What Delta 8 Strain is Best for Anxiety

Man grabs his face in distress.

Having constant stress or anxiety sucks. And we know sometimes you need an extra boost to ease your thoughts and regain your balance.

This might be why delta 8 has been increasingly popular to aid these sorts of symptoms. And while there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis, smoking and vaping are still among the most popular ways to get these wellness effects.

Now, different strains could help you unwind a little easier. And while we know everyone has their preference on their flavor and undertone profile, some specific strains can be helpful to give yourself a thought break. 

In this article, we’ve gathered how D8 can be helpful towards general anxiety, common questions when consuming delta 8 THC and anxiety, and of course, our favorites to aid with these symptoms. 

Let’s first jump into general delta 8 and anxiety basics.

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Does Delta 8 Help with Anxiety?

Let’s get down to the basics first. Delta 8 THC is a chemical that’s naturally found in the hemp plant. While having plenty of benefits and therapeutic effects, it also has mild psychoactive effects. These are commonly referred to as “getting high.”

From all the therapeutic and wellness benefits we know so far, the most important ones related to anxiety are:

  • Having sedative properties
  • Helping with stress and anxiety
  • Relaxing muscles and body
  • Helping as a sleep aid
  • Having anti-inflammatory properties

While much research is still needed to understand the potential benefits for specific diagnoses, a study in 2020 noted that D8 could be helpful in treating conditions like anxiety, stress, panic attack, and depression.

This could potentially help people with anxiety and stress, thanks to the delta 8’s natural anxiolytic properties and overall entourage effect. Let’s dive deeper into these properties.


Delta 8 THC and Anxiolytic Properties

D8 has anxiolytic properties, which means it has anxiety-relieving effects thanks to how it activates the endocannabinoid system. 

The main role of the endocannabinoid system is to balance how our body works with different chemical signals and maintain homeostasis. The ECS also regulates pain, inflammation, mood, sleep, appetite, and even learning. 

Thanks to D8 THC binding to one of the main endocannabinoid receptors (CB1), some of the factors that trigger fear responses can be regulated. This 2012 study noted that this receptor plays a major role in anxiety, and when it’s blocked, the subject showed increased anxiety.

Delta 8 THC is an agonist to the CB1 receptor, meaning that it sends signals to start a response when it binds to the protein. In simpler words, delta 8 activates the stress-relieving and anti-anxiety functions of the system.


Will Delta 8 Give Me Anxiety?

The general side effects of D8 require more research. In general, delta 8 has been proved to have fewer side effects when compared to its sibling isomer compound, delta 9. 

Studies show that, in general, overstimulation of the CB1 receptor could have the opposite therapeutic benefit of triggering stress relief. So as with any other cannabinoid that binds to this receptor, like CBD, taking large doses might trigger your body’s signals. However, users have reported feeling safe with lower doses.

Overall, users have reported feeling better with delta 8 when used for anxiety, thanks to its sedative effects as well. These favorable effects of relaxing both the body and mind tend to be helpful to these symptoms. As always, though, we recommend consulting a health professional before taking any supplement.


How Much Delta 8 for Anxiety

If you are looking to benefit from the wellness effects rather than recreative, we recommend microdosing. This method allows the cannabinoid to help you relax without having a strong intoxicating effect.

The best method to do this is to start by using a smaller dose than recommended. This would mean 1-3 puffs for a cart or disposable or using 10mg of a tincture or equivalent edible. This will let you understand how your body reacts and how much you need to adjust.

Usually, people microdose and increase the dose as needed per week. We recommend that if you feel like you need a higher potency, you should wait at least a month.

With that said, if you want both the therapeutic and recreative effects, 3-5 puffs and a full dose of gummy should be more than enough. If it’s your first time trying delta 8, we do recommend starting low to check your resistance and reaction first.


What Strain is Best for Anxiety

Now, you might be curious about which strain could help you sleep better. While everyone has their preference, indica and indica-dominant hybrid strains can help you relax in different ways.

Full-on indicas are a life saver for stronger stress or anxiety attacks. These kinds of strains will relax you fully thanks to their terpene mix and overall composition. Indicas might also be too relaxing, as some people use them to unwind and help them doze off. So just be mindful if you pick an indica.

Now hybrids are another story. Of course, they will relax you, but more actively and functionally. This can be useful if you just want to stay alert or active while taking a break from your thoughts or a break from work. Indica-dominant hybrids are great for day-to-day use.

Sativas are also good if you want a mood lift. These will give you an energy blast that can help you change your mindset and blast through some to-dos. We recommend these if you want an uplifting boost rather than a calm down.

It is fair to say, though, that all delta 8 strains will relax you thanks to their sedative effects. Some might be stronger thanks to their strain origin of terpene composition, but all have sweet D8 THC.


What Delta 8 Strain is Best for Anxiety

With that said, you might be asking yourself if there are specific strain recommendations. And, of course, we do have some favorites that will help you take a breath of air and get you back to your balanced self in no time. 

Here’s the list of our favorite strains to ease you down.

Stormy Daniels

It is a great sativa strain to help you change your mood in a flash. With over 17% of CBD content, this cherry blossom and T1 cross will let you relax and give you a clear-headed high. Feel your stress melt away while you keep yourself tranquil and still active with this strain.


While this strain has an electrifying name, it is an indica-leaning hybrid. With a high CBD content, this earthy and sleep-inducing flower is great for easing your mind from stress. And fun fact, the dominant terpene on this strain is Myrcene, which is known for its soothing effects.


Rock and roll for anxiety might be something you haven’t heard yet. This strain, named after the famous rock band, is a full-on sativa, extremely effective at reducing stress. Full of delicious CBD, it can help you relax thanks to its CBD to THC ratio. That can also trigger intense psychoactive effects as well, so be prepared for some relaxed and happy feelings.

Jack Herer

Contrary to popular belief, this sativa-dominant strain is a high potency and quality THC strain that can help you with uplifted feelings. This strain can be great if you want a mindset change and help you ease your anxiety and even symptoms of stress and depression.

If you want something on the indica side, we have some delicious carts you can check out next.


Best Delta 8 Carts for Anxiety

Anxiety and constant stress suck. And if you need a little help to ease your mind, we’ve got excellent indica and hybrid vape carts that can help you treat yourself and relax a little. So rest your thoughts, as you can get some natural aid with delicious vapor.

If you want to relax but stay active, we recommend one of our favorites: the Berry Gelato 1G cart. Besides being sweet, silky, and creamy, this hybrid strain is great for unwinding and will keep you with energy. It’s great if you just want a small treat during the day with sweet, fruity tokes. Whether you want to stay active during a social reunion or just want to clear your mind, it’s a great cart to do so.

One of our go-to’s if you need a little relaxing time is the zen Hindu Kush 1G cart. Besides having soft earthy and sweet notes, this indica-dominant strain is perfect for taking your time and relaxing. It’s also great if you want to take a moment and meditate or just practice a few minutes of mindfulness.

Lastly, for classic skunk-like notes and heavy relaxation, we have the OG Kush 1G cart. The strain has delicious fuel-like and spicy undertones with some delicious herb taste. This classic indica strain will melt your worries away in no time while keeping it classic with its herb notes.


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