Things to Do on Edibles

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Edibles are a great alternative to smoking for those curious about cannabis but not ready to commit fully. Who wouldn’t want to get high on baked goods and delicious sweets?

Despite their deliciousness, the best part about munching on some pot muffins comes afterward – once you enter a state of euphoria. You get sudden bursts of energy and are ready to roll up your sleeves and get creative, explore, or even exercise! 

When that happens, it’s time to hunt for some fun things to do on edibles. So, whether you’re looking to unwind, unleash your inner artist, or enjoy the great outdoors, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your edibles experience!

Any unforgettable edible experience needs a great edible. Luckily for you, we’ve got a ton. Check them out below!


Things to Do While on Edibles

Here’s a rundown of some of the most fun and well-liked ways to spend time indoors or in your backyard after indulging in some edibles: 

Read a Book

Did you know that edibles hit five times harder than other consumption methods? It’s true, which is why many weed fans prefer to sit back and relax with a book in hand after munching. 

It’s best to read under the influence of the edible because the mind enjoys delving into literature or solving riddles when the creativity levels are at their peak. You’ll have the opportunity to reread your favorite book or interact with your favorite character all over – one of the top things to do while on edibles

Get Creative

Creativity is linked to cannabis consumption, although there isn’t a precise scientific explanation for this. It’s believed that weed interacts with the frontal lobe, which is associated with creativity, sparking your imagination. 

Nonetheless, the effects are present and clear, so take advantage of them! Put in your earbuds and let the music wash over you, or if you’d instead get your hands messy and creative, pick up a paintbrush, a pencil, or clay and create something truly one-of-a-kind. 

Enjoy a Show or Movie

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you put on a movie that you adore. Therefore, it’s often hard to top off the experience of sitting through an intense and mind-wrecking film and seeing the action unfold. 

But what if you could elevate this experience? Imagine how much fun it would be if your mind came up with all the numerous directions the movie could take. 

Edibles can deliver just that! Even better if you opt for a thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Experiment With New Recipes

If you’ve never felt the joys of cooking when under the influence of cannabis – it’s high time you did! Make a tasty concoction from the ingredients in your fridge and pantry. 

It’s possible to bake a chocolate cake or whip up a batch of luscious chocolate chip cookies from scratch. You can never go wrong with a burger or onion rings if you’re into saltier snacks. And if you want to try something new, you can put a twist on an existing dish. 

This is guaranteed to be a highlight among the fun stuff to do while high! However, take precautions when working with blades, and keep your focus on the task at hand.


In addition to improving physical wellness, mindfulness practices like yoga and pilates positively affect cognitive function. With edibles, a more relaxed and open posture may be possible, which can help reduce muscle tension and pain. 

It’s also a fantastic way to focus inward and strengthen your connection to yourself. So roll out your yoga mat, light some candles or your preferred incense, and find your zen!


Activities to Do While High on Edibles

We have compiled a list of our five favorite activities to do, all of which may be made more enjoyable by consuming edible forms of cannabis.

Keep reading to learn about some more activities to do while high:

Explore the Exhibits of an Art Museum

The brain processes art differently upon munching on some edibles. The excitement heightens the scene’s beauty and virtually transports you to another dimension, making it the best time to take some edibles. So, pop a gummy or two, wait for the weed to kick in, and embark on a day’s journey to the museum!

Take in the Beauty of Your Surroundings

If you ever grow tired of sitting around while high, you can always go out and appreciate the everyday sights surrounding you. Cannabis can heighten your admiration for the little things in life, like the vibrant hues of plants, birds chirping, sunsets, or a starry night sky. It’s one of the best things to do on edibles!

Try Out a New Restaurant

The high enhances every sense, and the food and drink you consume are no exception. When you have the edibles, it’s not like you can’t stop eating; it’s more like your appetite spikes, making food seem more appealing than usual. Having cannabis enhance your sense of taste is an incredible sensation, especially when paired with a chef’s expertly prepared meal.

Try Some Cardio Exercise

When you exercise, feel-good chemicals and endorphins are released into your system, resulting in an improved mood and overall body health. 

So, before you get your cardio down for the day, you may want to eat some edibles first. Then, pick something you’re already comfortable with and exercise while high! You may go bike riding or rollerskating – only some of the funnest things to do while high.

Relax With a Massage

If you’re looking for a high activity where you can relax and be pampered, look no further. Getting high beforehand is a must for your next massage to hit the spot. 

You can schedule an appointment and undergo a complete body relaxation treatment or simply get a massage from a professional. Remember not to take too much – it’s not a good look in public.


Fun Things to Do With Friends While High on Edibles

When coupled with our most beloved companions, marijuana edibles may transform even the most mundane activities into a memorable and pleasurable experience.

What are the most fun things to do with friends while high? Keep reading to find out:

Do Some Physical Activity

Hiking is one way to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the sunshine and scenery. While under the influence of edibles, one’s perception of nature’s splendor changes. The perfect edibles can provide the inspiration you need to finally take on that daunting fitness goal you’ve had on your mind for weeks. 

Don’t take too large of a dose, and ensure the edibles are safe to eat and haven’t expired before venturing out and drink enough water, whatever you choose to do.

Play Board Games

There’s nothing like a return to the good old days. Rolling the dice in a board game can make you nostalgic for a time when life was less complicated. 

Play some classic board games to relive your childhood. Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and Monopoly are three of the most enjoyable board games that you can play with other people. Then, if you’re feeling ambitious while high, you can play a second round and even get a bit competitive! 

Go to a Nightclub

There is something genuinely ecstatic about enjoying a thunderous rhythm with a side of flashing lights at your neighborhood dance club. There’s a good reason why electronic dance music and raves are so widespread: they let you transcend your everyday sensory experience. 

It’s common knowledge that being high enhances the musical experience. So, wait an appropriate amount for your delta 8 gummies to kick in, and they’ll keep you on the dance floor all night long.

Play Video Games

Did you know that playing video games is one of the most funny things to do while high? You can have a lot of fun with your friends by playing video games or engaging and socializing with other people in an online game. In addition, you may relive your childhood by playing classics like Super Mario Bros.

Have a BBQ Party

Grilling out and taking it easy with some tasty treats is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. After all, what could go better with an edible than your go-to meal? Whether you’re more of a pork or beef person, eating and being high are a match made in heaven. 

However, be cautious when preparing the barbecue and watch out for the guests who consume edibles.


Our Recommended Edibles

The sales of cannabis edibles are booming and are at an all-time high. So it’s not shocking that people want to get cannabis’s anxiety-reducing advantages without endangering their lungs through smoking.

We chose each of these five weed products because of their individuality, appropriate dosage, and delicious taste with a sweet aroma that lingers:

Blue Razz HHC Gummies

Want a fantastic method to unwind at the end of the day without getting sleepy or letting your mind wander? In that case, our Blue Razz HHC Gummies might be what the cannabis doctor ordered!  Hexahydrocannabinol is one of the cannabinoids in hemp and is used to make this edible. In turn, you’ll experience some of its key advantages, such as anxiety relief and general feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Strawberry Shortcake Delta 9 Gummies

Our Strawberry Shortcake Delta 9 Gummies are too cute for words! These one-of-a-kind gummy candies are ideal for edible lovers due to their potently sweet strawberry flavor. The “entourage effect,” which plays up the positive qualities of each unique cannabinoid to provide the best possible psychoactive impact, is what this full-spectrum product aims to promote.

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Peach Ring Delta 8 Gummies

The Peach Rings will surely provide you with the delicious indulgence you are searching for, much like biting into a peach you just harvested from the tree. The Peach Ring gummies are the market’s most substantial source of Delta 8, striking a happy medium between an evening on the town and a quiet night in.

Delta 8 Gummy Bears

These premium Delta 8 Gummy Bears are a modern twist on a classic candy created with the purest and most potent Delta 8 available. The gummies are the perfect combination of chewy and soft and taste like a burst of fruit juice in your mouth.

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Watermelon Runtz Delta 8 Gummies

The Watermelon Runtz has a flavor profile that is both sweet and tart, making it the ideal taste to complement any event, thanks to its abundance of fruity notes. On top of that, it has a ton of flavor reminiscent of fruit punch. As a result, your disposition will improve, and you will discover a whole new meaning for the terms “peace and relaxation.”