What are Diamond Infused Joints

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Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but what about cannabis diamonds? Are they the stoner’s best weed pal? With so many new cannabinoids and terms like THCB and THCV on the block, new concentrates and terms can be confusing for newbies and veterans alike.

So, what are cannabis diamonds? These small translucent crystals are a concentrated sediment from another product called juice. Besides having lots of flavors and being very high-end concentrates, these really pack a punch with THCA.

If you are interested in how THCA works with these diamonds and how you can add them to your smoking routine with infused pre rolls, you can explore with us in the article down below. So let’s start, as we’ve got a few things to unpack.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis diamonds are basically THCA crystals that sediment in the process of making another concentrate called juice.
  • Pre rolls are ready-made joints you can buy from dispensaries. You can also get them infused with different concentrates.
  • Infused pre rolls are a good way to try cannabinoid extracts out while not having to get your hands sticky or having to invest in dabbers.
  • Using diamonds as the concentrate in your pre rolls can give you even better highs and flavors than other extracts, while also adding hemp-derived delta 9 THC.


What are Cannabis Diamonds?

Let’s go first with cannabis diamonds. These are a type of concentrate that generally have THCA and are the very sediments of the process of extracting another extract called juice. Diamonds are also called crystals, as they are mostly translucent and look like small rocks that have all the potency.

Now, the cannabinoid in this extract is pretty different from delta 8 THC or other hemp-derived compounds. THCA is somewhat of the precursor of “regular” THC, and it can be found as a natural acid inside the cannabis plant.

While THCA on its own is not psychoactive, when heat is applied, this cannabinoid turns into delta 9 THC. This is actually called decarboxylation, and it is why eating weed on its own won’t actually get you high or why if you want to use flowers for baking, you’d need to warm things up in the oven first.

Well, dispensaries have found a way to concentrate this acid into crystal form. This actually happens as a byproduct of another concentrate called juice. This extract is a very terpene-heavy product that does not actually have cannabinoids, which sediment and sink to the bottom into small crystalline-like products.

You might guess what these sediments are: THCA-rich diamonds.


Diamond-infused Pre Roll Meaning

To understand what these mean, let’s break it up into three parts.

First, let’s go through what a pre roll is. Think of these products as ready-made joints that dispensaries craft for you with their best weed and concentrates. They basically are joints you can buy from licensed stores.

Let’s go with what an infused pre roll means. This basically means you add some form of concentrate to the joint, either in the form of spraying your weed with distillates, glazing it over the paper, or adding semi-solid concentrates packed with the weed. These hit stronger than regular jays and tend to be more on the high-end spectrum.

Now, for last, let’s check diamond-infused pre rolls. These products get together the three concepts we checked out. Instead of using a regular ready-made infused joint, it has cannabis diamonds inside the paper.

Diamonds are great to add with flower as they melt with the weed’s temperature, making them a great way to experience more flavor with joints.


Benefits of Diamond Infused Joint

While infused joints are definitely a game changer for herb smokers, adding diamonds to them can take an infused joint to a new level. First, you’ll try a potent extract without getting sticky or messy, enjoying it in a small packed form.

By having a consumable jay, you won’t have to stash things away or invest in a dabber or e-rig to enjoy cannabis concentrates. This also makes smoking potent weed available to people who can’t roll joints or simply cannot do it.

When pre rolls have semi-solid and solid concentrates, they are usually easier to handle, especially as they can stay snugged up with transportation. This way, it’s easier to get an even burn as well, as these usually melt with the weed’s heat as you pull, making it less messy than traditionally infused pre rolls.


What Does Diamond Infused Weed Feel Like?

For starters, users report getting pretty stoned. Since you are usually mixing flower with extracts, it will hit both concentrations. Besides the strong intoxication, you’ll probably feel relaxed, with a brain buzz that will instantly relax you.

Flavor-wise, these jays will have their power intensified thanks to the extract used. So, you might find notes and aromas you couldn’t have thanks to the extract. Besides that, these jays will burn slower, so just make sure to take slow puffs at first.

Most users have also said to feel a very similar effect to delta 9 THC, yet with a slightly more cerebral and euphoric high. And this could be partly due to THCA turning into delta 9 THC when heated; however, without the terpenes of regular weed and the concentration of this extract, it could lead to a mental-heavy high.


How to Smoke Pre Rolls Infused with Diamonds

Generally speaking, you can smoke-infused pre rolls like any other joint. You put them on your lips, light it up, and take a few puffs. However, we do know a few tips that can get you an even better experience when trying infused jays.

Since THCA will benefit from an even burn, you can always light the tip of your joint and then slowly rotate it between your thumb and index finger. After this, try going with small puffs and go slowly.

By doing this, you’ll get an even burn that will also help you set your resistance first. Since you are also getting hit with concentrates and lots of flavors, you’ll want to taste the terpenes and let the concentrates do their work before taking another hit.

So, after you’ve got a few slow puffs, you can then continue the ritual and pass it on to your friends. Since infused pre rolls tend to be stickier and have a slower burn, they will take a little longer to be put out, so make sure they are fully off before storing them if you don’t have them in one go.


Where to Buy Diamond Pre Rolls Online

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These pre rolls are perfect if you like concentrates but miss the taste of herb. So if you are in the market for some high-end, potent, and decadent-tasting pre rolls, you won’t find any like these.

You can try these out in three flavors with dedicated strains. For a sativa-like experience, try the sweet Berry Marmalade. Or, if you prefer to unwind and melt on your favorite seat, the Champagne slushie is an indica pre roll you’ll want to taste. And lastly, for a jay that’s balanced but still very potent, go for our hybrid choice, Peach Cobbler.

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