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Thanks to the partial legalization of cannabis and the full legalization of hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, more consistent research and education are bringing cannabis culture into a new positive light. Among the new cannabinoids, delta 8 THC has stepped out in front with its potential wellness benefits and the role it plays with psychoactivity. 


Delta-8 THC is the newest and fastest-growing cannabinoid craze in the world of THC. When talking about THC, the most common reference is the delta 9 isomer — but the possibilities go beyond that.

There are actually various amounts of different analogs of THC, from delta 2 all the way to delta 10 THC.

Although these compounds share a very similar structure, there are key differences between them. Delta 8 THC is the smoother, clear-headed, and less anxious version of THC. As a result, consumers who find THC products too “anxiety-inducing,” “stimulating,” or “over-intoxicating” often turn to delta 8 for a more euphoric and relaxing approach to enjoying hemp and cannabis.

We prefer delta 8 THC for these reasons and potential benefits. Visit the Delta Munchies blog to learn more about delta 8 THC and other unique and rare cannabinoids.


Along with product availability, consumers are also on the hunt for information regarding the possible medicinal benefits of delta 8. With reviews of delta 8 just beginning to emerge, most of what is known about its effects are anecdotal or comes from personal user experiences. The effects and benefits of delta 8 may include:

– Appetite stimulation – Anxiety management – Sleep aid – Body relaxation – Nausea reduction – A calm and relaxed state of mind – Pain relief – Feelings of euphoria – Mood boost

The effects of delta 8 THC may vary from person to person, but the average experience can be described as combining the best parts of CBD and delta 9 THC. It’s said to be euphoric, mood-boosting, pleasantly relaxing yet leaving the user feeling clear-headed, and not overwhelmingly intoxicated. With proper dosages, users have said that they felt far more functional and active on delta 8 versus delta 9 THC.

what are the benefits of vaping delta 8 THC?

Quick Onset

Why wait? Vaping is widely known as the fastest way to feel the effects of delta 8 THC. Once you inhale a delta 8 vape pen or a delta 8 cartridge, the ingredients are activated and absorbed into the bloodstream within a matter of seconds. Delta 8 enters the bloodstream smooth and quickly through the capillaries in the lungs—bypassing the process of liver metabolism altogether. You can expect delta 8 THC carts and delta 8 THC vapes to take effect within 15 minutes. (sometimes even faster!)

cannabis derived terpenes boost effects

We’re keeping everything diversified! All of our delta 8 THC vape pens are made with natural and cannabis-derived terpenes to boost both the flavor and effect of the delta 8 oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s used in a delta 8 disposable vape or a delta 8 cart. With terpenes, the results will always be better! This is because terpenes and cannabinoids, like delta 8, work collaboratively alongside one another to bring a more powerful and longer-lasting effect to any delta 8 vape. Terpene forward delta 8 will always contribute a stronger effect than delta 8 without any terpenes at all.


Whether the delta 8 pen you’re using is a delta 8 THC cartridge or a Delta 8 disposable, we’ve designed it with you in mind. Each Delta 8 THC Cart and disposable is made for quick heating and an easy draw—while being sleekly designed, they are perfect for any occasion or moment while on the go.


If you’re one of many consumers whose search history looks like this: “Where can I buy delta 8” or “delta 8 near me”, there’s a better solution. Find premium delta 8 here, conveniently online, with Delta Munchies. Most local retail locations carry a saturated amount of brands and are unable to provide the quality and reliability that gives us so much pride. With Delta Munchies, you’ll get excellent customer care along with the knowledge that you’re receiving the highest quality hemp-derived delta 8 THC for sale.

By taking advantage of the most modern and up-to-date extraction techniques in the world to formulate all of our products, we’re able to bring you the cleanest and purest delta 8 on the market. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques to create a potent and pure product that is backed and supported with rigorous lab testing to ensure the safest and most effective results. Each of our delta 8 THC products is submitted to a 3rd party full panel lab that is tested in a DEA-certified facility, ensuring complete transparency between business and consumer. By taking pride and responsibility in quality control and safety, we split the gap between ourselves and inferior/dangerous products.

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Is Delta 8 legal?

Yes, delta 8 is federally legal. In accordance with the Farm Bill of 2018, any delta 8 that is derived from 100% hemp with less than 0.3% delta 9 THC content is considered federally legal.

However, some states have banned the selling or creation of delta 8 in their area.

Delta 8 THC is Banned in the following states:










North Dakota

Rhode Island



The experience of delta 8 differs from person to person. A variety of external factors may impact your personal experience with delta 8 products. These factors may include things like age, weight, sex, diet, physical health, and general tolerance. We recommend starting out with a single serving, paying attention to how your body reacts, and adjusting consumption depending on your personal therapeutic needs.

Consumption of any hemp-derived product is up to the description of the individual. Although delta 8 has less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, we cannot guarantee that it will or will not show up on a drug test.

The duration of the effects of delta 8 is dependent on the individual –factors like age, weight, activity level, metabolism, diet, health, and more.

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