How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies

Jar of Blue Dream delta 9 gummies from Delta Munchies.

Cannabis has found its way to more and more spaces since the 2018 Farm Bill. With so many new consumers looking around the cannabic world, starting your journey can be difficult with so many cannabinoids and names, like delta 9 THC, delta 8, or even HHC.

One of the biggest questions for new consumers is how much THC I should consume or how products like delta 9 gummies work. Hence why we’ve gathered the most relevant information about delta and edibles so you can determine if gummies are for you.

Let’s take a closer look into the world of delta 9 gummies, their effects, and benefits, and how much THC you’ll find in each bite.


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What are Delta 9 Edibles

Before we go full into what edibles are, let’s have a quick catch-up about what delta 9 THC is. This compound is a psychoactive cannabinoid that can be found naturally (and abundantly) in the hemp plant. Another cannabinoid similar to Delta 9 is its milder isomer compound, delta 8 THC.

This chemical, also called D9, is responsible for the cannabis-related “high.” Besides the intoxicating effects, delta 9 also has plenty of wellness and therapeutic benefits. Some of them include having anti-anxiolytic, analgesic, appetite stimulant, pain relief, and sedative properties.

Now, delta 9 can be consumed through different methods. Vaporizing or smoking delta 9 is one of the most common ways to experience D9, with the so-called “passing the joint” (or vape, nowadays).

You can also enjoy D9 through edibles, which are, in essence, cannabis-infused food. That means premium delta 9 extract is used in the creation of the edible, whether it is used in its formula or covered in it afterward.

Edibles are way varied and different. But the most common, fun, and discreet way to enjoy them is through gummies. These can be super lowkey to keep around, taste delicious, and are easily digestible. This is important since edibles are metabolized through your digestive system.


How Does Delta 9 Make You Feel?

This is a rather complicated answer. Everyone reacts to D9 differently, but there is a general consensus around consuming D9 from users. 

The most common feeling is relaxation. Users have reported feeling fully relaxed and at ease, body and mental-wise. This mental and body buzz is great for letting go of pesky thoughts or unwinding after a tough day.

Other feelings include drowsiness, especially in indica-dominant varieties. This could be great if you want some help with falling asleep or getting a better night’s rest. Delta 9 users have reported having a better sleep quality while taking the cannabinoid, making it an effective natural sleeping aid.

With that said, delta 9 THC has been studied and can have some side effects such as anxiety and paranoia. 

We recommend starting with a small amount at first and using low doses. If these effects sound a little scary, we recommend starting your cannabic journey with the milder sibling of D9, delta 8 THC.


What are the Benefits of Delta 9 Gummies?

Besides providing incredible recreative experiences, delta 9 gummies can also potentially help several illnesses and ails. The most prominent benefit is its pain relief benefits.

Studies like this one from 2009 noted that due to how D9 works, it could potentially help chronic pain users. With that, fibromyalgia and other neuropathic pain symptoms could be greatly reduced without severe side effects. 

Besides the potential pain relief aid, delta 9 THC has other incredible uses. We explored above how it could help promote relaxation and even better sleep due to its relaxing and sedative properties.

Due to this, users have also described having a creativity and productivity boost while consuming D9. This can also be said for sativa-dominant extracts, as this strain variety is known for its energetic and mood-lifting properties.

Of course, much research is still needed for systemic treatment, but overall, D9 is a great supplement with multiple benefits. And the best way to enjoy both its recreative and wellness effects is through ready-to-eat gummies.


How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies?

Lower doses are recommended as delta 9 THC is a stronger cannabinoid than CBD or delta 8. This is why most gummies contain anywhere between 10 through 15mg of sweet D9 extract.

While this might sound like a lower dose, you’ll likely only need to consume one or even half a gummy to feel the effects. If you are new to this cannabinoid, we recommend starting with half a gummy or even less and adjusting as you see fit.

As with most supplements, if you are thinking of microdosing or using it for its wellness benefits, we recommend consulting a health professional first.


Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies

Whether you want the recreative effects, the wellness benefits, or both, D9 is a great choice to start your cannabic journey. And here at Delta Munchies, we have the perfect all-paid-trip experience without having to leave your home with our Delta 9 Gummies.

Don’t be deceived by their appearance; while they might look like your typical candy, these gummies are packed with potency and flavor. Each gummy has over 15 years of cannabis industry experience, with over 11 extra cannabinoids besides D9 to get the best experience. This is what we call a full spectrum formula.

Our top-shelf extract used in these gummies has approx. 1mg of each of the following cannabinoids: CBN, CBD, CBG, D8, and even THCV. This, with the delicious 10mg of high-quality D9, delivers an entourage effect that will let you enjoy your experience fully relaxed.

Have a sweet craving? Don’t worry, the gummies are also pretty delicious. You can grab them in 3 different flavors: sweet and creamy Strawberry Shortcake, the tropical and silky Mango Crush, or the super fruity and berry-flavored Blue Dream.

These edibles are available in two sizes, 25 or 40-pieces pack. Either size is great for sharing or just enjoying microdosing and buying in bulk. So feel free to pass them around at get-overs or just enjoy them yourself while binging your favorite series.

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