How Long Are Pre Rolled Joints Good For?

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If you’ve ever looked around your stash and found a lost joint just to try some old-tasting weed? Well, you are not alone. One of the main perks of buying a pre roll or premade joint is not having the hassle of cleaning or maintenance, but keeping track of how old a pre rolled joint is might be the only thing you’d need to know.

If you, too, are curious if you should buy those extra joints, in this article, we’ve gotten some key ideas to make you understand how long pre rolled joints are good for. Some depend on where you keep them, while others depend on external factors like humidity and sunlight.

Without further ado, let’s jump into how pre rolls stay fresh for longer.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pre rolls are premade joints that have ground flowers and, in some cases, cannabis concentrates inside.
  • Most of these joints will stay for up to 12 months when stored in the right conditions, or anywhere between a few weeks and three months if you keep the outside.
  • Some strains might be more delicate than others, making the flowers wilt or go stale quicker. This also depends on the concentrates used, as some degrade more than others.
  • Using doobie or cigar tubes, mason jars, and air-tight containers can all be helpful to keep your pre rolls fresh for more time.


How Long do Pre-Rolled Joints Stay Fresh?

Now, generally speaking, pre rolls can stay fresh for a while, depending on the storage conditions. Things like light, humidity, and heat can make your weed stale or dry much more quickly. By balancing these three factors and protecting from actual physical damage, a pre roll can keep fresh for about 12 months.

Some flowers are more sensitive due to the terpenes or cannabinoids in the plant or if you have an infused roll on the concentrate. Infused pre rolls are basically joints that have added concentrate to make the jay hit harder or have stronger flavors.

Now, if left to outside factors, most joints will go stale anywhere between the three weeks and up to three months window. This also depends on the buds’ quality, since greenhouse and indoor buds might be more delicate than outdoor cultivations.


How to Keep Pre Rolled Joints Fresh 

There are a few ways that will help your pre rolls stay fresh for a little longer. Some involve using a dedicated tool to keep your joints fresh, while others are tips you can use to let them stay fresh for more time. Let’s explore some of these a little further.

Use a Cigar or Doob Tube

Both cigar and doob tubes use the same principle, a portable and reusable device that keeps your joints protected and inside an airtight container. Doob tubes are portable and can be used for used and new joints and pre rolls, which is great if you want to put down your jay for a later session.

Cigar tubes, on the other hand, are usually also airtight to preserve the flavor of the original product. So, cigar tubes will probably help preserve the notes and aromas of the strain you are smoking while keeping the filter intact.

Store them in a Mason Jar

Glass jars are one of the best options to keep both weed and pre rolls. These are large enough to store multiple jays, making them a great option if you wish to buy in bulk or store flower. Mason jars also have sealing lids, which can be very helpful in preserving the weed for longer periods.

Store in an Airtight Container with Humidity Packs

Other types of jars and containers will work, too, if you can’t get your hands on a mason jar in particular. Just make sure to add some humidity packs to prevent mold and humidity from damaging your weed and paper. You can also look for glass jars that have a lid you can use.

Keep them Away from Direct Sunlight

This one is more of a tip, but keeping joints and weed away from the sun is the best idea. Do you know how some people describe stale joints with a specific “old weed” flavor? Well, this is partly to delta 9 THC breaking down to CBN

This cannabinoid is a lot less potent in effects and has almost no psychoactive properties, and it is the sub-product of exposing delta 9 to heat and light. So, to preserve the potency and safekeeping your delta 9 from turning into CBN, we recommend keeping your stash in the dark place.

Protect them from Physical Damage

Keeping your joints safe does not only include external factors but also actually keeping your joints from physical damage. This is especially important if you’ve got a designated stash that could have several tools or pipes.

You can fix this by keeping joints in jars or rigid, sealable containers. Whether you get a mason jar or a special matte glass one, any container that can be airtight will also protect your joint from possible friction with other tools.

Enjoy Your Pre Rolls Now

Keeping a pre roll stash might not be the best idea if you are not a regular consumer. While most infused joints can stay fresh for a long time, you can get different strains that are more recently rolled whenever you feel like trying a jay.

So, besides saving up space, you can also try different strains or extracts by not getting all of them at the same time. The final tip of our list would be to enjoy your pre-rolls when you buy them and skip bulk buying whenever possible.


When Stored Properly, How Long do Pre Rolls Last?

When kept in proper conditions, pre rolls will keep their potency for up to 12 months. This depends on the concentrates used if you are getting an infused joint or the flower’s quality and harvest time.

Some cannabinoids, like delta 8 and delta 9, degrade with light, temperature changes, and humidity. This means that if your weed is exposed to heat or is not stored in a dark place, both the concentrate and flower might lose potency and flavor quicker than when stored correctly.

Other cannabinoids like HHC can last a lot longer due to their more stable nature. Another concentrate that will stay fresh for longer is THCA due to this cannabinoid being inactive until heat is applied.

So all thighs consider, try smelling your joint, and if you can still find that typical “kushy” smell with other notes, your jay should be in good shape for smoking. Otherwise, it might be best to dispose of it if you find any sort of musky or humidity scents to it.


What Happens if Your Pre Rolled Joint Goes Stale?

Well, we have good news. There’s no need to dispose of that old joint just yet. As long as your jay has not developed mold or broken apart, it is still pretty much suitable for a quick session.

Although stale weed won’t deliver the same strength as a newly rolled one, it can still give out a pretty decent experience depending on how old the flower is. Just keep in mind that it may burn faster than a fresh blunt, might not hit as strong, or have very few aromas or flavors besides the typical “kush.”

It is always a good idea to inspect your jays regularly and check for mold or the weed-looking paler before using them. And if you ever doubt the smell or notice humidity in your keeping place, it might be best to stay on the cautious side and opt for a new jay instead.


How Much are Pre Rolled Joints?

The price point of joints really depends on the bud’s quality, the extracts used, and the overall joint quality and size. That said, a regular joint can go anywhere between 5 and 10 USD if they are not infused and anywhere between 9 and 15 USD when looking for infused joints.

Of course, the flower’s quality and milling process can spike the price up or down. Simpler strains with fewer notes and flavors will definitely cost less than trying a specific strain, especially if they are grown indoors or in a greenhouse.

Now, not all extracts used in a joint are the same. Some might add terpene juice, which doesn’t have the higher-end experience that live resin can give. Other extracts like THCA diamonds can give a fairly strong high without having to splurge on concentrates.

Lastly, the size can definitely change how much pre roll costs. Some king-sized joints can be found for up to 20 bucks, but you’ll probably get anywhere between 24 and 28 grams of actual weed. Or at least this is what you should expect when paying this price point for pre rolls in general.


Final Thoughts 

In the end, the more care you give to safekeeping your joints, the longer you’ll be able to taste your pre rolls. While these premade products make your life easier, you do have to know if you have a dark, dry place to keep them on or at least invest in some glass jars to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

If you buy jays in singles, you can try for a doob or cigar tube to keep them fresh. However, for people who like bulk buying, you can get bigger mason jars or airtight containers to keep them safe. 

Whichever you choose, it is important to protect them from these factors and always try to smoke them as you buy them.


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