Why Weed Doesn’t Get Me High Anymore?

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Remember the first time you hit a blunt? Or when you had a bite of your first edible and got crazy high? After the first time you had your first hit, your body might slowly start assimilating cannabinoids in your body.

Some users might feel the same way, while others might develop a resistance to certain cannabinoids. Some users also call this a “weed plateau,” where smoking feels numb and tiring or doesn’t hit as it used to.

If this has happened before to you or weed has made you tired instead of giving you a buzz, you might find the next article useful. 

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about why your weed is not hitting as it used to, some possible causes, and a few solutions up our sleeves to help you cope with it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes, weed can form something called a weed plateau, which means to stop feeling the intoxicating effects of cannabinoids.
  • There are several reasons for this to happen and to experience this plateau, but you might still feel the effects of weed.
  • Some reasons besides a tolerance buildup include poor technique, old weed, a full stomach, and many more.
  • One of the best ways to hike away from the weed plateau is to switch up your cannabinoids and try different methods instead of smoking, like delta 8 THC.


What is a Weed Plateau?

Let’s have a quick weed geology class. 

Getting high is a different experience for everyone. Some people have a “peak” like a mountain when having edibles, which means it has reached the highest point of the high, and it will go down slowly.

This can also happen when smoking; you start to feel the rush and buzz until your body starts processing and losing the effects of your jay or vape.

Well, in weed geology, you also have something called a plateau. A plateau is a rocky formation that has a flat top. And this is exactly what happens when you develop tolerance or resistance to THC or other psychoactive cannabinoids.

Most users will take the same amount of weed and get a smaller, “flatter” high each time until they can’t feel anything. This doesn’t mean THC or cannabinoids are not running in your system since you might still be getting their benefits.

However, the highs don’t feel the same, and you slowly feel like the experience gets “flatter” instead of euphoric, like a soda pop you’ve left open for too long.


What Does a Weed Plateau Feel Like?

Hitting a weed plateau can suck. These don’t happen after your first jay; they build up with regular consumption, especially with smokers. It basically starts to feel like you no longer feel the effects you enjoyed before or start to lack that buzz from smoking.

Once you reach this state, you might feel you can’t get high no matter how much you smoke or what edibles you eat. While this does not mean you aren’t experiencing the effects, you might still get some potential benefits without the high.

So you might feel relaxed but not necessarily get a buzz. Or feel your body and muscles relax, but your mind feels the same. Weed plateaus might be different for everyone, but one thing is shared: the intoxicating buzz or high either takes a long time to get there or doesn’t even happen.


Weed Doesn’t Get Me High Anymore

If weed does not get your body or mind buzzing as it used to, you might be looking at the metaphorical weed plateau. However, you could be looking at multiple different causes.

While having a tolerance buildup could be the main reason, there are other factors, including your own metabolism, which could be in the way of THC. Not all cases of not getting high enough are part of having a sightseeing excursion to the weed plateau. There are multiple possible causes for this to happen.

Before going on a full-on tolerance break, let’s visit some of the possible causes of why you might not be getting as high as you used to.


Possible Causes of Not Getting High

Smoking is definitely one of the main ways of getting to the plateau, but remember, everyone’s body is different. This might have to do with tolerance buildup after regularly consuming, smoking old cannabis, or even having a poor technique.

So before you try having a tolerance break, let’s explore some options together of what you might be doing wrong.

Smoking Leaves or Stems

Okay, here comes a real question. Are you checking what you are smoking and grinding first? Not to be a purist, but sometimes burning leaves or stems can affect the amount of THC you get with each puff.

Many weed smokers include fillers, like herbs, or even leftovers from picking and curating the buds. Make sure to check if you are truly just having weed or if you are getting something else with your current buds.

Old Cannabis

Cannabis smokers tend to stash away their weed like raccoons. And sometimes, the older the weed, you might get less THC each time. Cannabinoids, like most components, degrade with sun, light, temperatures, and even poor conditions.

Most delta 9 THC degrades to CBN, which doesn’t induce the typical cannabis high we all look for and love. So besides looking for a better stashing solution, try not to buy too much weed at a time, or your buds will inevitably lose potency.

Low-THC/High-CBD Strains

This might sound a little tricky since hemp strains have been on the rise. Perhaps you bought a low-quality strain with low THC or a hemp strain that mostly has CBD instead of THC.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive. While it smells and tastes just like other buds, it will not get you high and might be one of the main reasons your weed might relax you but not give you a brain buzz.

Too Small Amounts

You shouldn’t use small flower quantities unless you smoke high-quality, kief-covered buds. While overly packing your chamber can lead to poor airflow in your pipe, not packing it enough can result in low-quality smoke and very small highs. 

So make sure to grind up the right amount of weed to fit your preferred smoking method.

Poor Inhaling Technique

Getting high is also influenced by your technique. To smoke weed properly, remember to inhale the smoke through your mouth and further into your lungs. 

It is important for you to pull all the way down your lungs as the smoke gets the THC to your bloodstream through the alveoli. At first, it might feel harsh and unpleasant, but your body will adapt to smoke with time and practice.

Mind Not Letting You Get High

There are other factors that might be blocking your high. Stress and constant overthinking could have an impact on this, specifically by changing your hormone production, adrenaline, and even cortisol levels.

Before taking a hit, try to unwind, get your mind off the day and prepare for a relaxing ritual. Get your own system to relax with a walk for 10 minutes or even meditating, and then get your well-deserved toke. You’ll feel even better and change your own reaction to stress.

Full Stomach Before Smoking

While having an empty stomach can send your blood sugar levels through the roof, having a full stomach can have the opposite effect. THC can be tamed with a hearty meal, which is why having the munchies before and after smoking is part of cannabis culture besides the appetite increase.

Eat something light before getting high, and you are good to go. Something with protein and greens will be enough to prevent side effects and let you enjoy your high.

Your Tolerance is Too High

Lastly, you might be looking at a tolerance buildup. This means that the THC binding to your endocannabinoid system is not producing the same psychoactive effect as it had before. Your body might have adapted to THC, or your CB1 receptors might be saturated from regular smoking.

If this is something that happens frequently, you might feel tempted to just smoke more. But before you do that, this could lead to a weed plateau in the long run. So, if tolerance is way up, we recommend taking a tolerance break, switching to milder cannabinoids, or alternating with different methods of consuming THC.

Delta 8 THC is a great option to switch things up or try something like a vape pen with other cannabinoids every once in a while. Shaking things up with an edible is also a good choice. 

Make sure not to make it a habit so it doesn’t flare the tolerance buildup again.


Are Edibles Stronger than Smoking?

Yes! Edibles can provide a much stronger experience than smoking or vaping any cannabinoid.

This happens thanks to how cannabinoids are metabolized. While vaping brings the molecules directly to the capillaries in your lungs and then to your bloodstream, edibles first need to be absorbed and digested by the digestive system.

Edibles are broken down and absorbed through the intestine wall, bringing the cannabinoids to your liver. Without going into detail, this provides a different pathway in which THC, CBD, or other compounds are absorbed.

This way, you get much stronger effects that release through long periods. While this also connects to your metabolic system, most people will feel a much more potent high or overall effects than other methods.


Does Delta 8 Get You High?

The short answer to this is yes, delta 8 THC can definitely get you high. Some prefer D8 because of its milder high and potential wellness effects, like helping you sleep without strong side effects.

Delta 8 THC is an isomer compound found in hemp, and it is believed to be psychoactive. While not as strong as delta 9 THC, it can still provide a euphoric feeling and mind buzz that can melt the stress away. 

Where to Buy Delta 8 Online?

If you want to get delta 8 THC products online, the Delta Munchies store has plenty of options while keeping it discreet and safe. 

For vape lovers, you can try our Dart XL line, which has a vape pen with automatic pull, high-quality construction, and, most importantly, 2 grams of our delicious D8 THC extract.

The Melonado 2G Dart XL is an incredible choice if you want something fruity but definitely still kushy and with lots of diesel-like notes. This hybrid-sativa pen is perfect for midday use and pumps up your day with juicy fruit fuel.

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Now, if you are more on the cartridge side or already have a dedicated battery or device, the Hindu Kush Delta 8 Vape Cart is the zen you should try. With spices and some fruity background notes, this indica-based cartridge provides the perfect relaxing experience to unwind after a long day. 

Each cart comes with a full gram of delta 8 THC extract, perfect to have some puffs in the afternoon.



Does Delta 9 Get You High?

As one of the six major cannabinoids, yes, delta 9 THC can get you high. While there are stronger compounds derived from the plant right now that might be stronger, this substance can and will get you intoxicated.

This compound can have various effects depending on the terpenes, method, and dose. Indica strains have a relaxing power, while sativa-based strains can boost energy and uplift your mood.

While this cannabinoid is under the controlled substance act, it can be legal if products like gummies are extracted from hemp and contain less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC in their total dry weight. 

This little loophole allows hemp-derived delta 9 THC to be in products federally. However, some states might have a full ban on THC due to its intoxicating effects. So, check the regulations locally before looking at hemp-derived delta 9 THC legal products.

Where to Buy Delta 9 Online?

To help you relax and get in the mood, you can try our Delta 9 Gummies. These have a full spectrum formula that uses 10mg of delta 9 THC with 15mg of other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, CBCa, CBGa, CBDa, THCV, THCva, D8, and THCa.

The gummies come in a 25 or 40-piece pack, which is perfect for microdose or trying several doses throughout the day. With the whole-pack formula, you can relax and renew your mood after a long day with fully legal, hemp-derived products.

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