Best Way To Consume Delta 8

Woman in a bikini and sunglasses vapes from a Delta Munchies delta 8 THC disposable.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to enjoy delta 8. Whether you want to try it for its wellness benefits or just some creative buzz for the day, D8 THC has become one of the most popular cannabinoids in the market.

With that said, having plenty of ways can be confusing when choosing the right product for you. 

How should I vape? Are edibles better or worse if I want a long-lasting experience? Are tinctures discreet? All of these questions are pretty common with all the new products around and can feel overwhelming.

New and returning cannabis users, do not panic. We’ve gathered the most useful information to help you determine what works best for you, from the benefits and uses of D8, the different potencies, to the most common products in the market.

Without further ado, let’s jump into finding the best way to consume delta 8 for you.


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Benefits of Delta 8

Delta 8 THC, commonly referred to as D8, is a cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp plant. While known for its psychoactive effects, this chemical has plenty of wellness benefits that could easily help your day-to-day ailments.

While yes, it can get you “high” or intoxicated, the kind of high users often report way milder and with fewer side effects when compared to regular THC. Some users have even reported feeling a clear head, a mood lift, or just the feeling of relaxation without drowsiness.

The benefits of consuming delta 8 have been on the look for many consumers due to its milder high and its long list of therapeutic effects. While the effects may vary from person to person, there are a few general findings of how delta 8 works and its benefits.

Some of the most common benefits we have found for delta 8 THC are the ease of joint pain, relief of muscle discomfort or swelling, the reduction of nervousness and stress, and a better night’s rest. 

Let’s explore them a little bit further.

Ease Joint Pain

Pain in difficult areas, such as joints or elbows, can be annoying. Luckily, thanks to D8’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can easily help you forget those recurring pains in no time.

Relief of Muscle Discomfort

By also helping with general pain, D8 can be great if you need something after a workout or if you get muscle discomfort. This could be useful for athletes and sudden sprains or bruises, which can be used for recurring soring muscles or accidents on your day-to-day.

Reduces Nervousness and Unease

If anxiety tends to bother your day, delta 8 THC can help ease your thoughts. Thanks to its psychoactive properties and sedative effects, you can turn that overthinking into relaxation in no time.

Delta 8 THC users even report feeling a clear-headed mood lift and even a sativa-like experience when consuming this cannabinoid. Hence, some researchers have found potential in anxiety and nervousness treatments with D8.

Promotes Quality Sleep

Last but not least, D8 can be a great natural relief for some symptoms of insomnia. By helping you relax and regulate your REM sleep, you can get a better night’s rest.

Whether you want to stop waking so often at night, or just want a small push into the dream realm, delta 8 THC is a great alternative to aid with sleep. 


Choosing Delta 8 Products

Understanding how delta 8 THC products can help you choose the correct method, dosage, potency, etc. This is why in this section, we have gathered the basics on how to choose your method, how much the effects would last, and how potencies work.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

Taking Delta 8 Daytime vs. Nighttime 

The main difference between taking the cannabinoid during daytime or nighttime is what kind of experience you want to have. While it can certainly help you relax, at times you might want to have a functional high to keep being productive during the day.

Some strains have terpenes that could give you a positive uplift, perfect for creative moments or just a bolt of energy to help you boost your productivity.

Other products might be better in the evening or right before bed, as they can be strong enough to relax you and even help you doze off easily. So be mindful when choosing the strain and product, and of course, when consuming D8.

Duration of Effects

Do you want short, buildable highs? Or do you want something that might last longer but won’t hit you as quickly?

Whether you want a quick high or a longer, more stable high depends on the bioavailability of delta 8 THC in your body when you consume it. Oral products like edibles tend to have lower bioavailability as they are metabolized through the digestive system. 

This means the effects and high will last longer than vaping, but it might also take longer to feel the high or wellness effects. Vaping, for example, can get you high as soon as 5 minutes into toking your pen, but it will last about 4 hours maximum.

Other products like tinctures can last in your system for up to six hours, while edibles such as gummies can last up to 10 hours. These take anywhere between 30 minutes and up to an hour to act in your system, making it a longer experience than taking a quick toke.

Potency of Effects

Depending on the quantity of total D8 THC per product will result in a different potency. This means the same gummy with different quantities of D8 distillate will cause the product to feel heavier.

For instance, most D8 gummies have around 20 to 25mg of D8 per gummy. The experience and general high feeling will change if you had half the gummy or a full dose.

Hence, why we recommend starting from a low dose and slowly adjusting as you see fit, knowing your tolerance can help you get an overall better experience.

The Potency of Delta 8 Product

This is also an important part of choosing your product. Some products like tinctures and gummies have different dosages, meaning you can choose how much concentrate the whole bottle has.

As always, starting with smaller doses to get to know your tolerance is important. While a 1,500mg of D8 THC tincture can feel like an adventure, if you’ve never taken delta 8 you might feel a little overwhelmed at first.

It is important to choose the lower dosage at first to get to understand how it reacts, but cannaseurs feel free to experiment while respecting your known tolerance.


Best Ways to Use Delta 8 THC

Now that we’ve been through the basics, we can help you understand how to choose the right delta 8 product for you.

Some people prefer the discreetness of edibles, while others like to have a quick toke for a temporary boost at work. Other people prefer to get creative with tinctures or just want a classic joint to enjoy the typical cannabis experience.

Let’s take a quick look into the best ways to use delta 8 THC.



Tinctures are a great way to introduce yourself to the world of D8. They are absorbed under the tongue, and you need to hold them for at least 60 seconds to let your system absorb the D8 THC.

These can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, making them great for daily and night dosage. Products like our Cherry Lime Tincture come with a dropper to help you measure how much product you want. 

This tincture has an amazing fruity and zesty flavor, making it a delicious choice alone or in a drink for a twist. Unlike other tinctures, this water-soluble formula is super fast-acting and can also be used for cooking. It is available in a 30ml size with 1,000mg of sweet high-quality D8 THC per bottle.

Delta 8 Tincture vs. Vape

Tinctures are pretty versatile and provide a smokeless experience, making them great for users that don’t want to smoke or want to keep it lowkey. 

However, vaping will work faster and will also leave your body faster, which can be useful if you want a quick toke on the go during the day. 



Cannabis-infused gummies are one of our favorite ways to enjoy D8. They are small, pretty discreet, and easy to consume. Gummies like our Watermelon Runtz can last anywhere from 8 to 10 hours in your system, making them great if you want to doze off or just relax during the weekend.

Our Watermelon Runtz can give you a quick tropical getaway without leaving home with its delicious fruit flavor. These come in two types of packs, either 25 or even 40 pieces. Each gummy comes with 25mg of strong D8 extract, so be sure to start with smaller bites at first.

Delta 8 Gummies vs. Vape

While both are good experiences, it all depends on how long you want your experience. If you want a faster experience, both getting high and feeling the effects, go for the vape. 

On the other hand, if you have a free weekend or want to get D8’s properties to last all night, you might want to get the gummies instead.



Let’s talk about vaping. This method has become widely popular thanks to how quickly it can get D8 into your system and how easy it is to use. 

Vaping can be done through a disposable vape pen or a cartridge using an external heating source. Usually, these heating sources are known as batteries and use the standard 510 thread to work.

If you want to try a disposable device, the Medellin 2G Dart XL is part of our disposable DART XL line, which packs the best technology with our top-shelf extracts. This one is a powerful indica-dominant pen with classic fuel-like notes. It includes over 1,000 draws per device.

For a high-quality cartridge, we recommend our Hindu Kush cart. Besides being fully zen and great for meditative states, this indica strain is great as a combination of sweet and earthy notes. 

It comes with a full gram of sweet distillate and contains fully natural terpenes to increase the relaxing effect.

Delta 8 Vape vs. Flower

Smoking flower is a ritual some people love to have as part of the cannabis culture. While vaping versus smoking cannabis won’t give a noticeable difference in the effects, you might feel like smoking from a preroll can have stronger smoke and notes in general. 

Both are great ways to enjoy cannabis, and vaping tends to be more discreet in public spaces as the vapor dissipates more easily.



And now a classic, smoking. Even if all these products exist, there’s nothing like smoking your favorite flower with some friends. Our Cherry AK-47 Preroll is perfect to enjoy flower without the need to have a smoking device or pipe.

Prerolls are joints that are artisanally crafted and rolled out for you, so you just have to sit back, light it up and enjoy. 

Our prerolls contain 1.5G of delicious flower. In this case, the Cherry AK-47 is a hybrid strain that has all the temperament of a sativa thanks to D8 THC but all the relaxing nature of indica.

Expect delicious fruity and fuel-like notes, matched up with euphoric feelings that can last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. 

Delta 8 Flower vs. Carts

D8 flower can be an incredible experience if you want the OG cannabis experience. On the other hand, carts need a battery to function, and sometimes that can turn into a hassle while a jay is ready to just light up and enjoy. 

Choose your favorite depending if you don’t mind the harsher smoke, rather than the effects themselves, as they are practically the same.



Topical cannabis products include salves, creams, and even lotions. These products don’t go directly into your bloodstream but instead work with the endocannabinoid system of your skin. They work through your skin, usually absorbed in the needed area. 

So, in simpler terms, topicals won’t get you high. They can, however, help you with pain and inflammation in the affected zone, so they are great for sore muscles or bruises.


Dosage for Delta 8

We saved the best for last: getting to know your dosage. First of all, there is no universal dosage that can work for everybody, as all bodies react differently depending on factors like age, weight, and metabolism.

Trying to find the best dosage for you should also include your eating and drinking habits and the kind of experience you want. Some people might prefer a quick dose with smaller effects, while others want longer relief periods or use it as a sleep aid.

In the end, we recommend evaluating the reasons and choosing your preferred product accordingly. Start with buildable doses and even more with gummies or edibles in general as you understand your tolerance and how you react to delta 8 THC.