What is a THCP Vape?

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Vapes have been around for quite a bit, since the early 2000s. However, they haven’t always been the ultra-efficient and sleek devices we’ve come to know and love today. In fact, the first vapes look very much like cigarettes and offer no customization whatsoever.

Thanks to technological advancements and innovations in the cannabis world, we now have vapes in various shapes, sizes, flavors, and more. One such exciting option is the THCP vape.

With a THCP vape pen, you get all the exciting qualities and advantages a vape offers you complete with the potent psychoactive effects of hemp-derived THCP and its potential therapeutic benefits. But is the THCP vape really worth all the hype?

Keep reading to find the answers you need.

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Key Takeaways

  • THCP vapes are exactly what they sound like — a vape that contains THCP as its primary cannabinoid.
  • Since THCP is generally perceived as a more potent cannabinoid compared to THC, THCP vapes are also very potent.
  • Using THCP vapes is one of the fastest ways to consume THCP, and it yields quick and potent effects.


What is THCP?

THCP, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is one of the numerous cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike more popular cannabinoids like THC and CBD, THCP is still relatively new on the hemp-derived product scene. But this cannabinoid seems to be making up for lost time as it is quickly making a name for itself.

While there is still not a whole lot of research on THCP, we do know a few things already. First off, THCP is a psychoactive cannabinoid and will get you high if you consume it. But here’s where it gets more interesting — THCP may be more potent than THC!

THCP has a chemical structure that is similar to the more well-known THC. The primary difference between them is that THCP has a longer carbon chain. As a result, THCP may be able to bind more effectively to cannabinoid receptors in the human body, which is arguably the reason consumers experience a more intense high.

However, more studies on THCP are necessary to back these claims up with conclusive evidence.


Understanding the Production Process of THCP Vape Products

Vapes are generally designed to help you inhale the vaporized cannabis extracts (or any other substance) inside them. The narrative does not change with THCP vapes. However, unlike other variants, THCP vapes contain THCP alongside other natural compounds, like terpenes.

But how is THCP extracted? There are generally two methods for extracting THCP from hemp plants:

Solvent Extraction

This is one of the most common methods. It involves the use of solvents like ethanol, butane, or supercritical CO2 to dissolve and extract cannabinoids from the plant material. After extraction, the solvent is typically evaporated to leave behind a cannabinoid-rich extract.

Steam Distillation

Here, steam is used to separate the volatile compounds, including cannabinoids, from the plant material. The steam carries the compounds into a condensation system where they are collected.

During extraction and production, reputable manufacturers (like Delta Munchies) put several measures in place to ensure top-quality products. For instance, here are some quality control measures we employ in the extraction of THCP and the production of vapes:

  • We use only premium-quality hemp plant material
  • We test these raw materials for potency, terpene profiles, and contaminants
  • We only use high-purity solvents during extraction
  • We carefully control decarboxylation to activate cannabinoids

As a result of these measures and more, we can confidently assure our customers that they’ll be getting only top-quality THCP vapes.


What to Expect When Using a THCP Vape

With a THCP vape, you should expect an experience similar to vaping other cannabinoids like delta 9 THC or delta 8. However, you should also note that THCP is still relatively new and less studied. So. individual experiences may vary.

Here’s what you can generally expect when using a THCP vape:

Delayed Onset

Like many vapes, THCP vape pens typically have a delayed onset of effects compared to methods like smoking. This means you may not feel the effects of the cannabinoids almost immediately as you would with regular smoking. However, you’ll still feel the effects of the THCP within minutes, usually 15 to 30 minutes.

Potent Effects

Anecdotal evidence suggests that THCP may be more potent than THC. So, we recommend mentally preparing yourself for an intense psychoactive experience. If you’re trying a THCP vape for the first time, we recommend starting with one hit and waiting it out to see how that affects you.

Euphoria and Relaxation

THCP generally produces similar effects to THC, such as euphoria, relaxation, and possible sedation. However, the intensity of a THCP may vary based on your dosage and tolerance.

You should also note using a THCP vape may also come with potential side effects such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • Reduced motor skills
  • Anxiety or paranoia

However, these side effects are typically more common in cases of overly large doses and will usually resolve with passing time. They are also non-life threatening.


Potential Benefits of THCP Vapes and Why It is Gaining Traction

THCP vapes are quickly growing popular in the hemp-derived product market today. If the numbers are any indication, then this cannabinoid may be living up to expectations. Here are some potential benefits of THCP:


The potency of THCP is arguably the foremost reason for its fast-growing popularity. Since the general reports from consumers are that THC is more potent than THC, then THCP vapes may be an ideal option for people looking for a more elevated psychoactive experience. Besides, this heightened potency may also potentially lead to stronger therapeutic effects.

Pain Relief

Many cannabinoids, including THC, have shown promise in managing pain. Since THCP generally has the same properties as THC and produces similar effects, it may also be beneficial in helping you manage pain.

Appetite Stimulation

Similar to THC, using a THCP vape pen may also help stimulate appetite — the munchies. This makes it useful for individuals dealing with appetite loss due to medical conditions or treatments.


Cannabinoids are generally known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This means THCP could potentially help with inflammation and related issues.


How to Choose a High-Quality THCP Vape

Today, there are a ton of options when it comes to what vape to buy and who to buy from. Unfortunately, not every THCP vape leaves up to the claim of the manufacturers, making buying your vape a much more challenging task.

Here are some factors to look out for when shopping for your THCP vape:

Brand Reputation

It is usually best to purchase your THCP vape pen and other hemp-derived products from reputable brands and manufacturers with a track record for selling high-quality cannabis products. This way, you’re more likely to buy a safe and potent THCP. An excellent way to gauge a brand’s reputation is to read customer reviews online.

Lab Testing and Transparency

Another tip to help you ensure you get proper value for your money when you shop THCP vapes is to look out for the product’s third-party lab results. You want to ensure that your THCP vape has undergone third-party lab testing for potency, purity, and safety. If the brand is unwilling to provide access to lab reports, then the products are likely not the best.


Also, carefully examine the ingredient list of your THCP vape to ensure it contains no additives, fillers, or harmful chemicals. We also recommend going for products with minimal ingredients to reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

THCP Content

Another factor to consider when buying THCP vape is the THCP content itself. Check that the THCP content in the product meets your desired potency levels. However, a balance to this is to be wary of brands that make extravagant claims about THCP content without providing lab-tested results.


Finally, if the price of a brand’s THCP vape is too good to be true, then it probably is. However, you should also consider the overall value of the products, factoring brand reputation, potency, and factors, to ensure that you don’t overpay.


Where to Buy THCP Vapes Online

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Final Thoughts

THCP vapes are getting increasingly popular on the cannabis market today and it’s no surprise. They are cost effective, easy to use, and very efficient in helping you consume the THCP cannabinoid. The higher potency of THCP is also a great plus!


THCP Vapes: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Differences Between THCP and Other Cannabinoids?

The primary difference between THCP and other cannabinoids is its higher binding affinity to cannabinoid receptors, potentially resulting in stronger psychoactive effects.

Are THCP Vapes Legal?

The legal status of THCP vapes generally depends on the existing laws in respective regions. However, since THCP is a hemp-derived cannabinoid, it is technically legal at the federal level in the US based on the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is THCP Safe to Vape?

The safety of vaping THCP largely depends on product quality and purity. Therefore, choose reputable brands that provide lab-tested products to minimize risks.

Can You Use THCP Vapes for Medicinal Purposes?

THCP may have medicinal potential, but research is ongoing. Therefore, you’ll need to contact your medical provider for more conclusive information on using THCP vapes medically.

How Does THCP Interact with the Body’s Endocannabinoid System?

THCP interacts with the endocannabinoid system by binding to cannabinoid receptors, primarily CB1 and CB2, thereby influencing various physiological processes.