Blue Razz Strain

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Here’s a strain that proves that not all blue means sadness. This iconic indica-dominant strain has everything to provide a balanced experience with lots of flavors and potential therapeutic effects.

With delicious berry flavors that evolve into a complex yet not overwhelming profile, this strain is one of a kind. Mysterious in its own ways, this strain is perfect for beginners and veterans alike. While not strong in the THC department, it can still alleviate many stress and pain relief symptoms in a flash.

Let’s explore together what this small but powerful nug can do and how you can enjoy it in its best form.

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What is Blue Razz Strain

So, let’s start with the old razzle-dazzle. The Blue Razz strain, sometimes also called Blue Raspberry, is an indica-dominant hybrid. This strain offers delicious berry flavors with traces of sweet and surprising skunky undertones. 

This strain has also gained popularity thanks to its pain relieving properties and how it can melt stress away. Most users have also reported feeling focused when using this sweet strain, making it great as a balanced toke without feeling too drowsy.

The looks on this strain are amazing, with blue undertones and almost white and blue tinted crystals. With moderate THC levels, the flavors and effects make it shine and dazzle as much as it wants.


Blue Razz Strain Appearance

This little bud can dazzle everyone with incredible conical and bright emerald green nugs. With rich blue undertones (hence its name), thin and vibrant orange hairs, and the frosty crustal chrome covering the bud, you can call this strain pure eye candy.

Even more, the trichome crystals covering this bud give a small blue tint to the nug. So from afar, you might even confuse it for a ripe blueberry of the sorts, with strong aromas and sticky resin.


Blue Razz Strain Genetics

Blue Razz, like most successful showbiz careers, has a dramatic lineage. While it is known that it comes from the famous Raspberry Kush, there is not much information about the other cross. Lots of drama in the hemp world, right?

What we do know about this mystery parent strain is that it is some sort of peppery hybrid strain. We also know this strain originates from America and is proudly a berry strain originated by American growers. Besides that, there is not much to know about this strain due to the lack of information. 

However, what we know about Raspberry Kush is that it inherits some of the best parts of this indica. It inherited its strong berry profile while also taking inspiration from its terpenes, also having myrcene and linalool as part of its roots.

THC/CBD content

Now let’s go into something interesting that you’ll want to know, the THC content. While pretty strong, this strain commonly has anywhere between 12-16%, topping with 17% of THC. This strain doesn’t have CBD, with a really low CBD content of about 1.16%.

If you want to try this strain with a higher potency, you might want to try HHC in the gummy form. Hexahydrocannabinol (also known as HHC), is a fairly new cannabinoid that is also found in hemp. 

This compound has about 80% of D9 THC’s potency. Thanks to de 2018 Farm Bill, this psychoactive cannabinoid is fully legal, and with the strain-specific terpenes added, it can feel even stronger while enjoying the flavor profile.

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Blue Razz Strain Terpenes

Now let’s talk about terpenes. Due to its fruity and berry profile, this strain has a major concentration of caryophyllene, myrcene, pulegone, and linalool. Caryophyllene brings the analgesic but also puts the razz in razzle-dazzle thanks to its peppery and spicey undernotes.

Myrcene has a distinct earthy and woody flavor, but also helps with relaxation and inflammation. Pulegone, on the other hand, brings sweet and minty notes to the table that also contribute to the complex flavor and aromatic profile of this strain. This terpene can also help relieve pain thanks to its sedative properties, further increasing this strain’s calming effects.

Lastly, linalool is rare but also gives strong juicy, floral, and lavender notes. So if Blue Razz sometimes has a slight floral note, it’s because of this buddy. It also has potentially strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that synergize with the cannabinoids and other terpenes of this strain.

As you can see, Blue Razz has a cocktail of terpenes that are ready to aid with pain relief and flavor, giving this showbiz star a really strong therapeutic profile. We’ll talk more about this later on, but keep it in mind if you are looking for relaxing and wellness-focused strains.


Blue Razz Strain Effects

This strain is as sweet as you’d imagine effect-wise. 

Most users have reported feeling happy, relaxed, and even giggly. As an indica-dominant hybrid, you’ll feel the potency of its high with strong euphoric waves. Body relaxation is more of a buzz and not as strong as other indicas, but still very much present.

Once you’ve felt this, the indica part kicks in with a couch-melting feeling and drowsiness. Some people even feel sleepy after a while, making it perfect for unwinding while keeping yourself social or feeling groggy.

And while the recreational effects are truly amazing, the curative potential is pretty great as well. Some users have used this strain to relieve some stress and anxiety symptoms, to even help with minor sleeping problems.

Besides that, and thanks to its terpene profile, it can be a pretty good analgesic and even help with headaches, migraines, and body pain. It can also stimulate your appetite, so be sure to have some munchies around because, trust me, you’ll need them.


Blue Razz Strain Reported Flavors

Let’s get down to flavors and aromatics, which might be one of the strongest points of this strain. As the name suggests, expect strong berry flavors at first, specifically sweet and sour notes. Then, things get a lot more interesting.

This strain has lots of undertones, from flowery to peppery notes that complement the sweet first berry wave. Some people even find the strain a little spicy and skunky, giving it a much more complex profile than your sweet, candy-like strain.

And as such, this strain is perfect for both newbies and veterans. The flavor profile and aromas are not overpowering, yet it can be a great exercise for your palate and catering as it has a different kind of palate. 

So if you are bored of overly sweet strains or just kush-tasting buds, this might be a great choice.


Blue Razz Strain Growing Info 

This Blue Razz loves the showbiz, hence why it likes to razzle dazzle indoors and outdoors. All puns aside, this strain is not hard to grow and thrive in both environments. And as a lover of the reflectors, this strain usually yields higher than usual.

Besides that, the Blue Razz is not demanding at all, making it a great choice for newcomers to the growing hobby or for veterans who just want a break. 

During the flowering stage, the cycle on this strain lasts anywhere between 55 through 60 days when grown indoors. When the showbiz is outside, the usual harvest time is like most strains, anywhere between early and mid-October.

And if there was a signal for you to put your green thumb to the test, is the height. Like most heavy indica strains, Blue Razz is rather short when grown. Hence why it’s perfect for close spaces or simply a way to start your new growing hobby.


Strains like Blue Razz Strain

While there are no twins to this strain, its parent can give a pretty good show. Raspberry Kush is a full indica with a heavy sweeter side that might give you similar vibes. It’s an indica, so expect strong relaxing effects. It can also make you feel a lot drowsier than our little show star.

Other star strains you could choose are the iconic White Gold or Oro Blanco. This strain has strong myrcene concentrations that give a similar focused effect as an indica. It is also visually mesmerizing and great to start in the indica world.

The next strain would be Suzy Q. This hybrid is pretty well balanced with a different flavor profile. It also has a strong myrcene profile with similar effects, with more herbal and minty notes instead of sweet. So if you get tired of sweet strains, this could be a good choice to alternate with Blue Razz.