What is HHC-O? The Complete Guide

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New cannabinoids are hitting the market every day. And newer nomenclatures can make things more difficult than simply saying “indica” or “sativa” when choosing weed-related products.

Don’t fret. In this article, we’ve broken down everything you’ve got to know about the new cannabinoid HHC-O. Down in the text, you’ll find what it is, how it is made, and the effects it can provide.

We’ve also taken the time to fully break down the relationship between HHC-O and other cannabinoids, like HHC or delta 9 THC. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing what this hemp-derived compound can offer. If you want HHC-O, you’ll love HHC. Here are some of our best HHC products:


Key Takeaways

  • HHC-O is the acetate form of the hemp-derived cannabinoid, HHC. This compound can be considered semi-synthetic thanks to the hydrogenation and adding acetate processes.
  • This cannabinoid is psychoactive and believed to have about 1.5 times the potency of HHC or about 2.4 times the potency of delta 9 THC.
  • Since HHC-O is fully hemp-derived, this cannabinoid is fully legal under Federal Law.


What is HHC-O

Let’s start with the basics. HHC-O is a cannabinoid that can be found in hemp. This compound is fairly new and is believed to have psychoactive properties. And as you might notice, it has HHC in it.

The “O” added at the end of HHC is actually the product of infusing HHC with another product to create a completely new compound. This O is an oxygen particle, which is added by adding an acetate molecule to regular HHC.

Besides looking hip, this actually alters how Hexahydrocannabinol interacts with our nervous system. So similar to the relationship that THC and THC-O have, users have described this cannabinoid as anywhere between 3 and 5 times stronger than regular HHC.


What is HHC-O Live Resin

Let’s break this down into two parts. First, HHC-O refers to the cannabinoid used in the extract. Usually, you can consume this extract through a vape pen or cartridge.

Now, let’s talk about the live resin part. This extract is a higher-end distillate that can be vaped or smoked. Producers usually use live resin with prime-quality cannabinoids, like HHC-O.

Live resin has an extensive process in which the flower is freshly frozen right after being harvested. Then the cannabinoids are extracted chemically into a high-terpene and flavor product that can also hold terpenes and evaporate much easier than wax or regular butane hash oil.

When mixed together, HHC-O live resin is a high-end, psychoactive extract usually consumed through a vaporizer, vape pen, or even in different items. Using it in a higher-end distillate makes it easier to get both taste and the cannabinoids with each toke.


How Is HHC-O Made

As we mentioned above, converting HHC into HHC-O is a chemical process. Usually, they use high concentrations of HHC with acetic anhydride. This reaction is what produces the cannabinoid.

However, this is not what usually happens in nature. This is a man-made process, as HHC-O is mainly found in small doses in the hemp plant, making it a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. 

It is really important to say that you cannot create HHC-O at home. The creation of this cannabinoid requires highly resistant materials and lab equipment used by professionals, so don’t try mixing your HHC gummy with weird solvents. 

These kinds of situations can get dangerous quickly, so let the production of extracts to professional chemists.


What are HHC-O Effects

Like many cannabinoids, data and research are pretty scarce on HHC-O. So far, and thanks to its pharmacology and anecdotal evidence, this compound is proven to be psychoactive.

Thanks to users, we’ve estimated that HHC-O has about 1.5 of the potency of the original HHC. And what we know is that HHC has about 80% of delta 9 THC, which makes it a little bit stronger than regular THC.

In general, users have said to feel their body and muscles relax with a relaxing mind buzz. Other users have even said to feel talkative, giggly, and blissful. The peak from these effects gets your body sedated, and you might feel more open and tranquil overall.

This cannabinoid is pretty potent, and we’d suggest blocking some relaxing time or a movie if you plan on taking some.


HHC-O Benefits

Most potential benefits of HHC-O usually come with the dosage and terpenes added to the formula. Both work together in our endocannabinoid system to relax your body and enhance some effects all around.

HHC-O works similarly to HHC, relaxing muscles and the body. Then, it can slowly reduce inflammation and pain, aiding with mild aches and pain. This usually happens with small to mid doses, so about 12-25mg.

You might even get drowsy with larger doses, like a strong indica-experience. Some people even experience a state of relaxation similar to meditation, which is pretty similar to an indica-leaning hybrid flower. Other than you might even feel asleep and wake up feeling renewed.


Does HHC-O Get You High?

While more information is needed to determine the kind of high, yes, HHC-O is psychoactive, meaning it can get you high easily. While some users say it can feel closer to how THC-O feels, others simply feel a strong mind buzz and deep sedating relaxation.

In general, consumers have described the high as a strong indica-hybrid experience. Some people feel high relief with this kind of experience, feel deeply connected to themselves, or just have a restful sleep.



This is actually pretty simple. Since HHC-O is a transformed version of HHC, they share plenty of similar properties. Both are resistant to light and temperature degradation, making them a good option for infused products like edibles or tinctures.

However, HHC-O is considered to have about 1.5 times more affinity to our endocannabinoid system. More research would be needed to confirm this, but even anecdotal evidence suggests that it can be slightly more potent with stronger body relaxing properties.

The other main difference is how HHC-O can influence body relaxation a little more frequently than HHC. While a higher dose of HHC could help with pain and inflammation, HHC-O already naturally sedates your body and provides potential relief with a smaller dose.

Other than that, these two cannabinoids are pretty similar. And with the lack of research on HHC-O, there’s not much else to consider in terms of possible unwanted effects.


What is Stronger: HHC-O or THC-O?

This is a tricky question. Regularly, THC-O would be stronger since it’s roughly 3 times stronger than delta 9 THC. When using delta 9 THC as a reference, HHC as the base of this cannabinoid is about 80%.

So a few algebra problems later, this would make HHC-O about 2.4 times stronger than THC. So in most cases, THCO will be stronger by very little. Remember, everyone reacts to cannabinoids differently. Depending on your metabolism, you might feel like one provides a better experience.

That said, HHC-O and HHC have more hydrogen bonds than delta 9 THC or THC-O. Users have reported that when consuming edibles or infused products, HHC-based products tend to last longer and stay fresh for more time. 

Most forms of THC, including delta 8 THC and THC-O, degrade with factors such as temperature or direct light, where HHC-based products don’t. In the end, this means it is more likely that an HHC or HHC-O product’s potency might not be as degraded in the final product, resulting in stronger highs. 


Is HHC-O Safe?

Well, this is complicated to say. The real answer is that data on HHC-O is pretty scarce and limited, meaning there are no reports letting consumers know if they had any noticeable side effects.

In the meantime, third-party lab reports from companies are important to understand how much HHC-O products contain. And in general, there are no significant unwanted effects from these cannabinoids but treat it similarly to a slightly more potent delta 9 THC dose.


Is HHC-O Legal?

Yes! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, HHC-O and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are completely legal. As long these products comply with having less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC and not falling in the Analogue Law.

The Analogue Law has recently surprised some states, as this part of the controlled substance can prohibit certain “designer drugs.” Some states have recently pushed to change the position of delta 8 THC lately.

So just make sure to check your local regulation on hemp and cannabinoids, as some states like Hawaii have a full ban on all hemp products, even non-psychoactive products. But in general, HHC-O is safe to buy from states that follow through with the 2018 Farm Bill ruling.


Where to Buy HHC Online

Since HHC-O is fairly recent and there’s not much data besides what we’ve explained above, we actually recommend trying HHC before. Some people feel like HHC is actually stronger in edible form thanks to the hydrogenation process.

And this would make sense as the hydrogen atoms could help with overall absorption. So, in a nutshell, you might want to go through some HHC edibles to see if you’d need a stronger dose at all.

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