Does Delta 8 Give You a Hangover?

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Hangovers can be very unpleasant. So, we understand why you’re looking to find out if hangovers are a risk with delta 8. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Delta 8 can give you a hangover depending on how you use it and several other factors.

But we have some good news.

Although delta 8 can give you a hangover, the chances of it happening are slim compared to other forms of weed and cannabinoids. Besides, there are several ways you consume delta 8 safely without fear of hangovers.

This article details everything you need to learn about the delta 8 hangovers, why they happen, and how to avoid them.


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Key Takeaways

  • Delta 8 can give you a hangover.
  • You don’t necessarily have to suffer a hangover every time you use delta 8.
  • Using delta 8 responsibly can help you prevent hangovers.


What is a Delta 8 Hangover?

Generally speaking, hangovers refer to drug use’s residual and lingering effects. Therefore, a delta 8 hangover describes the lingering or residual effects of consuming delta 8 THC.

However, it is essential to note that a delta 8 hangover has different effects and symptoms than you usually see from alcohol. 

For instance, alcohol hangover symptoms like vomiting and nausea aren’t typically present with delta 8. Instead, users of these substances report symptoms like brain fog and daytime fatigue. Thankfully, some tricks can help you cure a weed hangover if you cannot afford to wait it out.


Will Delta 8 Always Give you a Hangover?

The answer is no.

You don’t always get a hangover after consuming delta 8. 

While there is the ever-present possibility of hangovers when you take delta 8, you will not always experience a delta 8 hangover if you follow the best practices for substance use. In other words, there are safe ways to consume delta 8 THC without getting a hangover, and we’ll share some insight into them soon.


What Causes a Delta 8 Hangover?

Several factors may result in a delta 8 hangover. But we’ll explore two of the most common factors below: 


Delta 8 delivers a euphoric feeling, and you may be tempted to take it without any thoughts about dosages. However, doing so is one of the fastest and most common ways to have a delta 8 hangover. 

When you take in more delta 8 than your body can tolerate, you increase the chances of experiencing inconvenient side effects for an extended period. 

Physiological Factors 

Some physiological factors such as age, weight, metabolism, and experience cause delta 8 hangovers. 

For instance, it is more likely that a new user will suffer from a hangover than someone who is used to taking cannabis. Furthermore, an individual who is fit and healthy is less likely to suffer from hangover effects than someone who is not in shape and healthy, even if they take the exact dosages. 


What Happens If I Take Too Much Delta 8 THC?

Taking too much delta 8 is not deadly, so you don’t have to worry about a lethal overdose or anything like that. 

However, taking too much delta 8 can result in very unpleasant sensations in your body because you may experience some hangover effects such as headaches, brain fog, anxiety, paranoia, dry mouth, etc.

Also, delta 8 can make you extremely horny if you take it in excess.


Should I Avoid Consuming Delta 8 Late at Night?

There’s no hard and fast rule for when you can consume delta 8. However, some recommend not taking delta 8 late at night so you don’t wake up with hangover symptoms the next day. 

But while this may work for certain people, it might be different for you. Many people take delta 8 at night and do not wake up to deal with the hangover effects. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to your body to decide the best time.

Besides, sleeping with delta 8 in your system may affect how long the delta 8 gummies or edibles take to kick in. This means that you may wake up extremely high.

For instance, if you notice that consuming it late at night affects your productivity the following day, you should avoid taking it at that time.


How to Consume Delta 8 THC Safely

Not everyone taking delta 8 has to deal with hangover symptoms because certain practices can help you take it safely. Here are some tips to help you consume delta 8 without experiencing hangovers:

Use Delta 8 in Moderation 

While most of us have come to appreciate the perks of consuming delta 8, you must only take what your body can tolerate at once. 

But here’s the million-dollar question — how do you determine the perfect dose for you?

If you are wondering how to determine what dosage is best for you, here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • Optimal dosage differs from person to person: The effects of delta 8 on the human body vary from person to person. Therefore, you must pay attention to how it affects you as an individual to determine the proper dosage for you. This also means that you should be careful about dosage recommendations.
  • Start small: To discover the best dosage for you as an individual, the best rule is to start as low as possible and work your way up. We recommend this rule because it is the best chance to prevent yourself from experiencing the adverse effects of taking too much delta 8.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: The journey to discovering the best dosage for your body is best undertaken slowly. To do this, keep a dosage log to track your delta 8 consumption and narrow down the serving size to the exact amount you need. A dosage log could also help you track the effects you experience to make the most of your delta 8 product.

Eat a Large Meal Before

A large meal may seem minor, but it can make all the difference when taking delta 8 safely. One of the benefits of eating a large meal is that it helps to deal with “munchies.” For the uninitiated, munchies describe the craving to eat high-calorie salty and sweet foods after taking weed. 

Furthermore, eating a large meal ensures that the effects of taking delta 8 do not start too early or last longer than they should. 

Stay Hydrated 

One piece of advice you have definitely heard repeatedly is to take water; we can assure you that it is not cliche, even when it comes to taking delta 8. Ensure you have water around before, during, and after consuming the weed. 

Take Quality Delta 8 Products 

We cannot overemphasize the importance of getting a high-quality delta 8 if you want to guarantee your safety. This is because there are low-quality delta 8 brands that contain harmful compounds that could significantly affect your health. 

Therefore, you must thoroughly research delta 8 brands and the products they release before purchasing. 

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a delta 8 brand: 

Third-party lab testing

You want to be sure that the brand you purchase from is transparent about its products and what it contains. One of the best ways to be sure that you are dealing with a transparent brand is to check if they have batch-tested lab reports done by an accredited, third-party laboratory. 

Remember, all of the best brands batch-test their products to ensure they contain everything they should and nothing they shouldn’t. Also, a lab test report typically includes at least a cannabinoid potency test, ensuring they are within the limit.

The brand’s overall reputation & reviews

Also, you check out what people say about the brand. What have people’s experiences been with the brand’s product? How do they compare to their competitors regarding customer service?

The answers to these questions will give you a glimpse of the brand and its delta 8 product. It goes without saying that if a brand has so many bad reviews, you should avoid them. 

What are the policies of the brand?

A company’s policy will help you know whether you can work with them. Furthermore, their policy contains vital information like whether they offer refunds or exchanges for damaged goods. 

Before ordering a delta 8 product from a brand, read their policy document. 

Compare product prices

Another essential thing to do is check the average prices of delta 8 and decide between brands based on your budget. However, as a general rule, if you notice a brand offering much lower prices than the average, you should be wary of that brand and its products.

Find out the source of their products

Finally, knowing where the delta 8 comes from allows you to determine its quality and whether it contains pesticides or herbicides. Furthermore, it also tells you whether the hemp was legally and responsibly grown. 


Where to Buy Delta 8 THC online?

Whether you consume top-quality delta 8 or not, the substance can give you a hangover if you finish more than your body can tolerate at a given time. As mentioned before, one way to avoid getting a delta 8 hangover is to buy quality products like those from our shop!

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