What Is Rosin? The Potent THC Concentrate


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Weed today is definitely not like it used to be. If there was ever a high-tech weed future to dream of, we’re certainly living in it now. 

The days of simple bags of mid weed that were used to roll shoddy joints are over. In 2022, the ways you can enjoy cannabis are seemingly endless. Joints obviously still exist, but they’ve come a long way from the spliffs of 70’s stoner movie fame; now, they come in all kinds of different strains with crazy names, like , Texas Poundcake, and Cherry AK-47. And joints are just the tip of the iceberg––amongst those crazy-sounding strains, you can enjoy weed not only as flower, but as a wide variety of edibles, in oil-based tinctures, in concentrated vape form, and the reason that we’re here today, as dab concentrates

Going even further into this canna-ception, dabs don’t just come in one kind, either––people use a few different types of concentrates when they dab, including wax, resin, shatter, and rosin. All of these new forms of cannabis can be a lot to take in at once, so we’re just going to focus on one of these concentrates today: rosin.

This introduction of rosin into the cannabis market has prompted many curious cannabis users to ask: What is rosin? Is rosin weed? Is rosin a cannabinoid? Is rosin THC any different than flower THC? We know it can be a bit confusing, so we’re here to answer your questions about cannabis, cannabinoids, rosin, and other cannabis concentrates.

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What is Weed Rosin?

Rosin is a highly concentrated extract of the cannabis plant that contains acute concentrations of compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids (such as delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC, and CBD, amongst others.)

Rosin is a pure cannabis extract made without solvents. Solvents such as alcohol, oil, glycerin, or other fatty mediums are used to draw out the different cannabinoids like THC and CBD from the cannabis plant. Without a solvent, you’d be left with only THCA, the ‘parent’ cannabinoid that’s found in raw weed, which does not offer any of the typical effects of cannabinoids.

Since it’s made without solvents, rosin is created using a process of extreme heat and pressure. Rosin is made directly from fresh marijuana or hemp flowers, and after the process of heating and pressing the flower, you’re left with a waxy substance that’s got a sticky, oil-like consistency. Rosin is made using something called a rosin press, which uses hydraulic pressure to exert the large amount of pressure needed to extract the oils from the cannabis flower.

While rosin is typically made from dry marijuana or hemp flower leaves, it can also be made from dry kief and hash. It is possible to make rosin at home, and it can be easy once you get the hang of it, but it can be a little intimidating for beginners. So if you’re just trying rosin for the first time, we highly recommend getting some high-quality rosin from a trusted dispensary, smoke shop, or online cannabis retailer.

How Much THC is in Weed Rosin?

Even though rosin is a direct extract of the cannabis plant, it doesn’t always contain THC. THC rosin is obviously the most popular rosin used, but there are other cannabinoids that can be extracted into rosin as well, such as CBD, which is popularly known for being non-psychoactive.

What if you wanted to know the rosin THC percentage? THC rosin is typically very strong and will pack a much bigger punch than regular weed. Regular cannabis flower typically contains anywhere from 15 to 25% THC depending on the strain, quality, and primary cannabinoid. And since rosin is a highly concentrated extract, it will be a lot stronger. There’s a lot of power in just a little bit of rosin––most rosins will contain up to 80% THC, making them extremely potent vehicles for getting high.

If you want something a little less intense, you can opt for a delta 8 rosin. Thankfully, since delta 8 has become so popular in the cannabis industry in recent years, the ways to enjoy it have expanded exponentially. Delta 8 THC is a much milder version of delta 9 THC, which is the THC that we are most familiar with. Delta 8 is found in all the same forms as delta 9––in edibles, tinctures, prerolls, vapes, and dabs––and the rule of “like delta 9 but milder” will stand for each of these methods of consumption.

If you’re not looking for any psychoactive experience at all, you can also find CBD rosin. CBD is the cannabinoid that’s most known for its medicinal properties as it harnesses all of the benefits of the cannabis plant without getting its users high. This is great for people who use cannabis medicinally and want to enjoy the experience of dabbing without getting sent to outer space.

How Do You Use Weed Rosin?

The most popular way people enjoy rosin extract is by dabbing it. Dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates like rosin, resin, cannabis rosin, wax, and shatter by smoking them out of a dab rig.

The best dab rigs are like bongs, but leveled up. A dab rig has a chamber that holds water and a stem that dips down into the water just like a bong, but instead of inserting a bowl into the stem, you insert something called a banger. A banger is a large bowl that gets heated to extremely high temperatures before you add your dabs (or rosin, in this case). Besides the bowl and banger, the most significant difference between a bong and a rig is the order in which you heat up your weed. In a bong, you pack your bowl and use your lighter to light it and smoke it. But with a banger, the bowl gets heated up first.

Rosin (as well as any other extract) is so concentrated that it has to be heated to extremely high temperatures before it can be smoked. To get the banger hot enough to activate the rosin, people use heavy-duty lighters or blow torches to heat it up to the appropriate temperature before dropping it in their dab. Typically, you want to heat up your dabs to a temperature of anywhere from 545°F to 570°F (or 285°C to 299°C). If you want a more substantial hit, you’ll want a hotter dab––just beware, as it can be pretty harsh. If you want to avoid the harshness, you can take a dab on the lower end of the temperature spectrum.

Dabbing the rosin activates the process of decarboxylation, which is necessary to turn the THCA in the rosin into active THC. Decarboxylation, in simple terms, is the process of heating up the cannabinoid to the point of combustion, which triggers a chemical reaction that turns THCA, an inactive cannabinoid, into THC, an active cannabinoid. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Weed Rosin?

Since the process of extracting and using rosin is markedly more complicated than just simply smoking weed, you may be asking yourself: what’s the point? But there are some really great benefits of using weed rosin that make it a favorite for lots of stoners.

  • Rosin extract is extremely potent. Since rosin is such a highly concentrated extract of cannabis, it packs a massive punch when you smoke it. This is perfect for people who have super high tolerances and for those who regular weed is no longer cutting it.

  • It’s pure. Since you’re not burning flower, you’re not creating any ash or tar byproducts. While inhaling smoke of any kind is still damaging to the lungs, some people consider it a more pure option as opposed to smoking regular weed.

  • It’s free of solvents. While solvents are necessarily harmful, a lot of people prefer to opt for cannabis that’s free of byproducts and unnecessary additives.

  • The extraction process is safe and easy. Rosin is considered one of the safest concentrates to extract and can even be easily made at home. This makes it an accessible and trusted option for many cannabis users who love to use them for dabs.

Rosin is yet another great way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. The cannabis plant is a wonderfully versatile plant that offers its benefits in many forms, including a pure and potent extract. If you’re a stoner who’s looking to level up your smoking experience, trying some weed rosin might be the next best step for you!

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