What is an Infused Pre Roll?

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With the expansion of the cannabis market, products that used to be difficult to get by getting a lot more accessible to new consumers. One of the most popular ones is pre rolls, a ready-made version of jays that dispensaries sell.

However, brands have found a way to make weed nugs more potent by adding concentrates to them. This is what we call “infusing” a pre roll, giving each pre roll a unique way of experiencing a jay, whether adding potency or just making the flower more flavorful.

In the following article, we’ve gathered up a pretty concise guide about pre rolls and their infusions, which concentrates give different experiences, and, most importantly, what’s our stance on the best pre rolls around. So keep reading if you want to find out.

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Key Takeaways 

  • An infused pre roll is a ready-made joint that has been prepared by a dispensary or retailer, which contains extra concentrate added for more potency.
  • The most common types of concentrates used in infusing pre rolls are hash, wax, live rosin, and crumble. It depends on personal preference, the type of pre roll, and the cost.
  • Infusing pre rolls requires some skills, but most dispensaries use cannabis concentrates and add them to the rolling process mechanically.
  • The most common way is adding the concentrate inside the pre roll with all the milled flower. Some brands can also add it on the outside, either as kief, by smearing the paper or adding things like a spiral of resin or rosin.
  • Common types of cannabis infusions include crumble, hash, resin, and rosin. Each has different effects on potency and flavor.


The Basics: What are Pre Rolls?

So, let’s have a quick recap about cannabis products. A pre roll  is a consumer-ready joint that is prepared by a dispensary or retailer beforehand. Think of it as your personal roller, just by a qualified and safe dispensary.

The most important thing about pre rolls is that you can buy them individually instead of buying flower. This shortens the process of consuming it, as they usually come in transportable tubes or ways to keep them fresh and safe from external factors.

Pre rolled joints have a pretty high quality, often made by experts and rolled individually to get the perfect amount of pressure so the flower doesn’t fall out. Other brands also use machine rolling for more precision, which provides the same quality over and over. It basically sets a standard for the joint by standardizing them and making them consistent.

You can often buy pre rolls of different strains, making them a solid choice so you can try a new nug before buying a full ounce. These are also pretty discreet, making them great for trips or the casual user.


What Does Infused Pre Roll Mean?

Now that we’ve got that clear out, let’s start with pre rolls 102: infused pre rolls. 

To sum it up, infused pre rolls are joints with concentrate added for more potency. These are usually added inside or outside the joint, or sometimes both.

So, what kind of concentrates can you add? Pretty much any you like! Pre rolls can be infused with anything from hash, wax, live rosin, and crumble. It really comes down to preference, the kind of pre roll, and how much you want to pay.

Some extracts are more expensive than others due to their extraction process. Because of this, some pre rolls might be considered of better quality because they have rosin or live resin instead of hash or crumble. But we’ll delve into that in a section down below.


How are Infused Pre Rolls Made?

To be fair, infusing pre rolls does need some skills. However, most dispensaries use cannabis concentrates and add them to the rolling process mechanically, so don’t really worry about having to learn how to add concentrate to your jays.

The most common way is adding it inside the pre roll with all the milled flower. This is easier for certain types of concentrate, such as diamonds, kief, and generally thick or crumbly-like texture concentrates.

Some brands can also add it on the outside, either as kief, by smearing the paper or adding things like a spiral of resin or rosin. It all depends on the kind of concentrate you like, what kind of experience you want, and if you prefer terpenes over potency in some cases.

So generally, brands will mill the flower, add it to the cone or paper, and then proceed to add the chosen extract. Extracts like crumble must go on the inside due to their consistency, but more liquid concentrates like hash oil can go pretty much everywhere. 

Of course, hash and crumble are less potent and flavorful than other products, like live resin, diamonds, or terpene juice.


Common Types of Cannabis Infusions

There are a few extracts that are more common than others to infuse joints. Some give more potency to each joint, while others can give more flavor to your jay. These depend on the consistency, quality, and type of extract used. Let’s explore some of the most common ones available.

Crumble Infusions

Crumble, much like it sounds, has a powder-like, gooey texture. This extract is right in the middle regarding potency, hitting harder than regular hash oil but also less as strong as rosin or diamonds.

This kind of extract can be broken into pieces and added inside the joint, which is, in general, easier than working with stickier extracts. You can easily just add them to your wrapper or cone, and if you are buying premade, they are easier to handle.

Hash Infusions

Hash is basically kief that’s been processed while involving pressure to create a semi-solid concentrate. This gives kief a different appearance, texture, potency, and taste, making it one of the strongest on the list. 

Much like crumble, it is broken down and added to the milled flower during the rolling process so it can burn slowly with the flower as well.

Resin and Rosin Infusions

Resin and rosin are two of the top-shelf concentrate from this list. They both provide a powerful experience and flavor that is both hard-hitting and delicious. 

Resin uses a chemical process that extracts a high-quality liquid that is then added to the paper on the inside or outside of the pre rolls, or alternatively, it can be added to the flower inside.

On the other hand, rosin is a much more delicate extract with an artisan, no-chemical process in which dispensaries use physical methods to create a high-quality concentrate. Then, rosin is added to the inside of the jay when rolling to add that extra punch.

Terpene Infusions

You can also add what is known as terpene juice. This kind of concentrate doesn’t actually add cannabinoids but rather concentrated terpenes. Through this liquid, pre rolls get extra flavors that either accentuate or complement whatever the strains’ taste and aromas already have.

Shatter Infusions

Shatter, much like butane oil, uses a solvent to be extracted. Shatter has a pretty high potency when compared to other compounds, and it is sometimes considered one of the purest forms you can get THC in.

Shatter-infused joints are a little more difficult to find since it needs heating, so most producers warm them up and sprinkle them in a joint or coat the cone or paper of the joint beforehand.

Diamond Infusions

Lastly, diamonds are the concentrated particles from regular terpene or butane hash oil juice. If you add diamonds, you’ll have one of the strongest ways to give more potency to your joint. Diamonds don’t really have THC inside, but instead, have THCA which is something like its predecessor.

This compound turns into a very potent delta 9 THC molecule when heating up, being perfect if you like high purity and flavor. Besides rosin, diamonds are one of the pricier concentrates on the list and are usually considered in the high-end side of joints.


Benefits of Infused Pre Rolls

Okay, we’ve checked on what pre rolls are and some of the basic extracts, but what are the actual benefits of infusing a joint? Let’s take a look at the most important benefits of infused joints.

Super Convenient

Pre rolls are a pretty easy way to try new strains without splurging, but infused pre rolls can be a nifty choice if you want to take a dab onto the concentrate world without having to buy a rig or heating device for concentrates yourself.

Besides, these products require virtually no cleanup, unlike getting a concentrate-only pipe or device, which definitely needs constant cleaning.

Highly Potent and Shareable

Infused jays are a practical way of sharing potent jays without having to splurge. With just a few tokes, you can get about the same potency that you’d get from smoking extracts while sharing it with your friends during a trip or get-together. 

And mostly, you’ll be able to get the best of both flowers and extracts without having to compromise quality or flavors.

Tasty Flavor Options and Combinations

If you like trying new strain combinations and flavors, infused pre rolls are a great way to expand your palate. You get nice and thick smoke with the combination of flowers and extracts, meaning you can change up your smoking routine and explore new horizons without having to buy more buds or extracts for yourself.

Always has a Filter

We’ve all been there, you are ready to smoke, and somehow you forgot to put the filter inside your blunt. But don’t fret; since pre rolls have a standardized quality, you are able to always get a filter to get the most comfortable experience while smoking every time. 

And best of all, pre-made joints always have the same quality so you don’t have to worry about your rolling skills at all!


Are Infused Pre Rolls Safe?

Yes! Since most dispensaries use machinery or high-skilled artisan to make their rolls, it is highly unlikely you’ll find unsafe pre rolls. Make sure to check the weed you are smoking is organic and complies with the lab testing, preferably from a third party.

Another way you can check out is the quality of the concentrate used. Some extracts are cheaper and usually mean the premade joint is of a lesser quality than other infused products, like using live resin or even crumble.

Just a quick heads-up, infused pre rolls are more potent than a regular joint, similar to a wax pen toke. So depending on your own experience with cannabis, try starting slow. Remember that joints can be put out and saved for later when done carefully.


The Bottom Line

Pre rolls are ready-to-use joints that can be lit up whenever you want. They can also be infused with different types of distillates and concentrates, which adds up to the potency of the toke you get.

These joints are easy to use, require little to no cleanup, are easily shareable, and they can be chosen with many flavors and qualities. It is also a nice way to try a new strain or flower you want to try without having to buy a full ounce of it.


Where to Buy Pre Rolls Online

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