Weird Weed Strain Names

Trippy cannabis plant with leaves and buds.

At this time, there are thousands of different marijuana strains out there, and they all need to have unique names. 

With that being said, some weed strains have very funny, odd, and downright outrageous names. This is exactly what we are here to look at today. Here are some of the weirdest weed strain names out there.


Key Takeaways

  • Weed strains get their names from their effects, due to marketing tactics, genetics, and history of the strain.
  • Purple Monkey Balls, Alien OG, and Unicorn Poop are some of the weirdest strain names out there.


How Do Weed Strains Get Their Names?

If you are wondering how weed strains get their names, a lot of it has to do with marketing. People give their strains odd and funny names that make them stand out from the rest of the pack. Simply put, the more outrageous these strain names are, the likelier people are to remember them.

More than anything else, these funny names are marketing tactics designed to build a brand and to get people to remember these products. 

Sure, some of these names might have to do with the weed’s genetics, the strain’s history, or even the people involved in creating the strains. However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just simple marketing.


Weirdest Weed Strain Names

Let’s take a closer look at some really weird weed strains, what they taste and smell like, how strong they are, and what effects you can expect to feel from them. 

Purple Monkey Balls Strain

This very oddly named strain is indica dominant and features roughly 18% THC. This strain has extremely sweet flavors that smell and taste like both berry and grape. What you get here is a very sedating effect that allows for great relaxation and also helps to relieve chronic pain. 

That said, it won’t make you too sleepy and will make you feel a little euphoric and giggly as well. 

Alien OG Strain

Although there are funnier names out there, Alien OG is a hybrid strain that is fairly balanced. It contains 19% THC, so it’s not overly strong. It has a very classic lemon and pine smell and flavor, combined with a very intense head high and a somewhat relaxing body high. 

This is a very heavy-hitting strain of weed, so take it easy if you are a beginner. Here we have our very own Alien OG HHC Vape Cartridge that you might enjoy. 

Unicorn Poop Strain

Yes, Unicorn Poop has to be one of the funniest named weed strains on the list today. This is a very heavy-hitting and potent hybrid that contains up to 24% THC. It has a very nice grape flavor, making you feel euphoric, happy, giggly, and uplifted. 

Unicorns are pretty happy and giggling, and that’s exactly what you get here.

Cat Piss Strain

As this weed strain’s very weird name implies, it has a unique and pungent aroma and flavor. It smells like ammonia, and it’s slightly sweet and piney when you smoke it. Yes, it does smell like cat urine. 

It’s a good strain if you need something that will make you feel energetic and uplifted, as it has a fairly moderate 17% THC level. It’s not overly strong, yet strong enough to make you feel it.

Trainwreck Strain

If you need a strain of marijuana that will make you feel euphoric, creative, and happy, then this is a good one to consider. This fairly high THC strain of marijuana can also help relieve migraines, other pains, and arthritis, as well as stress and anxiety. 

If you enjoy the pine flavor and like feeling uplifted, this is a strain worth trying.

Truth Serum Strain

The reason why this particular strain of marijuana is named Truth Serum is because it makes people feel very social, talkative, and happy. It often leads to people spilling their beans because they get so talkative.

It has a very spicy and herbal flavor and a moderate THC level. When exhaled, this strain tastes a whole lot like hashish.

Alaskan Thunderfuck Strain

Yes, you read that right. This strain is called Alaskan Thunderfuck. Although it has a very strong name, the weed itself is not overly powerful, as it contains just 16% THC. 

In terms of the flavor, it tastes kind of like menthol, and it should make you feel energetic, uplifted, and very happy. It features a very intense and euphoric high.

1 Eyed Jamaican Strain

This oddly named strain of marijuana is around 80% indica and 20% sativa, combined with a fairly low THC level of around 16% to 18%. That said, although the THC level is not huge, it is a fairly strong strain that will make you feel happy, relaxed, a bit sleepy, and uplifted. It’s also a good option to go with if you suffer from pain or insomnia.

CannaSutra Strain

If you know what the Kamasutra is, then you should probably know what this particular strain is all about. This indica-dominant strain features a very low THC level of 12%. With that being said, if you like your daytime weed and you like feeling uplifted and sexually aroused, then this is a great strain to check out. 

Yes, the name of this strain implies its main effect, which is arousal.

Hubbabubbasmelloscope Strain

This is one of the funniest names of any weed strain. Hubbabubbasmelloscope features a moderate 19% THC level with very minimal CBD. It has a very earthy and woody flavor, with its main effect being that you will become very giggly and talkative. 

This strain is known for producing a very euphoric and giggly high.

Kosher Kush Strain

Although it might not have much to do with the Jewish faith, this strain of marijuana does have a very long history. This indica-dominant strain features around 21% THC, combined with a highly intense aroma. 

This is a fairly heavy-hitting strain that is going to make you feel calm, relaxed, and sleepy. If you want me to feel relaxed before sleep, this is a good way to achieve it. If you want to try vaping some of this strain, check out our Kosher Kush Delta 8 Disposable.


Sex Candy Strain

Here we have a powerful strain known for having THC levels reaching up to 28%. If you like feeling energetic, happy, aroused, and euphoric, this heavy hitter is great to try out. Just don’t smoke it before you have any responsibilities to take care of because this heavy hitter will have your head up in the clouds. 

Of course, as the name implies, it does generally lead to a good deal of sexual arousal.

Blue Balls Strain

Here we have a well-balanced hybrid strain of marijuana that is fairly potent. It features a head-centric high and a heavy-hitting body high that comes from the indica side. The main effect here is going to be sedation and relaxation, although it can also make you feel pretty euphoric. 

Just be careful when you smoke it, as it does hit quite hard. Here are some more cool blue strains to check out.

Peyote Cookies Strain

This is a great option to check out if you are looking for an indica-dominant strain that will make you feel relaxed, calm, and sleepy. It features a fairly moderate 17% THC level, in addition to some CBG and THCV. 

It has a very strong flavor of pine combined with coffee and vanilla. Don’t worry though, because unlike with actual peyote, you won’t hallucinate from this strain of weed.

Grandpa’s Breath Strain

Luckily for you, this strain of weed smells more like lavender and other flowers than it does like your grandfather’s breath. 

Although we don’t quite know where the name came from, we do know that this is a moderately strong indica strain of weed with 19% THC, with the top effect being sleepiness and relaxation. If you need something to help you go to sleep, this is a great strain to check out.

Tom’s Plushhammer Strain

This is yet another strain with relatively unknown origins as far as the name is concerned, but what we know is that this strain features over 23% THC. It’s very heavy hitting and tastes kind of like cherry soda. 

It features a very relaxing and soothing high that will make you want to go to sleep.

Barack O Bubba Strain

This strain of marijuana, named after the former US president, is an indica strain with a THC level of roughly 19%. 

This strain of marijuana will produce sensations of happiness and euphoria, yet will also help make you feel more relaxed. It’s a fairly cerebral high that tastes like grapes.

Psycho Crack Strain

Although this strain won’t turn you into a psychopath or a psychotic monster, it has a very interesting name. This sativa-dominant strain features enough THC to make you feel it, around 19%. 

This is a very euphoric and uplifting strain of marijuana that will provide you with tons of energy and make you feel talkative. This is a very sweet and fruity strain, so many people like its flavor.

Banana Stardawg Strain

Although not the weirdest name on the list today, it is very indicative of its flavor. This strain tastes like both bananas and strawberries and has a robust candy-like flavor in general, as well as hints of fuel and diesel. 

This is a potent hybrid that contains up to 30% THC. This is definitely a strain that is going to get you ready for bed.

Cougar Milk Strain

Here we have a moderately strong hybrid strain with under 20% THC. It will make you feel very focused and concentrated, yet also calm and relaxed. It has notes of dark red berries combined with a fairly creamy flavor profile. 

If you want just an evening of relaxation for yourself, it’s definitely a strain worth considering.

Master Yoda Strain

The force is quite strong with this strain, as it contains over 20% THC. This hybrid strain provides you with the best of both worlds. It features a sativa-like cerebral high and a body high from the indica side of things. 

The main effect of this strain is sleepiness, although it can also make you feel a bit talkative and euphoric. If you like herbal and spicy flavors, it’s an excellent option to check out.