How To Vape Delta 8 Oil

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There are many ways to consume delta 8, including edibles, topically, or the most famous way, through vaping. These devices vaporize cannabis distillate into a vapor that’s smoother than regular bud smoke and can be done through a vape pen, cartridge, or even a pod.

The world of vaping cannabis comes with several new terms, such as a vape pen, distillates, pods, and even a dedicated flower vaporizer. And most important of all, you might be enticed to use regular oil and just add it to your standard e-juice vaporizer (spoiler alert, don’t do that unless you want to break your device).

If you’ve got the curiosity to learn how to vape delta 8 oil, look no further. This article will help you explore the basics of delta 8 oil, how vaping works, what kind of devices there are, and the difference between tinctures and actual distillate.

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What Is Delta 8 THC

To sum it up, delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that exists in the hemp plant. On a compound level, it is an isomer to delta 9 THC, commonly known as regular THC.

These cannabinoids are considered “cousins” since both have similar chemical properties. Both cannabinoids also have psychoactive components that act in our nervous system, making you feel what you usually call “getting high.”

Contrary to D9, delta 8 THC has a milder effect that some users report as a cerebral high. This key difference makes it a lot easier to start consuming, as some studies like this one from 2022 report that D8 has fewer adverse effects such as paranoia or anxiety. Some researchers even call it D9’s milder alternative.


Types Of Delta 8 Vapes 

Vaping cannabinoid distillates is a fairly new consumption method with different advantages over other methods,

like smoking or edibles. It’s pretty beginner-friendly, discreet, and can be used in most open spaces without an issue.

It is also one of the fastest ways of getting the cannabinoid goodies into your system, as the vapor is not as harsh as regular smoke and can be absorbed through your respiratory system.

Vaping can be done in several ways, including cartridges, disposable vapes, pods, and even vaporizing flowers using a specific device.


Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Let’s talk about the basics. Vape cartridges are small devices that hold cannabinoid distillate that can be vaped. These devices have a mouthpiece, usually ceramic or food-grade metal, and contain the oil in a lower chamber.

These carts are heated through an external element, usually called a battery. There are plenty of different batteries, but most use the 510 standards to assemble. Once the cart is heated, you can then pull the smoke and enjoy some good puffs. 


Disposable Delta 8 Vapes

Now let’s talk about disposables. These devices are an all-in-one package, which is great if you are starting to experiment with cannabinoids or portability. These devices come with the heating element, battery, and oil chamber in one device, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or the cart technology.

Disposables are great if you don’t have a battery or are prone to lose them, as these devices usually use a micro-USB or USB type-C charger that you might already have lying around. So these are great if you just want to have some tokes without the cleaning hassle.


Delta 8 Vape Pods

Vape pods are another way of enjoying distillate without worrying about cleaning. These work similarly to carts; they use an external heating element in a different device and use a cart-like container with the cannabinoid distillate.

Instead of carts, these devices use pods, which click them in with the external device. While batteries are mostly cheaply made, pod devices have a better heating technology and battery. Vapor-wise, they are pretty similar and less widely available as cartridges.


Delta 8 THC Flower

Yes, you can also vaporize flowers. While we’ve been talking about distillates and oil in these vaporizers, you can also get a specialized device to turn your favorite flower into sweet smoke. 

These devices can be a little on the pricier side compared to carts, pods, and disposables and usually work by having a chamber that heats the herb elements to get the vapor.

These devices require maintenance and cleaning, although minimum compared to what a bong, pipe, or electronic rig might need. 

We also have some vaporizing tips in case you feel like trying one of these devices yourself.


Can You Put Delta 8 Oil In A Vape

The short answer is no. You can not put delta 8 oil or tinctures into a regular vape. This is because cannabis-infused distillates require a certain temperature to evaporate and need specific heating elements so the cannabinoids can be activated and vaporized.

There are special vaporizers that can heat cannabis-infused extract. These are used to smoke harder concentrates like shatter, BHO oil, or even dabs. These concentrates are different from the oil in tinctures due to the chemical process needed to make them.

Unless you want to break your regular vaping device, we recommend only using nicotine or nicotine salt-based products to standard vaping machines and sticking to carts, pods, or disposable devices when talking about cannabis vaporizers.


How To Vape Delta 8

Now that you know the basics of vaping let’s focus on how to vape. 

From here, you can choose any of the preferred methods above. Make sure your battery, pod device, or disposable are full of juice and ready to go.


How To Use The Delta 8 Vape Pen

Vaping is as easy as connecting the battery or pod device to your cart or pod and, depending on your device, you might have to press a button and then pull from the mouthpiece.

Some devices are simple enough that you can just pull air from the mouthpiece and the sensors inside will start heating the distillate for some sweet tokes. We always recommend taking 1-3 second long puffs at first and trying at least 3 puffs to test your tolerance. After that, you are ready to go!


How To Vape Delta 8 Oil

You can vape delta 8 THC oil with cartridges, pods, or disposables. Unless you use a specific concentrate for dabbing, the most beginner-friendly methods are the ones stated above. They require less cleaning and maintenance and are more accessible in general.


Delta 8 Oil For Vape

If you do decide on starting on the vaping delta 8 THC oil journey, we recommend using only high-quality oils or extracts. The oil quality is important, as this can affect the potency of the vapor and how well the benefits can affect your system.

Some oils also use fillers or low-quality hemp in their products, so just be sure to choose products with third-lab testing that can reassure the cannabinoids content they promote. 

And remember, try looking for cannabis-based vaporizing devices or stick to disposable devices if possible, as they are designed to deal with high temperatures, viscosity, and other factors for cannabis oil.


Benefits Of Delta 8 Vape

Some benefits of vaping delta 8 are better THC absorption, smoother vapor than regular methods, discreetness, and no heavy metals or plastics in your smoke. This is because the distillate is mostly cannabinoids in a fatty solution, so don’t worry about metals or other elements getting into the smoke and enjoy it.

Besides, you’ll get some of the wellness benefits delta 8 THC users report, including feelings of relaxation, calmness, focus, and even a mood lift.


Where To Buy Delta 8 Vapes


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