Medellin Strain: Effects, Flavors & Review

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Medellin is one of the most notorious cities in Colombia, and yes, it’s where the Medellin Cartel comes from, one of the deadliest drug cartels of all time. Now, although the Medellin strain of marijuana has nothing to do with the city or the cartel, the name still strikes fear in the hearts of many.

That said, as far as the Medellin strain is concerned, there is nothing to fear, especially if you like hybrid strains that provide you with the effects of both indicas and sativas. This heavy-hitting strain is going to make you feel a lot of different sensations, and quickly too.

The Medellin strain is quite powerful, and today we want to discuss exactly what you can expect from it, including its taste, aroma, appearance, effects, growing information, and more.  

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Key Takeaways

  • The Medellin strain is a mix of Chemdawg and Wedding Cake.
  • This strain contains up to 26% THC. 
  • It has a complex flavor profile of fruit, citrus, vanilla, and more. 
  • Effects are balanced between sativa and indica. 


What is the Medellin Strain?

The Medellin is a hybrid that is generally well-balanced between the sativa and indica side of things, although depending on the exact plant and its lineage, it may lean more towards sativa or indica. It is a cross between two other popular strains: Chemdawg and Wedding Cake.

As mentioned above, for all of you crime and murder fans, unfortunately, the Medellin strain has no super interesting backstory tied to cartels, but rather was created by breeders at Lemonnade Cannabis.

Although it might not have a riveting backstory, thanks to its super high potency, heavy hitting effects, and potent flavors, it is one of the most notorious, popular, and sought-after strains out there.


What Strain is Medellin?

As you might know, cannabis can be classified into different strains. The three main ones are called sativa, indica, and hybrid, although this classification has lately been classified as outdated due to the hybridization of strains. 

Now, each of the general strain classifications has certain terpenes and effects that give them certain characteristics. Sativa strains are usually known for giving a euphoric brain buzz, which some people might feel energizing or like gives you a mood lift.

Indica, mostly known due to its Afghani nature, is known to aid with relaxation and downtime. Users tend to smoke it to get a body high instead of cerebral, which usually is attributed to high CBD content and terpenes like myrcene.

This is why some users prefer to use indica strains for nighttime use, as they can be pretty good for unwinding and falling asleep or at least mitigate some of the symptoms of insomnia.

Due to producers mixing and matching seeds, there’s also the hybrid classification. That means that the flowers inherit certain characteristics from parent strains which makes them a mixed breed. Some strains are energizing but not too much, making you feel giggly and warm inside while still relaxed.

Now, back to the original question, Medellin is a hybrid strain. This means it gets the best of both worlds, being energizing but also relaxing and potentially supporting low energy levels, mood, and anxious thoughts.


Is Medellin Strain Sativa or Indica?

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The simple answer to this is that Medellin is both, thanks to its hybrid nature. Now, for a more complicated answer, it gets the best from its parent strains by being energizing thanks to its limonene terpene, but also pretty body relaxing thanks to the indica Wedding Cake.

Most of Medellin’s variants use this strain, Wedding Cake and Chemdawg. This usually gives this flower a characteristically tingly and uplifted sensation but also aids with anxiety and clam-like vibes when trying this strain.

By being a balanced-yet-strong strain, it perfectly combines the sativa and indica strains. Users usually get to it when they want something to aid with pain relief, stress, or anxiety without having to feel too drowsy or sleepy.


Medellin Strain Appearance

The buds from the Medellin strain are generally fairly elongated, not super round or pebble-shaped like many other strains feature. Some people would say that they look like little spades or shovel heads. 

The buds from this strain also tend to be somewhat fluffy and not overly compact. If you touch a Medellin bud, you’ll be able to squeeze it together quite significantly.

As for the colors, here you will see a moderately light green bud combined with a layer of those beautiful orange hairs and a thick coating of those THC-heavy trichomes. 

Remember, the Medellin strain has a very high THC level, and a whole lot of that THC is contained in that thick white coating of snowy crystals.


Medellin Strain Genetics

The Medellin strain is a cross between what has to be two of the most popular strains of weed of all time. These two strains are Wedding Cake and Chemdawg, otherwise known as Chemdog.

First, we have the Wedding Cake strain, an indica-dominant strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Wedding Cake has roughly 23% THC and has an earthy, citrusy, and vanilla-like flavor.

We then have Chemdawg, a fairly well-balanced hybrid strain that is slightly sativa dominant, and it is made by crossing various strains, including Thai, Nepalese, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush.

Because the Medellin strain is made by crossing an indica-dominant strain with a sativa-dominant strain, the result is often a well-balanced hybrid, although, depending on the exact plant, may be sativa or indica dominant.

THC/CBD Content

One of the reasons why so many people like the Medellin strain is that it contains a very high amount of THC. It can contain anywhere from 23% to 26% THC, with somewhere around 25% being the normal.

Therefore, you can expect the Medellin strain to be a very heavy hitter, one that floods your brain with THC, and because it is a hybrid, you can expect to feel a wide variety of sensations.

Due to its high potency, it does hit fast and hard when you smoke or vape it. It’s a strain recommended for more seasoned cannabis veterans, as it may be a bit too strong for first-time smokers. As for the CBD content, this is quite negligible, although it may contain up to 0.5% to 1% CBD.


Medellin Strain Terpenes

Some of the main terpenes contained in the Medellin strain include caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, limonene, pinene, linalool, terpinolene, and ocimene. We will discuss further below what this means in terms of flavor and aroma.


Medellin Strain Effects

Because this is a hybrid strain, you can expect to feel many different sensations and reap many benefits, as it produces both a head high and a body high, with the head high usually hitting first. From your first puff, you are going to feel a sense of mental relaxation, happiness, and euphoria.

Many people also note that it makes them much more social, creative, talkative, and giggly. It’s a big time mood booster and can also be slightly energizing. However, soon after, the indica side of things may take hold. You may feel a good bit of physical relaxation with your body getting heavy.

Chances are that you will feel heavy, relaxed, and slightly sedated, with some people feeling sleepier than others and many also getting the munchies. For this reason, we say that the Medellin strain is a good afternoon or early evening strain.


What Does Medellin Strain Feel Like?

We have already explored some of the strongest THC strains, but also what kind of flower Medellin is. So, you might want to know how it feels to actually smoke this lemony and full of energy power.

Let’s go deeper into some of the two most common feelings, Energetic and Uplifting.


One of the most notable effects of this delicious Colombian strain is its ability to give users a boost of energy. Consumers reported feeling more alert and focused and several tasks when consuming this flower, making it a popular choice for those who look to increase productivity or even get creative.

This could also be beneficial for people who suffer from lower energy levels. Some people who suffer from chronic diseases or certain diagnoses like arthritis can feel fatigued a lot, and this sort of strain may be helpful to get you a boost and get a much-needed kickstart to get your day going.


In addition to general energetic effects, Medellin is known for its uplifting impact on your mood. Many consumers report feeling euphoric and happy after having a toke of this bud, making it a pretty great choice for people who want to feel renewed to get their day going.

Some people who suffer from anxious thoughts also like this strain due to these effects, specifically some of the terpenes like limonene and caryophyllene, which add delicious spice and citrusy flavors but also could potentially aid with certain diagnoses.


Medellin Strain Flavors

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We’ve covered effects and a few hints of its flavors, but let’s go further into this topic. Medellin’s parents, Chemdawg and Wedding Cake, have a delicious history that’s passed on to this hybrid child. Many of the limonene terpenes of Chemdawg, when paired with the tea-like, vanilla notes of Wedding Cake, make this strain perfectly balanced and delicious.

Let’s go a little bit further into these flavors.


One of the smoothest parts of Medellin is its tea flavors. It mainly has soft vanilla notes that mix with floral and sweet earth notes that just take you to the perfect tea party in a forest. With its mellow sweet notes, you’ll get the best infusion-like toke with this strain thanks to its Wedding Cake heritage.


Of course, the second most important note is citrus. Thanks to its Chemdawg heritage and the strong limonene terpene, Medellín is one of the sweetest and brightest strains out there that mix pretty well with tea and sweet earth notes. 

What we love about this strain is that rather than having a whiff of another department store citrus candle, you actually feel the sweet lemon notes in each puff that dance perfectly with tea and vanilla-like mellow notes from tea.


Medellin Strain Reported Flavors

The Medellin’s strain flavor profile is quite complex, with various flavors, including tea, lemon, citrus, fruit, berries, and vanilla. This strain is very strong and intense, and it’s something that you’ll be able to smell long before you spark your joint.


Medellin Strain Growing Info

If you want to grow the Medellin strain, you can do so indoors and outdoors, although it tends to do very well outdoors. These plants are fairly short and wide and can produce some fairly impressive yields given the right conditions. 

When grown outdoors, at the end of the 60+ day flowering period, you can expect each plant to produce between 10 and 14 ounces.


What is the Strongest Strain on the Planet?

This is a little complicated to answer, as it all depends on what you define as strong. If we talk about THC content, there are a few strains that have really high levels that would define them as strong. Other compounds like terpenes or other cannabinoids can make the high feel very strong.

Now, for THC content, you might want to look at the Godfather OG strain. This is one of the strongest flowers available, with some varieties reaching up to 34% of THC. Other strong strains are Tangerine Dream and Chemdawg (Medellin’s parent strain), which have anywhere between 29% and 28% of THC in each bud.

Chemdawg, however, has some varieties that have around 32% of THC levels. This translates into Medellin, which usually has between 26% and 29% of delta 9 THC content. Now, it all depends on the kind of experience you want.

Some strains are better for gaming, and others are better for getting the munchies going on. Stronger flower buds might not be the best if you don’t feel like elevating your sexual experience, as the THC levels could probably make you too sleepy. So if you are looking for a strong experience, you might be better with an edible or extract instead.


Strains Like Medellin Strain

If you are looking for strains of weed that are similar to the Medellin strain, options such as Chemdawg, Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Candyland, Pineapple Express, Mimosa, and Lemon Haze all make for good alternatives. 

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