Delta 8 Delivery: How To Get Delta 8 THC Delivered To You

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The world of weed is not what it used to be. Following a federal prohibition that began in 1937, cannabis was legalized in Colorado in 2012, marking the beginning of a domino effect that (as of 2022) now includes 13 states across the United States.

But because cannabis isn’t legal in every state, it has created a gray area in the cannabis world that can be a little hard to navigate. In the time since the first instance of marijuana legalization, the cannabis industry has been on a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out how to adhere to all of the hyper-specific cannabis laws that can differ not only by state lines, but county lines as well.

Thankfully, in recent years there’s been some developments in the legal area of cannabis sales and distribution which have made certain cannabis products more accessible to people than ever before.

Delta 8 THC is no different. Since its explosive introduction to the cannabis scene, delta 8 THC has made a name for itself among the cannabinoid greats like delta 9 THC and CBD. And if the discovery of a brand new cannabinoid wasn’t exciting enough, you can even get delta 8 THC delivered straight to your door.

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Getting Delta 8 THC Delivered

Looking to buy delta 8 online? The start of the 2020s has definitely been rough (to say the least), but one of the good things that have come out of it is that ordering delta 8 THC online is easier now than ever before.

A bill passed by Congress in 2018 called the 2018 Farm Bill included a clause that allowed hemp sales to be legal as long as they contain xx% or less of THC. Because of this legal entryway unofficially dubbed the “cannabinoid loophole”, cannabis researchers, scientists, and innovators have been able to harness hemp-derived cannabinoids and sell them completely legally. That’s why now, in 2022, we are seeing so much innovation and accessibility in the alternative cannabinoid industry; we’re reaping the benefits of the science and research that’s been going on behind the scenes for the last 4 years.

If you want to order Delta 8 THC online, you have a seemingly infinite amount of options now. Although we obviously want you to order delta 8 online from us––hello, have you SEEN our delta 8 gummies? Our delta 8 vapes? Our delta 8 tinctures?––we also know that the cannabis industry is vast and diverse for a reason. There’s a brand, product, and cannabinoid combination for everyone, and we will always encourage you to find the delta 8 product that works the best for you. Your positive cannabis experience is our top priority!


Why You Should Order Delta 8 Online

There are some delta 8 THC delivery benefits to consider when shopping around for your delta 8 products. While you can buy delta 8 in some smoke shops depending on where you live, getting delta 8 delivered is much more convenient for most people.


There are a few delta 8 delivery benefits, including:

  • Discretion. When you order delta 8 for delivery, it can be much more discreet than walking into a smoke shop and ordering delta 8 in person. While we would never shame anyone for buying cannabis products (obviously), we also understand that there is a need for discretion for some people depending on their lives and circumstances.


  • Freshness. Buying delta 8 online ensures that you’re getting the freshest delta 8 products possible. When you buy delta 8 online, the product comes straight from the manufacturing floor, to quality check, into your package, and straight to your door. Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether the delta 8 product has been sitting on the shelf for too long.


  • Cheaper prices. Because storefronts have to make money, they have to mark up the costs of their products significantly. Not only does this ensure that the company selling the delta 8 product makes a profit, but it also covers the rent that comes with a brick and mortar store.


  • Convenience. In the 21st century, there’s almost nothing more convenient than the fact that we can get pretty much anything we want to be delivered straight to our door, and delta 8 products are no exception. This creates an accessible market for people who may not be able to go out and buy these products physically.


  • Product transparency. It’s much easier to figure out what goes into your products when all of the details are listed online. For instance, here at Delta Munchies, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible about the quality of our products as well as the lab results that have been done on all of the delta 8 products we offer.


  • Product selection. Many times brick and mortar stores can’t physically hold as much inventory as online shops, which lets you have a much wider variety of delta 8 products to choose from.


How to Order Delta 8 THC for Delivery

If you’re looking to buy delta 8 THC products and you’re in a state where you have legal dispensaries, you can always search for things like “Delta 8 Near Me, Buy Delta 8, Buy Delta 8 THC,” etc. But if you’re in a state where cannabis products aren’t legal to sell on physical shelves, you can buy delta 8 THC products online for delivery straight to your door.


How Long Does it Take to Deliver Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 delivery times depend completely on a few things: what delta 8 company you’re buying from, what delta 8 product you’re buying, and what delta 8 THC delivery you’ve ordered.


Mail Forwarding

On the topic of loopholes, if you want to get delta 8 delivered but live in a place where that’s not an option, you can get your delta 8 THC delivered to a different address via mail forwarding.

There are a few different companies that provide mail forwarding services in the United States, such as US Global Mail, PostScan Mail, MyUs, and Skypax. These companies have mail forwarding sites all over the U.S. where you can get your mail delivered discreetly to them at their address. From there, you’ll enter your own address into their system where your mail will then be forwarded to you. “Disclaimer: while these services are completely legal, the misuse of them is not. Delta Munchies is not advocating for any illegal use of mail forwarding services.”


To learn more about delta 8 THC enjoy this video that digs deep into the cannabinoid we all know and love.

Disclaimer: All statements made by Delta Munchies regarding delta 8 and delta 9 THC, HHC, CBD, and other cannabinoids have not been evaluated by the FDA. No entity at Delta Munchies is a medical professional nor is Delta Munchies giving any medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the potential effects of cannabis, please reach out to a trusted medical professional.

Disclaimer: Delta Munchies fully adheres to the federal legal standards of hemp cultivation and distribution in the United States. For more information, visit our full disclaimer page.

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