The Advantages of Microdosing THC

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When it comes to marijuana or THC, you rarely think of the term microdosing. Most of the time, the typical enthusiast is on a mission to find the strongest strain to chase a high that’s better than the last. However, within recent years, the practice of microdosing has been gaining momentum throughout the cannabis community. Weed connoisseurs and newbies alike are now looking for ways to still enjoy THC without it hindering their productivity levels and workflow. 

To help answer the question of how to microdose weed, we’ve created a THC microdosing guide that will define what microdosing is and what benefits it may carry. Read on to learn more!

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To start off our microdosing guide, we’ll have to answer the question of “What is microdosing?” and “how do you microdose?”

Microdosing is just as it sounds — where you use a small amount of a substance throughout the day to receive the benefits of that substance without losing any functionality due to over intoxication. Microdosing gained popularity in the recent decade among tech workers in Silicon Valley who wanted to take small doses of LSD to gain a “creative edge.” With just a small and perfect amount of psychedelics, these overworked techies believed they could achieve a higher level of creativity while halting stress and anxiety. 

Although there isn’t a lot of research to back up the almost cult-like application of microdosing, many people who do partake would stake their life on how well it works. And with the slow but progressive legalization of cannabis, many consumers are turning to the possible benefits of microdosing marijuana and other related drugs. 


One of the most significant parts of cannabis culture, especially before legalization, has always been making and discovering new and more potent strains of marijuana. Of course, this has always been due to the high demand of getting that “great high.” But with the legalization of cannabis opening weed to a more extensive and diverse market, the marketable demographic has done a remarkable split. On the one hand, you have the recreational, party, stoner consumers who are chasing that fantastic high. But, on the other hand, you have medicinal users and work professionals that want the wellness benefits of THC but without the adverse side effects that come with over intoxication. These negative effects may include paranoia, anxiety, stress, overeating, and even panic attacks.

With this legalization came more research, and with more research came a better understanding of what THC actually is. This led to the emergence of a less socially stigmatized drug and an understanding that THC is more than just a vessel to “chill out” or party. As a result, medicinal users and work professionals can now incorporate THC into their workweek to reap the potential benefits of THC but without its negative side effects. Some potential benefits of microdosing THC can be appetizing stimulation, body relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, and sleeping aid. 


You might be wondering what is a microdose of THC or what does a microdose of THC look like? Well, there are many different ways of microdosing cannabis, and it’s important to remember that everyone’s body will react differently to varying levels of THC. Therefore, especially with beginners, it’s imperative to spend a “feel out” period to figure out the perfect microdose for you. This is a sensitive process because taking too much can lead to over-intoxication and less productivity, while taking too little may leave you feeling nothing at all. 

The best way to start out is by microdosing once per day with a low amount and then increasing or decreasing that dose the following day, accordingly. A good starting point for medical-grade marijuana is around 1 to 2 milligrams of THC per dose.

From there, you can slowly increase the dosage in increments of 1mg until you feel the desired effects. Once you hit that sweet spot, stick with that same dose for 4-5 days, and if it feels like a good level, then you’ve found your sweet spot!


When it comes to microdosing cannabis, especially for beginners, microdosing edibles or tinctures is always the recommended path to take. This is because it is easier to accurately microdose ingestibles versus flower or oils. Typically ingestibles come in various strengths (edibles) or with a measured dropper (tinctures). Making it easy to adjust the dose to any level, whether it’s putting less in the dropper or cutting a gummy in half. 

Remember, microdosing should only have a small amount of effect. If you feel too “high” or feel like you’re “tripping” out, then that’s a good sign you’re not microdosing correctly. Microdosing THC should lead to a slight buzz but shouldn’t affect your level of productivity or work performance. The main benefits of microdosing cannabis should be increased relaxation and creativity that help alleviate the edge of a stressful day. 

*With microdosing edibles and other ingestibles, you should always wait at least one hour before taking more due to the onset delayed reaction.* 

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A great and alternative way to microdose THC is in the form of other rare cannabinoids like delta 8 THCdelta 10 THC, and HHC. Legally available like CBD, these cannabinoids are derived from 100% hemp — however, unlike CBD, they contain psychoactive properties that go along with their potential therapeutic benefits. AKA, they also deliver a psychoactive “high.”

Delta 8 THC in specific has been said to mimic the potency of marijuana by 60%, making it the perfect substitute for microdosing traditional cannabis. But instead of taking a small dose or a half dose, you can simply take a full dose to feel the effects without losing too much productivity. For this reason and the fact that it’s federally legal, delta 8 THC has sparked significant popularity among other rare cannabinoids in the industry — known for their less adverse side effects yet potent psychoactive and therapeutic benefits. 


Taking it low and slow is not always a bad thing. When applying the technique of microdosing cannabis correctly, many people have reaped the benefits of keeping productive in the workweek while alleviating some stress. If you’re a heavy hitter and prefer to use THC to take you on a cannabis journey, then maybe microdosing isn’t for you. But if you need something to take the edge off throughout the day, microdosing has proved to be a helpful outlet. 

To learn more about microdosing and other fun facts about cannabis, visit our friends over at HeyHelloHigh blog page!

Disclaimer: This article is not medical advice. Delta Munchies is not endorsing, promoting, or recommending the use of cannabis to cure or prevent COVID-19. Delta Munchies is not endorsing, promoting, or recommending the use of cannabis as a replacement for the COVID-19 vaccine. Everything included in this article is for discussion purposes only.

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