Delta 8 and Working Out

Woman stretching her back after a workout.

Delta 8 THC has become one of the superstars of the hemp world. And of course, this has made some topics like mixing exercise with D8 to be trending. The popularity of this cannabinoid has also made users swear that this cannabinoid can be a game changer thanks to its multiple properties.

While there are several potential benefits to D8 THC, the real deal could be much more different than other enhancing drugs. Hence why we’ve gathered some of the most common questions and relevant information on the topic to help you understand if D8 could be helpful while working out or not.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the world of delta 8 and work out.

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What is Delta 8 THC?

Let’s review some basics. Delta 8 THC, sometimes shortened as D8, is a naturally found cannabinoid in the hemp plant. It is considered a minor cannabinoid, as opposed to delta 9 THC or CBD.

This compound is psychoactive and has been considered therapeutic thanks to its potential to aid specific symptoms. Users have reported it can help ease symptoms associated with conditions like pain, inflammation, insomnia, appetite, and anxiety.


Difference Between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

While both compounds are cannabinoids and psychoactive, the two have different effects thanks to their structure. The main difference is where the double carbon bond is. Delta 9 has it in the ninth bond while delta 8 has it in the eighth position.

At a first glance, this might seem minimal. However, this impacts the way these chemicals bind to the proteins in our endocannabinoid system. Since D8 has this double bond in another place, it is not as aggressive when affecting our senses and overall psychoactive effects.

This is also why D8 has been increasingly popular, as it acts similarly to delta 9 in its therapeutic and wellness effects while being less potent. That also means fewer side effects and a milder high that’s sometimes referred to as clear-headed or as a brain buzz.

This 2021 study reviewed both compounds side by side by taking into account their medicinal use. The researchers noted that delta 8 could be equally effective for different purposes while having less undesirable or adverse effects, including anxiety or panic attacks, stress, depression, and even chronic pain.


Benefits of Using Delta 8

There are several effects that come when using D8. Recreational users have experimented with a euphoric and clear-headed feeling that is very pleasant and can even make you feel more creative.

Delta 8 also has potential wellness benefits, which can be pretty positive for people who are experimenting with certain conditions. From chronic pain, appetite stimulation, and even focus, D8 THC has earned a place as a potential supplement for specific symptoms linked to these conditions.

Studies have explored the effectiveness of delta 8 THC as a potential analgesic. While the researchers noted a need for clinical development, they assessed delta 8 in mice. The study concluded it could be used for analgesic effects while maintaining a longer bioavailability than other compounds like morphine.

This other study also noted the strong anti-inflammatory effects of this psychoactive compound in mice. In short, they found that thanks to its properties, it could help to decrease the inflammation in cells.

So while there is still a need for more testing and information, users have reported an overall improvement in pain and stress symptoms.

This, in the long run, gives delta 8 a huge potential for stronger treatments that delta 9 has helped with, such as chemotherapy. And with little to no side effects, this cannabinoid has a bright future ahead for wellness effects.


Can Delta 8 Improve Your Workout Routine?

Even though there is not enough research to prove how D8 could help your training, they are possible thanks to anecdotal evidence. Users have claimed that delta 8 has been useful in many ways when incorporated into their routine.

For starters, some people claim that D8 can give them an energy boost. This could give you an extra punch if you are trying a new routine or if you just want that much-needed boost to finish that set.

Other people have found relief with delta 8 THC in their recovery process. Thanks to its sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, this compound could be helpful in getting you back to your routine after an accident. And while there is no clinical treatment, it can help alleviate some of the pain and help with recovery.

Remember the recreational high? Well, some users have found the euphoric and clear-headed feeling to be useful when training. This gives them more focus and mental strength when training, which could be beneficial for athletes to have better performance while training.


Pros of Using Delta 8 When Working Out

Now that we’ve explored the benefits, let’s break them down to actual pros when using this compound in your workout sessions.

  • It can give you mental clarity. Its clear-headed high can help you keep your thoughts at bay and let you enjoy your routine or work out.
  • It can be incredible for relaxing after a session. It can help you unwind and relax your muscles (and mind) after demanding sessions.
  • It can help with focus. If going to the gym can be a little distracting, some delta 8 could be of help. Just relax and let D8 take care of external stressors and let yourself work out to your heart’s content.
  • It might be helpful to stay in the zone. If you feel like you get your inspiration cut off, delta 8 could help in that. By letting you relax but also keep you clear-headed and euphoric, it can let some people stay in that zone so you can enjoy your physical strengthening.

If you plan on starting any supplement, we always recommend double-checking with your healthcare provider first. Everybody reacts differently to different compounds, so you might want to consult a healthcare professional before you start using any cannabinoids in general.


Does Delta 8 Enhance Your Workouts?

Before we move on, we should check on the legal status of competitions. Cannabis was added as a banned substance for the Olympics in 1998. And while considered a performance-enhancing drug, cannabis and hemp-derived products might do the opposite in higher qualities.

Now that science and legislation have allowed for further exploration of other products, delta 8 THC could be helpful to enhance your workout. Just not in the typical enhancing way you might think from steroids.

Delta 8 THC can enhance your overall working out experience. As it is less potent than other cannabinoids like HHC or delta 9 THC, it may promote help a better mood and focus. Thus, elevating your regular working out experience to a much calmer and more focused moment.

So, for example, delta 8 might not give you more energy or muscular boost to handle more weight, but it might make your experience a lot more manageable. That could lead to more motivation and create willpower to keep on going to your local gym, or even help with a little boost of energy for those extra 10 minutes of cardio.

And, of course, you don’t need to be a high-performance athlete to use this cannabinoid. Anyone can spice up their routine for its energizing or calming effects or make that recovering ankle strain a little less tough on your workout. So while not your typical enhancing drug, D8 can still make the trip to the gym a little more friendly.


Do Professional Athletes Use Delta 8?

Okay, things here are a little more complicated. If you are looking to participate in a competition, delta 8 will make you fail a drug test. Many sports associations and federations are pretty strict when using drugs in general, and cannabis and hemp products are still considered in this category.

Our advice? Before starting any supplement, make sure you check with your federation on the rules and regulations on drugs. While delta 8 is legal, THC on its own can still make a little noise within some fitness environments.

If possible, you can also let your organization know the differences between cannabis and hemp and the federal law regulations. And well, for regular users, just make sure you don’t participate in dangerous or strong dexterity-based activities when you start D8, as it is still a psychoactive compound.


Should You Use Delta 8 to Boost Your Workout Routine?

Well, this depends on why you want to add D8 to your routine. While edibles are sometimes called “magical,” this compound is in no context magical, and you won’t be able to lift double the weight because you had them.

However, delta 8 can make the working out experience much more relaxed. It has the potential to keep you focused and motivated, and for people who don’t love going to the gym, it can make it a way friendlier experience.

Also, delta 8 may be helpful with muscle recovery and overall pain. Sometimes certain strains and pain symptoms can be an obstacle to hitting the gym or going for a run. Hence why adding D8 THC to your workout session could also potentially motivate you to stay regular and support your fitness decisions.


Ways to Use Delta 8 When Working Out

If you want to add D8 into your routine, there are several ways to enjoy its wellness benefits. For a smokeless experience, there are two routes: edibles and tinctures. Let’s start with the first one.

Edibles are basically hemp-infused products that can be eaten before a workout. The best way to do this is through gummies, as they are easily digestible and can give you an energy boost.

Now, for quicker action, you might want to go for vaping. You can either use a vape cartridge that requires an external heating element or try a disposable vaping device. If you already have a battery or device at home, our recommendation would be the Blueberry Jack 1G Vape Cartridge.

This cart is one of our fan favorites, as it is a well-balanced hybrid strain with delicious flavor and strong potency. With a full gram of premium D8 extract, you’ll love the berry and fuel-like undertones when taking some pulls from the cart.

If you prefer disposables, we have two options from our Dart XL line. For something more relaxing, the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL can be an excellent choice. This strain is sweet with a complex profile, and while still a hybrid, it can pack a punch. The vape comes fully charged and uses a USB charger, so you won’t have any cleaning or maintenance hassle.

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For something on the energetic side, the Berry Pie 2G Dart XL is perfect. With 2 full grams of this strain-specific vape, you’ll enjoy heavy-hitting sativa effects with the taste of a freshly baked pie. With a fully automatic draw and easy-to-use pen, you’ll want some tokes before entering your gym for some added energy boost.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.


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