Kiwi Burst Strain

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If you like your fruity strains of marijuana, then the Kiwi Burst strain is a great one to check out. Of course, there are literally thousands of cannabis strains out there, but we only want to talk about the best of the best.

Kiwi Burst is a fan favorite among many, and today we want to figure out what it’s all about. Let’s see what the Kiwi Burst strain is, what it smells and tastes like, what effects it has on the mind and body, and anything else of relevance.

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Key Takeaways

  •   Kiwi Burst is a moderately strong strain of cannabis.
  •   This is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is part indica and part sativa.
  •   This strain makes you feel relaxed, calm, focused, euphoric, and happy.
  •   Kiwi Burst has a fruity, piney, cheesy, and slight ammonia-like odor.


What is the Kiwi Burst Strain?

Kiwi Burst is a fruity strain of marijuana that people often enjoy due to its sweet aroma and flavor. It’s a fairly well-balanced hybrid strain of marijuana that produces both indica and sativa-like effects in the mind and body.


Kiwi Burst Strain Appearance

Kiwi Burst features buds that are a moderate to light green in color, combined with many orange-brown hairs, and a good deal of trichomes or white crystals on the exterior.


Kiwi Burst Strain Genetics

Although this can differ from one area to another, Kiwi Burst is generally a cross between two other strains, Blue Heron and Ice Queen.


Kiwi Burst Strain Terpenes

The Kiwi Burst strain contains three primary terpenes: farnesene, terpinolene, and limonene, giving it that fruity and piney aroma.


Kiwi Burst Strain Effects

Seeing as the Kiwi Burst strain contains both some indica and sativa genetics, you can expect it to also have the effects of both types of cannabis.

According to users everywhere, Kiwi Burst does produce feelings of calmness and relaxation, with a good little body buzz, but thanks to the sativa side of things, won’t make you super tired but will instead make you feel focused, creative, and euphoric.

It produces a moderate cerebral and body high that people really seem to enjoy. It’s definitely a good daytime weed that won’t get you so high that you don’t know what you are doing but high enough to enjoy doing it.

If you would like to feel these effects for yourself, we’d recommend checking out our very own Kiwi Burst Delta 9 THC Gummies, which are available in 250mg and 450mg options. Keep in mind that these are full spectrum delta 9 THC gummies, so they do also contain small amounts of CBD, CBG, and various other cannabinoids.


Kiwi Burst Strain Reported Flavors

Kiwi Burst has very fruity flavors, and yes, if you try your best, you may be able to taste a hint of kiwi. When you consume this strain, you should get notes of fruitiness, pine, ammonia, and blue cheese.


Strains Like Kiwi Burst Strain

If you are looking for something similar, we recommend checking out the Kiwi Strawberry strain, another hybrid strain, with this one being sativa dominant. This one has an even fruitier aroma with a good bit of sweetness added to the mix. You may also like how Kiwi Strawberry has under 20% THC, so it won’t put you down for the rest of the day. It provides a very uplifting head high with just a bit of body relaxation.