Is HHC Addictive?

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As hemp-derived cannabinoids and products become legal in more states, people have been more interested in consuming them. Specifically, new compounds like HHC have taken the scene by storm, and consumers might feel confused whether what the compound actually is.

Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as HHC, is one of the 150 cannabinoids found in hemp. And while this cannabinoid has taken popularity, not much research is available specifically talking about addictiveness and side effects.

For this, we’ve gathered some of the most important takeaways on HHC, its benefits, known side effects, and what we can say about addiction and HHC. So before you decide, let’s explore this hemp-derived cannabinoid and what we know about its consumption.

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.


Key Takeaways

  • HHC is a psychoactive, semi-syntethic cannabinoid that has plenty of potential benefits like feeling relaxed, aiding with stress, and having a longer shelf life than other cannabinoids.
  • While it shares a few side effects with THC, they are not as frequent or as strong.
  • There is not enough consumer data to assess if HHC is or not addictive, but in general anecdotal evidence suggests it is most likely not.
  • HHC is fully safe, as it has to take several tests in its creation process to be in the clear from heavy metals like platinum.


Benefits of HHC Cannabinoid

Hexahydrocannabinol is a semi-synthetic, hemp-derived cannabinoid that has been widely popular lately. This compound is psychoactive and shares a similar structure to delta 9 THC, but it passes through a process called hydrogenation.

The chemical process changes the carbon links for hydrogen atoms, which changes the structure and adds some benefits to this cannabinoid. One of the most important ones is the resistance to light and temperature degradation that happens with THC, which adds more shelf life to HHC.

This 2007 study also mentioned that it could aid with sleeping time and relaxation in testing. It also referred that the compound showed less potent pharmacological and intoxicating effects that delta 9 THC. 

Besides that, this study focusing on animal research found that HHC’s relaxation effects lasted a long time with a slow onset when compared to other cannabinoids, while also supporting the CB1 mechanism for analgesic action. 

Scientific research on this cannabinoid is rather low, so anecdotal evidence has been useful in understanding this cannabinoid as well. For example, users have reported feeling relief from anxiety, relaxation, and reduced inflammation by consuming HHC. 

Some people have said it could help them as a sleep aid as well.

And regarding the recreational use, most of the consumers report a pleasant intoxication that’s pretty similar to delta 8 THC’s but with a stronger body effect.


HHC Side Effects to be Aware Of

Hexahydrocannabinol is, in general, pretty similar to THC. While it has a few things that make it different, like hydrogen atoms binding to the proteins of the receptors, the overall effects are similar.

Some of the unwanted effects that you might want to be aware of are having an increased appetite, dizziness, dry mouth, red eyes, and some altered perception. Some people who have taken bigger amounts of the cannabinoid have reported feeling paranoid and even getting anxious.

Most of the side effects found in HHC are less potent than other cannabinoids, specifically THC and isomers like THCO or THCV. Hexahydrocannabinol is more potent than delta 8 THC, so it basically puts HHC in the middle between the two most popular forms of THC.


Is HHC Addictive?

This is hard to answer from the get-go, as data and clinical trials on HHC consumption is not as available as with other cannabinoids. While users and overall anecdotal evidence show that consumers don’t show signs of addictiveness, other people say it might act similarly to THC.

Let’s have a quick talk about THC and addiction. Research shows that between 9 and 30% of users might develop symptoms of addiction with heavy dosage and regular consumption.

Now, HHC is similar to but is definitely not THC. The addition of hydrogen atoms to the bonds makes it work differently in the ECS and so far, no studies or profiles show this cannabinoid produces addiction to any degree.

If you are trying HHC for wellness or recreational use, you might want to give your healthcare provider a quick call before starting this cannabinoid. You might want to look out for a few side effects rather than addictiveness, but we’ve reviewed some of the most important ones in the section above.


Is HHC Safe?

Sadly, research on HHC is pretty scarce, to say the least. Unlike other cannabinoids like delta 9 THC, there are no safety profiles or toxicology reports, but in general, there are no reports of adverse effects either.

Hexahydrocannabinol exists through the conversion of THC through hydrogenation. This process requires a lot of chemical processes and safety measures, and the products have to be tested for heavy metals and other residues.

This is why lab testing is key to testing the quality of the products. Some HHC producers might even use platinum, raney nickel, and even palladium in this process. The conclusion is, rest assured HHC is safe as long as you can verify the third-party lab reports and they contain the same as the advertised product.


Can You Get Withdrawal Symptoms by Stopping HHC?

As we mentioned above, there’s not enough data about Hexahydrocannabinol to asses if there are any withdrawal symptoms. However, anecdotal evidence from users has reported not feeling any important or dangerous side effects when stopping the consumption of this cannabinoid.


Where to Buy HHC Online

Having reviewed it now, if HHC is not addictive, you might want to try some on your own. Well, our recommendation is to go for products that have high-quality extract and reputation so you can ensure the cannabinoid’s quality.

You can always try HHC in vape carts since they are easy to use and will work with any 510-thread battery you already have. The Maui Wowie HHC Vape Cartridge at the Delta Munchies store is perfect for a few tokes with a full gram our top shelf formula, with tasty pineapple and sour notes with each puff.

If you like vaping HHC you can try our Dart XL line, which has 2 grams of our premium HHC extract. These pens are fully disposable and can be used for up to 1000 tokes, so don’t worry about having to clean up. You can try the delicious sativa-based Strawberry Sunset with tropical fruits as a base, or the Purple Punch with a more indica-like experience with tasty candy grape notes.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.

You can also try out where HHC shines best, edibles. Since HHC does not degrade with light or heat, products with gummies stay fresher for longer. This way, you can try out delicious HHC Gummies with 25mg of this cannabinoid and keep them for as long as a regular gummy would last.

Try these in the delicious Melon Dreams flavor with lots of fruity and sour notes, or try the sweet berry and acid notes with the Blue Razz version of them. They are fully vegan and easy to microdose, so they can fit almost any diet available.

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