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One of our favorite things about hemp-based products is just how they can make a boring or hard meeting into something tolerable. 

Or, for other people, it can make them feel relaxed yet energized enough to boost their tasks, with an incredibly pleasant sensation. And other just like to try cannabis products to laugh off with their friends or just enjoy their favorite movie. If you, too, have felt curious about delta 8 THC and want to know if it can make you feel euphoric and giggly, we’ve got the perfect article for you. 

In the following text, you’ll find the basics to understand how a D8 THC feels like, what delta 8 THC can make you feel, and if delta 8 can make you feel euphoria. And of course, our recommendations in strains and products for some relaxing giggles. Let’s explore the euphoric feelings, the high, and our cannabinoid star, delta 8 THC.  

What Does a Delta 8 THC High Feel Like?

You might be wondering how a D8 THC high can feel. While all bodies react differently to cannabinoids, there is a general user consensus about how this delta 8 THC can make you feel.

The first part of this is what’s considered “being high.” As a natural psychoactive compound found in hemp and cannabis plants, delta 8 can make you feel intoxicated. By binding to the proteins of our endocannabinoid system, D8 can modulate certain signals and feelings.

Thanks to its sedative properties, the most common feeling is relaxation. This happens for both body and mind, but mostly feeling clear-headed.

Some people also get a “happy wave” that uplifts their mood, with mixed up with relaxation can give a really pleasant feeling. Now that you know the basics, we’ll delve into this last feeling, which some people call euphoria.  

How Does Euphoria Feel

This can get a little complicated, so we’ll try to stay as simple as possible.

When relaxation meets a better mood and overall pleasant feelings, you’ll get what is generally called a euphoric feeling. Users usually describe euphoria as big happy waves that flood your system, or at least in a romantic way.

In a more practical description, it is a pretty intense happiness and relaxing feeling that can make you feel at peace. Some people also get energy from this feeling. So this is why some sativa or sativa-leaning strains have stronger euphoric moments than indica strains, as they tend to affect the mood and give a more clear-headed high.

However, most strains can give you a relaxing and mood-lifting moment to a degree. So rest assured that you can try this feeling in most strains, while some are more intense. This is why some people feel more giggly or cheerful with sativa-dominant buds as well.  

Does Delta 8 Make You Feel High?

The short answer for this is yes, delta 8 THC can and will make you feel high. As a cannabinoid with psychoactive components, it can deliver an intoxicating effect which we have referred to above as “getting high.” While not as strong as its isomer or cannabinoid sibling, delta 9 THC, D8 still has psychoactive components.

Being a little milder has its perks, as it also has fewer side effects and can get you clear-headed, mood-lifting highs that are usually known for being more euphoric than its D9 counterpart. Some people even use D8 THC to help with some anxiety symptoms or as an aid to help them sleep better at night. And overall, delta 8 THC can make you have a more functional high than D9 as it can make you feel less groggy and overall tired. If you do feel like D8 is a little too mild, you can also try D9 THC products or even HHC.

Just know that all of these cannabis and based-derived products have psychoactive components that will get you high.  

Does Delta 8 Make You Laugh?

Yes, delta 8 can make you laugh. While this is mostly a social effect, thanks to both the mood improvement and social cues, it can make you giggle.  However, if you want to laugh and have a good time without having to rely on stronger cannabinoids, we recommend trying edibles or tinctures.

These methods are more potent than vaping and can have you giggle with friends or your favorite comedy series in no time. We recommend trying delta 8 with your favorite comedy movies, or some classic stoner ones, like Austin Powers or Scary Movie. Everyone has a different taste in comedy, so rest assured that delta 8 can elevate these experiences with a single gummy or a few puffs.  

Does Delta 8 Make You Happy?

We could say it does, as D8 is specifically known for helping with mood lifts. And with a lighter and clear-headed high when compared to D9, it can stimulate and give you relaxing moments as you unwind and enjoy delta 8 THC. If you, however, want to specifically feel a stronger mood lift, we recommend going for sativa-leaning strains, like full-on sativas or even just sativa-dominant hybrids. These are known for giving extra stimulation for creativity and productivity.

Overall, delta 8 THC is a great way to have you boost through your to-do’s or just get a little kickstart to get your day going. Some people even prefer having a few tokes in breakfast with their morning coffee to start their day with a positive mindset.

So, in the end, does D8 make you happy? It may. Still, it depends on the product and potency used. D8 can relax you and give you a clear-headed high, which may result in mood improvement and general happiness feeling.  

Best Delta 8 for Euphoria

If you want to try this happy, euphoric feeling for the first time, we actually recommend these products:

If you want something sweet but energetic, the buzzing Candyland 2G Dart XL is one of our best strains. This sativa-dominant strain has a unique profile of cotton candy notes that will lift your mood with euphoric highs.

For something energizing but still relaxing, the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL is perfect. Balanced in both flavor and potency, this intoxicating grape cocktail is perfect to say social but also keep yourself super relaxed.  This hybrid strain leans a little more into the indica side, but don’t worry as it can still provide happy, euphoric tokes in no time.

Now, if you want to drift off right into bed with a smile on your face, the Melonado 2G Dart XL is for you. This delicious and exotic strain is a full indica that can give you strong fruity clouds. So whether you just want to melt stress away or enjoy your favorite movie, rest assured this disposable can make turn any movie into a euphoric relaxation moment.  

Best Delta 8 Gummies for Euphoria

Discreet, euphoric, and delicious? Gummies, the answer will always be gummies. Being one of the safest ways to take delta 8, we can guarantee these cannabis-infused edibles are perfect for getting you relaxed and uplifted.

You can always keep it peachy with our nostalgic Tropical Punch Gummies. Besides having 25mg of sweet and potent delta 8 per gummy, these are just one of our bestselling edibles. They come in a 15-pack each, perfect for sharing as a mid-afternoon snack or to enjoy your weekend. If tropical flavors are not your thing, we also have some summer-inspired gummies that you can enjoy euphoric bites all year long.

The Watermelon Runtz Gummies are incredibly tasty delta 8 THC-infused gummies, with 25mg of high-quality D8 extract each. You can choose from the 25 and 40 packs and enjoy some sweet and tangy bites.

For more insights on the delta 8 experience, watch the following video: 

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