various shades of orange and yellow on its buds, complete with a layer of shiny trichomes to give a frosty finish.

Overall, the visual appearance of the Champagne Slushie strain is very distinct and captivating — like you’d expect from a champagne and slushie combo.


Champagne Slushie Strain Terpenes

The specific terpene profile of Champagne Slushie may vary depending on the phenotype and cultivation practices. However, you’ll typically find limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, and linalool.


Champagne Slushie Strain Effects

Champagne slushies strain is an indica-dominant strain and typically produces a wide range of relaxing and sedating effects in consumers. You should also expect more of a body high and increases in your appetite.


Champagne Slushie Strain Reported Flavors

Champagne Slushie strain is typically described as having a combination of sweet, fruity, and earthy flavors, with hints of berry and floral.


Strains like Champagne Slushie Strain

Some strains with similarities to the champagne slushie strain include the Pink Champagne and Champagne Diesel.


Where to Buy Champagne Slushie Strain

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